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[HERO REVIEW] The Truth about Mythic "Soldier" Quickdraw Calamity & Current State of Hero Selection Ideology

As the title states, the following, at it's core, will be an extremely lengthy, detailed review of the new Mythic "Soldier" Quickdraw Calamity" but will also boast ideology and theories behind Hero Selection in Save the World.

Before reading, clear your thoughts and opinions. This post is best read with an open mind

Hello Commander! My name is Dom! I am a member of our giant family that enjoys Save the World on a Daily/Weekly basis, and enjoy exploring difficult, and undiscovered avenues to the game's core, offering insight to our new (and old!) Commanders, in hopes to mold everyone's experience similar to mine, which was and still is, unforgettable. Today I have a few topics that I would like to share with you, as well as review ideas, pertinent information, and offer insight about our Heroes in Save the World! We have a rather lengthy review of Calamity, an uncensored, unusual take on what everyone usually expects from a "Hero Review" along with many other topics of discussion, including the overuse of extremely powerful ability focused Heroes, which I urge everyone to take part in after reading. Before you scroll down, and are immediately discouraged to read the entire post, I highly advise you to sit down for 10 minutes, grab a snack, and truly take in what this post is about, and what it means for our community. Save the World is the CO-OP sandbox PVE Campaign of Fortnite, that uses a variety of Heroes, Weapons, and Supplies to build massive forts & killer traps to

Short Summary of What You'll Find in This Post

This post contains a summary consisting of MY opinion pertaining to our newest Mythic Hero addition, Calamity. I'd like to offer a disclaimer before reading, I'm not saying or claiming that Calamity is one of the highest DPS heroes in the game, nor am I saying she is better than Ranger, Urban Assault, Enforcer Grizzly, or Reclaimer, but I AM saying that anyone can master a Hero like like that. They're easy to play, and even easier to deal TONS of damage. The ideology and point of this post is much greater than "X Hero is better than Y Hero" so if that's what you're looking for, I advise against reading any further. I'm here to challenge the reader, and offer key points of information about our Hero Choices and Selection in Save the World. This post will also contain the results of multiple days of testing different weapons, support/tactical hero slots to best assist her strengths, weapons you should and shouldn't use with her, and how to perk those weapons. There will be no spreadsheets, tables showing damage output, or any mathematical reasoning on why you should or shouldn't give Calamity a try, just raw results from general use, solo and in group, using in every type of mission, and what I FEEL she excels in as well as areas where she just seems to fall short. I will ask challenging questions, to you, the reader, regarding YOUR opinion, YOUR standpoint on not just Calamity, but your overall view on all Heroes that are widely used in the majority of public missions. We will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Calamity, her role in Save the World as a Hero, as well as what she means for the future of the game. We will also be comparing the most popular, and often characterized, best soldier in the game, Urban Assault (UA) Sub-Class to Calamity, instead of comparing her somewhat similar counterpart, Raven. We'll also review opinions and feedback of Calamity from some of the popular Save the World Content Creators, offer constructive feedback regarding their videos, and address the quality of content regarding these "Hero Review" videos that are being viewed by hundreds of thousands of players. Finally, the last few topics we'll touch on, the one most of you readers will most likely not agree with, the current state of Hero choice in Save the World from an alternative POV, as well as what we can *most likely* expect from future updates to Save the World regarding our new Hero Additions.
I spent quite some time compiling all of this information, and organizing it so EVERYONE can take something positive from it. So again, please read the post in it's entirety before up/down voting, or commenting.

A General Overview of Calamity

To start things off, put simply, Calamity is a very unusual Soldier, one that shares characteristics with Raven, another pistol focused Soldier, but isn't a part of the "Nevermore" sub-class. It seems as though, from a blanket community stand point, that no one really likes her, because they don't understand hero role as a Hero. Every review I have seen, and every video I have watched, all have one thing in common; THEY'RE PLAYING HER ALL WRONG.
Calamity is by no means an ability focused hero, the only ability that is useful, is her war cry, phenomenal when used in conjunction against bosses, while giving a great boost to the whole team, and made significantly better with the 5 second war cry extension from First Shot Rio in the Tactical Squad Bonus Slot. Unfortunately, as cool as it would be, she would be the only hero anyone ever played if her Lefty & Righty was stronger, similar to Raven's Lefty & Righty, as well as if her (minigun) Goin Commando, packed a bit more of a punch. That goes without saying for every hero, only if we had a hero that had dragon slash, teddy, and phase shift. I can dream, right? All jokes aside, I do think one of the two should be buffed (just give her ravens Lefty & Righty epic sheesh) but what those abilities are good for... I know this might not be everyone’s favorite.... for breaking down buildings around the objective! Who doesn’t love a nice uncluttered battlefield to and kill those pesky husks in! (Not kidding btw) but seriously, those abilities are fun and useful, in certain NICHE situations, (which is the type of Hero that Calamity is, she is a SITUATIONAL HERO) but should by no means be thought of, or used to take down a high profile target wreaking havoc on the base, they're just not strong enough. We'll get into what a Situational Hero's mean a bit later. But when you’re in a heap of trouble, or trying to take down that smashe mini boss, you’re better off doing literally anything else, rather than activating her abilities. She is good at very few things, (which doesn't make her a bad hero, only increases the skill gap to make her viable) and does those things exceptionally well, which are Husky Husk slaying, Blaster Exterminating, Smasher Erasing, and Mini Boss Annihilation.

Addressing reviews of Calamity made by Popular Content Creators
Before we get into the review, I want to address some of the reviews that were made by popular Save the World content creators, those of which will not be named to abide by the sub rules. My goal here isn't to attack anyone that made a video about this Hero, because this situation with "Calamity" can be applied to most videos that have surfaced when something "new" comes out. My goal is to provide a brief explanation as to why you should form your own opinion of a new item/hero first. Take the information given from these videos with a grain of salt, and realize that each creator has his/her own play style, preferences, and skill level which will directly affect their opinion on the item, and yours along with it. I have noticed, after doing a lot of research from various sources, that very few actually experimented with this hero (again, using Calamity as the example) themselves. This goes for any hero/weapon that comes out, their viability as a "useful" item/hero, and to hopefully spark a thought in your mind about listening to creators that post a video about a "NEW MYTHIC HERO" with a flashy thumbnail, that was posted hours after it's initial release. All of the video's are almost identical, they read the perks that the hero has, level it up, immediately jump into a game and shoot the first thing they see. They then form their opinion about the hero in minutes, after shooting a handful of husks, that this hero "Calamity" in this case, is terrible. After clearly not delving into what the hero's strengths are, (literally stated in the perks) what it was put into the game to do, guns/abilities that would assist with her perks, and perks you should have on those guns to cohesively coincide with the hero for an optimal set up. Every single video, after using each ability once, some not even at all, state that her abilities are weak, therefore the hero is useless. Progressing through each video, (its like they didnt even read the description at the bottom of the card) all of the creators use a Pistol, none of which had 6 rounds, which is the whole point of the character whose description reads, "Gunslinger who only needs six shots to get the job done." The sole purpose of Calamity, which is what i dont understand how this was missed and interpreted so poorly, is that she deals massive damage to targets using a pistol with 6 rounds, and reloads quickly to continue doing what she does best. I wont go much more into it, because there's 2 hours worth of Calamity Reviews (using her as an example, the same can be applied to almost every video that is posted by some of these people) that I could dissect further about the questionable assumptions that were made after minutes of "testing" game play, and final thoughts that persuade so much of our community. I wish some of the creators thought about the fact that they put out extremely misleading information/content to a total of 102,000 people that watched a video reviewing Calamity. The point here is that there is no harm in watching Save the World content creators, some provide exceptional information, tips, and tricks to players that are new, or wanting to learn more about the game. To those that do provide quality information, I send my utmost gratitude to the few of you who do. I have, and will continue to add each of you to my "support the creator" tab every time i buy something, to give back to the people that work very hard to give wonderful insight to a truly terrific game.
Now on to the Presentation

Picture yourself in an auditorium, with every Save the World player in attendance, and I (you can call me Dom) am giving you a presentation on Calamity and other related topics.

Dom invites an intrigued volunteer player from the audience to the stage to better explain Calamity. His name is Little Johnny

Little Johnny: So Dom, I heard Calamity’s abilities suck, if that's true, what IS she good at?
Dom: To put it simply, head shots....with Pistols. Whether you like it or not, to use Calamity effectively, you have to hit headshots.
Little Johnny: Headshots? If I wanted to play a soldier who benefits from headshots, I’d play UA, she’s so much better!
And you’re absolutely.... wrong! They’re both great at completely different things. Is UA a better, well rounded, effective in all scenarios, missions, modifiers type hero? Absolutely. Her awesome grenades, (which seem to always (accidentally) *rolls eyes* be thrown into my trap tunnels during propane waves) her get-out-of-jail-free-card.... I mean shockwave, annnnnd her mini gun is great for..... hmm.... clearing out those darn buildings! Urban Assault, is a Hero for EVERYONE, easy to learn, and even easier to play. To make it even better, almost every mission, you end up with top combat, bragging rights to your random teammates, (who are spamming “return to home base” before you can type “GG Guys!") (which \sometimes** weirdly implies.. ha im so much better than you bro) some slight perspiration on your palms, and the overall satisfaction of fulfilling your role to the team. But-
Little Johnny: \excitedly interjects\** Well you sold me on Urban Assault, good thing we just got a free Urban Assault Soldier from Epic! Thanks Dom! *starts to head off stage back to his seat*
Dom: Not so fast junior, Calamity is just different. She’s hard to play, very situational, fills a specific niche, to a specific player, with a well rounded team and a required skill level to really make her shine. If all of that sounds good to you, then you’re probably crazy.... like me! If that doesn’t sound like your type of thing, and want to stick with the all around general use Hero, I advise against leveling Calamity (except for her tactical squad bonus) and it’s probably best not to stay for the rest of the presentation. Calamity is different from the rest because she's challenging, and unlike some of the Heroes that are considered "Meta" in the current state of the game, she requires skill to be used effectively.
/// turns to imaginary crowd of entire STW playerbase /// lights turn dim, Dom’s friendly, helpful demeanor turns serious/// and the only sound in the entire room is Dom’s painfully slow inhale -> exhale filled with sheer disappointment*
*Exclaims to the crowd as if he's their soon to be ex-wife*

We need to talk

I’ve recently conducted an experiment which has made me come to a couple of conclusions about our player base, both on reddit and through playing games with public players, asking them questions about their favorite heroes in the game. This is your last warning, if you’re sensitive about the truth, I would take a trip to the Hot Cheeto Stand in the lobby.
I think we can all agree on one thing, this community loves extremely over powered, ability focused, easy to play, “toss a turret every so often, and throw a teddy/ extra turret for when the Mini Boss spawns" type Heroes. I like to call them, the LAZY Heroes. Let’s take a look at Enforcer Grizzly, one of the most widely used Heroes in the game, and for good reason. He’s insane... his teddy is... insane, perfect for any mission, any power level, with any modifier. But the fact that I can sit on top of a shelter (repair the shelter for example, you can do this for any mission) throw down a teddy next to you, and have teddy kill everything except for a smasher (queue turret deployment) is a joke. Every day, (I’m guilty of this myself, trust me) we all rant and complain about how pathfindestriker mains, (that regardless of what anyone says, are a FARMING FOCUSED HERO) and AFK'ers are the parasite that’s slowly killing the player base, (now that taxi is fixed, clasps hands together, looks up and whispers, “thank you Epic") \exit doors lock in preparation for Dom's next statement\** but, isn’t playing a hero like Enforcer Grizzly, the same damn thing? (I'm sure your blood is boiling at this point, but continue reading)
Here’s what I, and my other PL125 friends have noticed recently, every Enforcer Grizzly I see, (can be applied to multiple other heroes in the game that require very little skill, while dealing massive damage) does the same thing every mission. Load in late, comes to already built/set up objective, stands on top of it, throw teddy when first wave starts, and more often than not, doesn’t shoot a single bullet the entire time. Why? What drives a player to do this? Because (not all of them, some were smart enough to figure out these overpowered abilities on their own) these players have had this injected into their minds,
that playing this type of hero, only putting down teddy's and tossing up turrets,

is good enough

Little Johnny: Well Dom, when I play Enforcer Grizzly, I always have top damage! Why should I have to waste the durability on my guns, or put forth anymore effort into the mission if I'm the one doing the most damage?

Dom: Well Little Johnny, are comfortable with doing absolutely nothing all game long, besides pressing 2 buttons over and over, teddy, and turret? Are you having fun playing a Hero that requires 0 skill, 0 attention, and 0 game knowledge?Do you find yourself getting bored of grinding missions, since your participation and activity throughout the mission are so minimal?

Little Johnny: Well yeah I guess you're right. I do get bored a lot when playing a mission over and over again for it's rewards. It's just such a good Hero, and it's sooooo easy to play....but you're right, it would be awesome if we had more Heroes that required more focus, attention, and skill to achieve the level of damage similar to Enforcer Grizzly. I'd definitely have a lot more fun if I was required to be actively participating in combat to fulfill my role on the team.

-> Why is there a hero in the game that requires no effort, no skill, no game knowledge, yet is consistently rewarded with a very high combat score, which makes players feel like they did enough for the team, because of one button, one ability, that takes absolutely zero skill. For an example, my group of friends went into separate public missions to test my theory, the theory on heroes that lack skill but are extremely over powered, in hopes to spot one in action (once again, using enforcer grizzly as an example) and watch what they did the entire mission. On one of the game plays that we have recorded, this Enforcer Grizzly did not move an inch, SOLELY depended on turrets and teddy, and the best part is, he wasn't even phased that the trap vulnerable tank smasher ran a train on the base until the mission ended, just continued doing what he did best, throw TEDDY's and turrets. The cherry on top was that he was 2nd in combat, with 0 building score. This meant he had to have felt like he did his job, fulfilled his role, and participated in the mission. Now here is our difficult topic of discussion, some might argue that he did contribute, he (his TEDDY) helped with combat, which resulted in completion of the mission. But are WE, the community, okay with this being all that is necessary from heroes like this? Are WE satisfied that there is Heroes like this in the game, that only require attention to place your TEDDY after cooldown is finished? Are WE okay with this "meta" hero, that requires no effort, skill, or focus, that deals an overwhelming amount of damage? I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on that subject.

On to the experiment....

On 10 different occasions, I personally have recorded 10 different occasions, in 10 different public lobbies, in 10 different zones across Twine Peaks and Canny Valley. During this experiment, I encountered players that would die on top of the obj, someone or myself would revive them, and like clockwork, immediately throws another teddy and sat in the same spot where he died. And 6 out of the 10 players, dealt with the boss by throwing an extra turret. (I seriously laugh every time I watch it back, like the most effortless, careless action you can witness) This is a whole different discussion, but since there is actually no way to get epic's attention by reporting/sending emails etc (I've sent 20+ emails, and not a single one got a response, even the harassment/verbal abuse ones) what are we to do with not only the AFK players plaguing our public lobbies, but now EVERYONE is using a Hero, like Enforcer Grizzly, that allows them to be AFK, while dealing massive damage. So which type of player would you rather have? The Player that is consistently active in combat that deals slightly less damage, or the afk teddy main, that will achieve top combat every time? Well, neither in my opinion, we should require skill, require constant activity, and require attention/focus throughout the mission, to be REWARDED with a high combat score, not be given top combat on a Silver Platter. Its seriously disgusting watching 2 other random players, have 2 examples of play style put in front of them, and continually choose the easy route. They can watch me work my butt off for the mission, build/trap/active in combat only to get top combat by 1000 or less, or they can watch a player do nothing all game long, while still maintaining 3-5k combat, and it seems that the general population of our community, would rather the latter. The "leeches", have evolved, and its only going to get worse. I challenge everyone that is reading this, pay attention to the next Enforcer Grizzly, Reclaimer etc that joins their mission, and watch what they do, most of you will witness the same thing i do, just about every other mission, leeching, while being gifted an achievement of activity. I won’t go much more into it than that, because I’m creating a very long, very detailed write-up that will go farther into that subject, as well as others, followed by a slew of solutions I have come up with to help prevent/fix this problem, but like I said, this post isn't about the leeching, it's about Epic adding a hero like Calamity, and the reason behind it.
For now, without turning this post into a Harry Potter novel, a quick summary:
The general consensus of the player base is, if it’s not an over powered, low skill, minimal effort hero that we can completely abuse, we don’t like it. If you are angry with that observation, upset, or think I’m so wrong that you’re already on your way out of the auditorium (looking for the downvote button), you’re in absolute denial. Enforcer Grizzly is just one of many examples that require basically zero effort to be rewarded, he just happens to be the worst of the bunch. Now don't get me wrong, I'd take an Enforcer Grizzly that is placing TEDDY's over a completely AFK player any day, but I feel we shouldn't have to deal with either. This game, to be rewarded, should require at least some type of skill. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!
BUT, if you can agree with that, then great! Let’s work together to relay that to Epic, and make this game the best it can be! I’d be glad to share more once I finish my complete dissection of Save The World, and am open to anything that can be added, regardless of what it is, positive OR constructive feedback!

Moving on /// How To Play Calamity

Throughout my testing, Calamity is one of those heroes that require a couple of things to be used effectively, great head shot accuracy, knowledge of the mission type, and a great team to support her.
Let’s talk weapons. What weapons should you use with her then?
Little Johnny: FINALLY, This is my favorite part :D
Dom: Ah, mine too, we have some fantastic weapons for Calamity, but one seems to stick out more than the rest.
The duelist. An event weapon that was available via Road Trip Llamas, and if you don't have one, The Judge, Falcon, or last resort The Bald Eagle, will do just fine. They’re all viable, and all great, but the Duelist will want to be your weapon of choice, end of story. It has a fantastic fire rate, 6 rounds, and hits husks like a Mac Truck. This may be a hard pill to swallow for some, but Calamity has a specific role, that is filled best with a Duelist in her hand. We’ll get to the role she plays in just a bit.
Little Johnny: How should I perk my Duelist to reach Calamity’s full potential?
Dom: Well I'm glad you asked! With my tests, I found these perks to be the best for Calamity:
Head shot Damage
Energy (for overall use against any element) or any element besides physical, for max damage against corresponding element.
Head shot Damage
Damage to Mist Monsters and Bosses
Head shot eliminations cause explosions. (Any 6th perk is fine here, I found it better in my tests to increase your damage even more via Head shot Explosion, plus I like when things go **BOOM**. (But make sure your 5th matches your 6th if you don’t have this 6th perk, ex, affliction/damage to afflicted)
Little Johnny: Wow, so in order to maximize my damage output, to fill my role on the team, and use Calamity correctly, I should probably practice my aim more often, so I can hit more head shots....right?
Dom: That’s correct little Johnny! Calamity is a hero that benefits from Head Shots, and for you to consistently hit them. Her pistol damage, impact, and Debilitating Shots she adds to the weapon is eye-opening after your first time fighting those "Tankier" husks! This is emulated by the level of skill she requires to play, which is far above any other hero in the game, and is 1. why I love playing her, and 2. Why I’m really excited to see what Epic is cooking up for this new hero class rework, because she could be an assumption as to what Epic implemented a seemingly unorthodox Hero. They could be gauging the average skill and knowledge of a player somehow, and combining this with the communities feedback, to create a better overall system for Heroes in Save the World. We could show Epic that we CAN use her (or any hero for that matter) to their full potential, and our ability to create hero classes with combinations that haven’t been used before in any of our regularly used classes. (ex. Enf Grizzly/SMS/Commando spitfire) Theory Crafting aside, this topic of unusual classses brings me to my next bit of advice, from my testing and experimenting,
Put Urban Assault in Support Slot
Most of us hardly ever put Urban Assault in Support, but hear me out.... I found it strange as to why Calamity has no “sub class”, she’s just, Calamity, and I love it. A very specific hero, for a very specific player, to fit in a certain niche scenario. There’s no YouTube video, or spreadsheet that you can reference back to with her like you can with every other "popular" hero subclass in the game. Epic is forcing players, new and old, beginners/experienced, to create something new, figure out what she’s good at, and test different support/tac’s and weapons, to make her even better, clearly in preparation for our upcoming hero class rework! I love it! If we can apply this logic with Calamity, being an unusual, difficult Hero to play, to the upcoming Hero re-work, we might just be able to take our knowledge we've gained from Calamity, to make her AND other generally idealized "sub-par Heroes" and form them into a DPS MACHINE. Overall, Urban Assault being used in Support is the hand made Cream Cheese Icing on top of that warm Red-Velvet Cake (apparently I was hungry when writing this portion)
Back to business,
So far we’ve covered the basics of Calamity, gave an explanation as to why each support/tac/weapon benefit her, her use-case, crafted a theory about why she could become even more powerful with the Hero Update, and may have thrown in a tiny rant(I’m on your side this time epic!!!) about our current Heroes we use and abuse, which will hopefully spark a constructive discussion on what the community feels about our current situation...so, here’s what we’ve got so far...
Primary: Calamity
Support: Urban Assault
Tactical: First Shot Rio
Weapon: Duelist
Build: Head shot
Play style: [Imprint this into your brain] Every bullet that fires out of that shiny Duelist, needs to be a head shot. (I looked at my games as “Protect the Ned” and if I missed he would be injured (I say injured partly because he's invincible in missions) which seriously can’t happen......partly because I still haven’t found his medkit yet... shhh)
Pros and Cons of this Play style
High damage output to High-HP Husks Inability to effectively wave-clear loads of Husks
Head Shots reward yield greater Damage Low Head shot Ratio yields reduced damage
High Impact in mission's that spawn greater amounts of High-HP husks (Repair the Shelter, Fight the Storm 1-4, Ride the Lightning) Low impact in missions with enormous low HP husk spawn rate (Evacuate the Shelter, Retrieve the Date)

Little Johnny: But Dom, you said there was 3 things required to make Calamity overpowered like my Enforcer Grizzly was...
  1. head shots: I can work on that I promise
  2. Mission Knowledge: I'm in Twine Peaks now, I have loads of experience!!! and the
  3. Team: my team? What does that mean?
*gives smile similar to Ned after he gets his medkit*
Dom: Ah, correct again Little Johnny!!! I'm glad you asked!
In a perfect world, (in my opinion) where the mission's are difficult, and require much more skill, knowledge, and activity from not only you, but the entire team, we would be able to base our Hero Choice off of a couple of factors
  • Mission Type
  • Modifiers
  • Heroes Selected by other party member's
To give a quick background to this ideology, I look at it similar to the concept of Overwatch Hero selection. Now, I wouldn't want certain heroes to be locked if someone had selected it before you, but for example, you wouldn't choose Mega Base Kyle, if there is already 3 other Mega Base Kyle's already in the mission. If this were to work, and I'm developing *potential* solutions/systems for something like this to be added, which I'll provide in future posts, we would have *in a perfect world* these Hero Loadout's in a mission to compliment each other:
  • A constructor: to reinforce the base around the objective, while having great abilities like Bull Rush and Decoy, to provide DPS heroes more time to kill them.
  • A soldier: to provide massive firepower against high profile husk types while applying Debilitating Shots to grant less "weapon offense" oriented heroes in the mission more damage to those husk types.
  • A wave clear hero: Dragon Ninjas, Reclaimer's, etc.
  • A support hero: Support Specialist or more specifically, Alchemist for example, which I hope we had more of, whether that be re-skins or similar class types, and also hope in the future gains a broader use-case, to heal other players in combat (basically regarded as useless since things like campfires and adrenaline rush are widely used in game) Use the volcanic modifier for example, while your High DPS heroes are taking it down, you're keeping them alive in the process.
The possibilities are limitless, and these are just but a few of heroes a team could play in a mission. We have so many different choices of Hero Types in the game, that could benefit each other, to best complete the mission. Again, this is assuming the missions are extremely difficult, and require teamwork to get the reward. In my next write up, we will go into vast detail about a system like this.

But my point here is, Calamity could fill her role perfectly, given a team that could benefit her strengths even more! A team with 4 Calamity's aren't going to be effective, as she excels in tank husk extermination (husky, blaster, smasher, mini boss) Which is what I hope we're working towards, with this upcoming Hero Update.

Little Johnny: Wow, that sounds like such a good idea, I would love this game even more if we were rewarded by playing heroes based around mission types, and heroes that my friends are playing!
Dom: Precisely! Currently, we can use any hero in any mission, because any Hero, using any weapon, is still viable. Hopefully with the help of you, Little Johnny, and our great community, we could help Epic implement a system like this!

Conclusion \No TL;DR, take the time to read the post\**
I'd like to acknowledge that most of this post was my opinion, or my experience from testing/experimenting, and know a more mathematical approach is often widely used. But I'd like share, from my time in Save the World, I have retained very little of that information, and always track back to what I enjoy playing, while still being useful. The charts and spreadsheets are great, and I enjoy them, but maybe a more unconventional approach could be worthy to some, which was my reasoning behind this. I know this was a very long presentation (Reddit post) but I hope this sparks a bit of motivation into some of our community, as well as provide a bit of a wake up call when it comes to our Enforcer Grizzly type heroes we over use given its extreme damage output and viability in any mission type. We have MANY Heroes just like Calamity, where most of us overlook, because they aren't as easy to play as others. I don't expect everyone to go out and level-up Calamity, max-perk a Duelist, and hop into a mission and expect to deal more damage than anyone in the mission. This hero takes time to learn, understand, and play, as well as many others similar to her. She excels in specific situations, with a correct team and weapon class built around her. Regardless if both of those 2 boxes are checked, she definitely is a viable option to fill her role as a soldier no matter the mission given the current state of difficulty we have. But if those requirements are met, she excels above the rest!

I challenge you to give Calamity a try, or another hero similar to her, to gain more experience with Heroes that require more effort, thought, experimentation, and skill to fill your role on the team. Try a Hero that you don't see very often, and find what makes them GREAT, you'll make your Save the World experience so much more enjoyable, because at the end of the day, in a game where the possibilities of combinations are endless. TRYING NEW THINGS=HAVING FUN!

Mentioning this once more at the end before you comment, \I'm not saying or Calamity is one of the highest DPS heroes in the game, nor am I saying she is better than a Ranger, Urban Assault, Enforcer Grizzly, or Reclaimer, but anyone can master a Hero like like that, they're easy to play, and even easier to deal TONS of damage\*, but are you up to the *challenge to try something new, more difficult, and still be able to put up the same numbers in the mission? Let me know if you do try this, and your results afterwards! I welcome any additional ideas that will enhance our playing experience throughout the game, and look forward to the discussion that myself, and those who wish to part take in, will have in the comments. If you would like more post's like this, or have a topic you would like me to write about in detail, please let me know in the comments or through a personal message!

Thank you
If you took the time to read this, I genuinely would like to express my utmost gratitude to you. My goal was to further educate our player base, while providing new ideas, theories, information, improvements, and suggestions, so if you took something positive from reading this, whether that be the post in it's entirety, or bits and pieces of it, then I have fulfilled my role. If you didn't, I'd love constructive feedback in the areas that you felt I could improve in, so that my future posts can better suit everyone! Thanks again, Commander!

submitted by dominxnt to FORTnITE

Beta 1.12 is ready for play

Download the latest version of the game from: https://rayfowler.itch.io/remnants-of-the-precursors
New players can watch this tutorial series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8cNlze3fGQhHiDs-eGpp6asJYdoBcp_n
Mostly minor updates this time, but definitely some incremental improvements.
Beta 1.12 changes:
  • When saving your game, an error will display if the save fails for any reason. This should prompt you to try the save again rather than assuming everything worked fine. This is intended to help cut down on the frequency of corrupted save files.
  • The Exploit tab on the Systems screen now shares the environmental level of systems (Hostile/Fertile/Gaia) in addition to the resource levels. The tab and shift-tab keys can be used to easily toggle between the tabs.
  • The diplomatic penalty for excession expansion has been lessened somewhat. This penalty should come into play but was not intended to dominate diplomatic relations
  • AI Bomber designs will now include ship combat weapons to allow them to blast their way through player-constructed ship embargos. The number of asteroids on the combat map has been reduced slightly as well.
  • AI estimations on the amount of spending required to finish various categories (Defense, Industry, etc) has been improved.
  • Ship Combat will no longer trigger between two bomber ships that have no ship combat weapons.
  • Bioweapon animations will no longer occur when auto-resolving combat.
  • A handful of reported exceptions have been addressed.
Beta 1.11 changes:
  • When starting new games, you can now toggle random events off. This was a hotkey feature supported in the original Master of Orion.
  • For player colonies, there is now a flag that you can toggle on to be red, white or blue. This flag will be visible on the Main map and the Fleet map. You may want to use this, for example, to mark colonies for attention while you are going through the spending reallocation list.
  • When calculating range to fire missiles, the AI will now consider the possibility that the player ship will move out of range before the missile reaches it. Loved the Michael Jordan meme!
  • You can no longer send transports from rebelling colonies
  • The ANIMATIONS: ON/OFF setting has been replaced with a GRAPHICS: NORMAL/MEDIUM/LOW. The medium setting now turns of anti-aliasing for images (which is now the default setting) and the low setting does that and stops animations.
  • AI ships will continue attacking after decloaking.
  • When the AI has initiative at the start of ship combat, there will be a brief pause before it moves to allow you time to ponder the meaning of life before the Space Crystal one-shots your fleet again.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong race name was shown for an AI diplomat.
  • Loading and Saving games will no longer reset the background music
Beta 1.10 changes:
  • If ECO spending is set to "Clean" for a colony and unlocked, it will now automatically adjust upwards or downwards to maintain the minimum spending level for "Clean".
  • The diplomatic dialogue screen now tells you which empire the diplomat belongs to, in case you are on a large map where races are duplicated
  • Transports invading enemy systems are now treated as "armed fleets" for the purposes of the map's ship-transport toggle. This means that the transport toggle will now hide transports that are transferring population without hiding transports that are invading systems.
  • Invading transports will now have to run the gauntlet against any hostile orbiting fleet, not just fleets allied with the system they are invading.
  • Corrected some incorrected racial research proficiencies
  • When system spending is automatically reallocated when a project completes, it will shift spending to Industry, Ecology and Defense, in that order, before going to Research. Also corrected some errors in the industry allocation logic. Remember: locked spending categories will always remain unchanged.
  • When retreating, if there are multiple systems requiring the same travel time in turns, the system selected from those will be the one nearest in distance.
  • The AI will probably consider obsolescence with regards to ship weapon technologies. This will hopefully stop them for askign for your Ion Cannon technology 300 turns into the game.
  • In galaxies with less than 100 stars, the space monsters move more slowly proportional the the size of the galaxy (50 stars = twice as slow, 33 stars = 3 times as slow). This should give players more time to deal with them.
  • Corrected some display lag for several of the map overlays during the Next Turn processes
  • During the naming phase of the colonization screen, the game will no longer demand keyboard focus when minimized.
  • Fixed an error where a ship with no ECM had the same missile defense as a shp with ECM level 1.
  • Fixed an [other_race] text substitution issue when the AI agrees to join you in a joint war against an empire that he was already secretly preparing to go to war against.
  • Corrected starting year displays for the Bulrathi and Mrrshan
  • The colony panel on the Systems screen will now show the proper turn number for historical events
  • Improved arrow drawing on the Fleets screen
  • For the design screen, added brief descriptions for beam focus specials
  • Handled some errors when logging to stderr and stdout.
Beta 1.9 changes:
  • You can now use the mousewheel on the opening screen to raise or lower the volume for Sounds and Music. In addition, an error caused by attempting to play sounds on a PC that has no sound system (or a disabled one) has been fixed.
  • A message has been added warning when there was a failure with the autosave
  • Pausing Auto-Play in ship combat will now properly end when a player ship becomes the current stack
  • Some issues with stack retreating have been fixed. If unarmed defending ships are still in orbit when a bomber has finished bombing, the bomber will be forced to retreat.
  • The AI will now more aggressively prioritize battle computers when constructing bomber designs.
  • Fixed a bug with not being able to stop rebellions that I incorrectly thought I fixed in 1.8a.
  • AI Opponent limit raised to 49. This should have always been the limit.
  • Spies can now only frame empires that are within economic range of their victims.
  • When the colony capacity is calculated on the Systems Exploit tab, it will no longer consider factories in excess of your colony's maximum
Beta 1.8 changes:
  • Beta 1.8d fixed various issues on the map with selecting fleets.
  • Beta 1.8c fixed a crash caused by the Space Crystal entering an uncolonized system.
  • Beta 1.8b fixed an introduced bug that allowed players to redirect AI fleets
  • Beta 1.8a fixes an introduced bug that prevented players from retaking rebelling colonies with transports.
  • Colonies destroyed by bioweapons now destroy properly so you can complete combat. Bioweapon incident severity is now modified by an empire's leader type, as with Genocide incidents.
  • The AI will now better gauge threats from ships carrying bombs and bioweapons, and will shift targets more realistically in order to protect planets.
  • Empires that are out of economic range will no longer issue warnings or offer praise, although they will still notice the incidents that trigger these. This should help significantly with notification spam in very large galaxies with dozens of opponents.
  • Friendly transports arriving in a system will now immediately join the colony rather than taking their turn with other transports that may have arrived on the same turn.
  • Retreating fleets can now once again be rerouted to any allied system on the turn they retreat. This was broken in the fleet management rewrite between Alpha 5 and the Beta.
  • Similarly, fleets rallied to another system can once again be undeployed on the turn they are rallied.
  • Deploying a fleet on the Main map and then redeploying it to the same system on the Fleet screen will no longer remove the fleet.
  • Deploying ships to another system will no longer join existing deployed fleets if they have a different arrival time.
  • The "Fire All Weapons" button will now change to "Turn Done" even if you have unused specials.
  • A ship armed only with missiles responsible for defending a colony will now retreat when all of its missiles have been used.
  • Rallies to and from a system will now be stopped when the colony in that system is destroyed.
  • On the planetary bombardment prompt, the incoming player transport total will now include those that have arrived and will land on the current turn.
  • The starting ship designs for players are now back to their MOO1 defaults.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple fleets were in an orbit to fight a space monster but only one fleet would actually engage in combat.
  • Corrected the possibility of the Crystal destroying a colony in combat but that colony surviving if the Crystal was later destroyed in that same combat.
  • Stargate construction completion times are now correct.
  • Trap and recover from an error that was causing PulseAudio systems to stop playing sounds and music.
  • On the Design UI, mousewheeling the selected weapon to "None" will reset the number to zero.
  • More sanity checks to prevent a colony from getting a move command (and moving!) when the player is toggling between Auto-Play.
  • Corrected a text substitution error on the Sakkra genocide warning, and also on the AI response after offering monetary aid.
  • Stopped the ability to scroll the main map by hovering over tiny spacings between the colony sliders.
Beta 1.7 changes:
  • Hopefully fixed the Ship Design rename issue that has been plaguing Mac users forever. I am very grateful for fierasforever downloading the code and tweaking it for his Mac until he found the root cause. THANK YOU!!
  • The Ship Repulsor special can now be used offensively to move an enemy ship back one space.
  • The AI will now value Battle Computers more highly when researching techs and building Fighter and Destroyer ships. Hopefully their ships will hit harder than before. Noticing things like this and letting me know is exactly how we are all going to improve the AI during the beta.
  • Rallied fleets can now be redirected on the turn they launch
  • In-transit fleets can now be redirected on the Fleet screen if you have Hyperspace Communications. Keep in mind that you still cannot split fleets when using HC.
  • Torpedo weapons can now only be fired every other turn.
  • Diplomatic menus where you trade techs will now show the tier and research cost for the various tech options.
  • The space amoeba now shrinks every time he splits. He now also splits at the beginning of his turn instead of the end. In addition, a bug has been fixed wherein the amoeba would destroy a colony in combat but the colony would survive if the amoeba were later killed in that combat.
  • The "Fire All Weapons" option will no longer trigger your ship specials, and will no longer do extra damage for multi-shot weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with Stream Projector weapons reducing an AI ships' max hits to 1 and then no longer being able to attack them.
  • By request, the "Pop Growth" information on a Colony's ECO slider is always displayed.
  • You can now use F7/F8 on the Main map to cycle through planets are have enemy fleets in orbit or in transit to them.
  • The flashing crosshairs on the Systems screen have been made a little prettier.
  • When prompted to accept the council ruling, you will now see the image of the elected ruler, not the top candidate.
  • The "Completed Upgrade" message for missile bases no longer reflects the type of missile since this could be conceivably two types now.
  • Clarified the descriptive text for Hyperspace Communications to remove the references to transports.
  • Fixed dialogue text errors when you signed a trade treaty or when the AI offers to exchange technology.
Beta 1.6 changes:
  • Beta 1.6a was uploaded to address a combat crash introduced in 1.6
  • Many, many large images in the Bulrathi and Klackon sabotage animations have been resampled down to a more reasonable size. The overall size of the jar file has dropped 20%. I wish I could lose weight that easily!
  • When requesting a tech trade, the AI was using the player's language text file. Yes, Meklars, they were making fun of you. I've told them to stop.
  • When you scrap a ship design, it will no longer clear the design.
  • A significant diplomacy bug was fixed wherein the AI empires stopped caring about the size of your empire once they warned you about it. Now they care again. The players of a lot of these massive saves I've been sent are about to get bogged down in huge wars.
  • The Orion Guardian will now continue attacking player ships once within one square of range.
  • AI ships can now target and attack more than one stack per turn, provided they have the necessary movement and weapons.
  • AI ships firing missiles at you will now no longer retreat until their missiles have landed.
  • When a player loses a ship combat encounter, he will now see the killing blow on his last stack.
  • The "Fire All Weapons" option has been removed from colonies. There are two possible missile options; you can only fire one. This was causing a combat bug that many people reported.
  • Space Monsters will rampage twice as fast through the galaxy, but you'll get an additional turn of warning to respond. Space Amoebas will now destroy 90% of factories (per MOO1), but will also eat all of the waste on the planet. Space Crystals will now leave the maximum amount of waste on the planet (per MOO1).
  • The data lists on the Race->Status tab will now show all races instead of the top 8, and are now scrollable.
  • When you win the game with a Military Alliance, you will no longer see an error pop up before the game congratulates you.
  • Colonies destroyed by the comet event will no longer cause a crash when selected on the Systems UI
  • Espionage warnings caused by a Spy Confession incident will now properly remove the "[framed]" tag from the message
  • A bug caused by hitting escape while your ship was landing on the colonization screen when sound effects were turned off has been fixed.
  • Fixed a error related to the Supernova event
Beta 1.5 changes:
  • In Ship Combat, there is now a "Fire All Weapons" option when hovering over a target. This will attempt to fire all valid weapons, including multi-shots, in order until the target is destroyed or all weapons are expended. If no weapons can fire, it should work as a "Turn Done" button. It's new and not that polished yet.
  • The Space Amoeba is no longer bugged in a way that required you to use missiles to kill it. That's the good news. The bad news is that you will no longer be able to bomb the Amoeba nor the Crystal, and also that the Amoeba will permanently destroy the ships it eats rather than having them show up in orbit the next turn, albeit with significant emotional scars.
  • Espionage warnings triggered when you are framed by another empire will now blame you in the text, not the empire that framed you. In addition, you will be informed at the end of the message, "[You were framed.]". But you know it's the Darloks.
  • AI Empires will be much more hesitant to enter into pacts and alliances with erratic leaders, as they should. This was causing a lot of unnecessary treaties forming and breaking based on the mood of the erratic leader.
  • When committing sabotage, the galaxy map is now zoomable and draggable, allowing you to blow up those hard-to-reach colonies.
  • Fixed an error on the Design UI where the "S" hotkey would allow you to scrap your last ship design. That's a no-no. Also on that screen, I enabled hotkeys for Clear, Rename, and Deploy.
  • Fixed an error caused when a colony under the effects of a supernova event was destroyed.
Beta 1.4 changes:
  • Stargate maintenance is now an empire-wide expense spread out evenly to all colonies. The colony listing now has an entry for the pct of your empire production that is being spent on stargates.
  • Hovering over the ECO slider will now always show expected pop growth. Previously, it was not showing this when expected pop growth was zero. Some people just want to be disappointed, I guess.
  • When a space monster destroys a colony and degrades the planet type, the planetary waste levels will drop to stay below the new maximum waste levels for the planet. This was causing negative planetary sizes when unclean Silicoid colonies were munched.
  • When a monster eats a colony, every empire now knows there is a new uncolonized planet available for the taking. GNN has a big mouth.
  • In combat, when you are out of bombs, it will say "Out of Bombs" instead of "Out of Missiles".
  • AI Ship targeting has been tweaked to be more likely to focus on enemy fleets that can harm it, as opposed to those it can do the most harm to.
  • Desired range for firing weapons has been improved so that AI ships containing a mix of missiles and weapons won't just hang back until their missiles are gone. These types of ships will move forward more aggressively than before.
  • Weapon and damage animations have been sped up considerably when you are "Auto-Playing" the combat. Huzzah!
  • Multi-shot weapons were doing too much damage. This has been fixed.
  • When your weapon and bomb attacks successfully hit but cannot penetrate the target's deflector shields, the damage message will now say "Deflected" instead of "Miss".
  • In combat, right-clicking the mouse will now more accurately auto-move your mouse cursor to the current stack and highlight the "Turn Done" button. Try this out sometime.
  • The "Pause" button on the Ship Combat screen will never be grayed out.
  • The four random events that give periodic updates (Comet, Pirates, Plague, Supernova) will no longer give an update if it happens to also be on the turn that the event is completed.
  • The Supernova event announcement now gives an indication which empire is affected by it.
  • The problem with a selected colony on the map not being selected when you go to the Colony listing should be fixed. It had to do with the colony listing not pre-scrolling down for colonies further down the list.
  • When scrolling on the colony listing, the colony selection will continue to scroll up (or down) even after the scroll bar has reached its end. This returns the scrolling behavior back to its Alpha 5 state.
  • On the system informational panel in the Systems screen, an asteroid system will now properly say "No Colonizable Planets" instead of "Uncolonized".
  • The range for allied colonies will no longer say "O Light-Years". It will instead say "Allied Colony".
  • The size of the hovering "box" for star systems on the galaxy map will now match the colored "ownership" circle around it. Easier to click!
  • A couple of miscellaneous exceptions were fixed.
  • When you win the Galactic Council vote, the tendency of AI Empires to rebel has been overhauled. It now goes like this:
    If you've colonized Orion - no one rebels. Your allies will never rebel. Those who voted for you will never rebel. Pacifists will never rebel. Honorable leaders will never rebel if you have a pact with them. Xenophobes will always rebel if you are at war with them. Everyone else is a pct chance, with Aggressive, Xenophobic and Erratic leaders most likely to rebel. Pro Tip: Defeating the Guardian is the most direct path to a quick Council victory.
Beta 1.3 changes:
  • Systems with Iced Tea PulseAudio will now properly play sound files. Jeremy McKay and I both had a fix for this but I liked his change better so he gets the credit. His was done correctly while mine was more of a Gorilla-typing-at-a-keyboard attempt.
  • As a result of the Guardian Ship change in 1.2, every ship entering the Orion system was getting a scan of the planet. This was giving the first arrival some free techs. Your fun has been officially cancelled.
  • If an AI signs a peace treaty with you or another AI, he will respect that treaty for its duration, even if his allies want him to rejoin. I didn't do all of that work getting "war weariness" into the game only to have some needy ally throw it all away.
  • Smashing the "N" key at the start of the game like a madman will no longer trigger Next Turn processing so fast that the game complains.
  • An error triggered when retreating after combat has been resolved.
  • If you are "trespassing" in a system for an empire you currently at war with you, the game is no longer going to alert you that their ambassador is mad at you. We're pretty sure you are aware.
  • AI ships equipping only missile weapons will now retreat from the battle when their missiles are expended.
  • OH. Guess what. A last-minute pre-beta change for the AI to balance a ship's weapons across all 4 slots had the unintended effect (some might call it a bug but I call it guaranteed employment) of AI ships only firing one weapon slot per round. This is now fixed, which means that, on average, AI ships will now hit you 4 times as hard. Grats.
  • When saving a ship design, any weapons that you have added that have zero quantity will be reset to "No Weapon"
  • Can't find that system you selected? Well, the selection circle will now pulse at you. Still can't find it? ok. Double-clicking on the system's graphic pane will now automatically recenter the map on that system.
  • The Human Diplomat no longer has a mysterious black thing on her shoulder while talking. I think it was a tiny Darlok telling her what to say.
  • Gauss Autocannon has a shorter description to play nice on the tech selection screen.
  • You can no longer hover on systems behind the System information panel on the Systems screen.
  • When clearing a ship design on the design screen, weapon counts will now be properly set back to zero. You can no longer accidentally create a ship with 12 nothings in slot 3.
Beta 1.2 changes:
  • Some OpenJDK/Ubuntu systems were not able to start the game because of incompatibilites with Ubuntu's audio system. Jeremy McKay experienced this problem and fixed it for me. Ahhh, the wonders of open source!
  • An error during Next Turn caused by a bombardment between two empires not at war was fixed. They will now properly get angry at each other rather than waiting around while you send me an email with the save.
  • An error caused when using the Fleet UI to send transports from one system to itself was fixed. This is why I shouldn't test my games because I never thought of doing that.
  • An error caused when AI spies were trying to commit sabotage on a system that had just been destroyed. It was being munched by a space monster in the save sent to me. Fixed.
  • The system panel for alien empires will now properly show colony information if you have a ship in orbit.
  • An issue with the Ship Combat prompt showing the incorrect terrain image for the affected system has been fixed.
  • A error ending the game with a military victory was fixed. You will now get the proper game over message. Your fallen AI enemies will now get the Black Screen of Death.
  • The Guardian Ship will now stay dead. Then you can get all of that glorious loot and karma.
  • If you use the Fleet UI override a transport sent on the main map, it will work.
  • An infrequent error caused in ship combat with the Space Crystal is now fixed. You will now get to watch in horror as he mercilessly destroys your stacks of small and medium ships.
  • Speaking of the Space Crystal, he's a little tougher. He won't be such a cakewalk for large ships with auto-repair. His attacks will now gradually weaken both your battle computers and your auto-repair ability, so don't dilly-dally around. Anyone who has faced the Crystal knows he doesn't dilly-dally around. He's always in a hurry.
  • The ship overlay information on the Ship Combat UI will now reflect the selected target's capabilities, not the capabilities of its ship design. This is because some of those capabilities can be altered during combat.
  • When the game is trying to nicely reallocate spending for you when something is completed on a system, it will no longer expect Silicoid players to pay for Soil Enrichment. In addition, when Silicoid players learn the Soil Enrichment tech, they will not be prompted to update ECO spending on their colonies. You know, the ECO tree for the Silicoids just plain sucks.

submitted by RayFowler to rotp

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