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Shank Full PC Game Overview. Shank 2 was a game I got for free from PlayStation Plus a long time ago. He is a perfect driver in San Francisco game. Shank 2 - Free Download https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=934. Versi beta telah begitu popul. I played the demo of Shank a couple of weeks ago and instantly decided I needed to get the game.

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Shank will have you shooting and slashing your way through hordes of enemies in a stylized slaughter fest. Simon Pearce, Christian Martin. Free Download Shank 2 full pc game setup also crack exe file here Mediafire google drive mega links full speed zip rar direct download link Sequels are a funny thing. Install 4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder to the main install folder and overwrite 5. Play the game 6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy - Fixed problems of game not moving forward and gameplay not triggering properly after videos. You have to actually go into the code and manually change the number to certain values in order to make certain events occur in the game. Click below button to start Shank 2 Game Free Download.

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The fan-favorite 2D brawler is back as ex-mob hit man Shank returns to action in Shank 2. With those closest to him under attack, Shank is once again forced on the offensive. Because the ball darts right, most golfers think an open clubface causes the shank. Download Game Shank 1 [2020] ABOUT THE GAME Shank is the cult-classic revival of the sidescrolling beat-em-up. Whole Chicken - 1.8 kg: R 86/kg; Chicken Pieces - 12 pack: R 91/kg; Chicken Pieces. The boss fights are a mere exercise in grinding down large health bars. Driver San Francisco Crack Free Download Latest Is here.

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Shank PC Game Download Free Full Version

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions-RELOADED PC Game. If he had considered yellow and blue shank color in the same manner as DUNN and JULL (1927) he might have been in accord with the statement made in the. How to install Shrek the Third PC GAME 100% WORKING extra resources. Shank is made by indie developer Klei Entertainment and, as such, bears the unjust stigma of many independent games. I double dare you to fill this field! Click On Below Button Link To Shank 2 Free Download Full PC Game.

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Shank latest version: An oddly addictive side-scrolling 2D fighting game. Shank for PlayStation 3 Reviews page. Joined: Feb 25, 2020 Messages: 1, 980 Likes Received: 2, 160 Trophy Points: 397. Shank 2 Walkthrough - Page 1. Shank PC Game Download Full Version. Shank 2 Free Download Full PC Game.

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Shank 1 Free Download - Ocean Of Games https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=932. Just download and start playing it. We have provided direct link full setup of game. Humans came to beach for fun, they are swimming, our giant shark swims long way. Specifications Of Shank 1 PC Game. Over 3.5 billion views combined on Youtube! Shank (Game) - Giant Bomb.

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Use your finger to draw a line to his friends, and they will help him in different ways! Shank 1 Activation Serial Number.

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In order for you to continue playing this game, you'll need to click "accept" in the banner below. Game Shakers S01E16 - Shark Explosion. As all know the problem with downloading already cracked programs from websites. The gameplay is far smoother and more fluid than the old Streets of Rage games, but the lack of impact that your hits and shots make means the fighting seems less powerful and ultimately less satisfying. Shank 1 Free Download PC game setup in single direct link for Windows. Now, I can't help but wonder why this.

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Just Download, Run Setup And Install. Shank 2020 Full Version [ Mediafire Link ] https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=927. Shank disarms and kills a bunch of them, acquiring his trademark dual pistols and chainsaw in the process. Game shank 1 full crack. Get ready for a feastin' as we've got plenty, all Gameshark codes organized by game for your convenience. Download FREE Shark Tale PC Game Full Version https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=937.

Three man Deep Stone Crypt in depth guide

My friends and I started and finished the 3 man Crypt today. I know this is some serious aspirational content especially with the raid being days old but with a bunch of people going for it I figured I would post about how to do it. This is an in depth explanation for the strats and methodology we used for each encounter.
As a disclaimer, we did it with three warlocks. You need at least two.
There is not much new here but I'll explain anyway.
Until DPS, you operate as normal. Operator goes into the basement, Seeker in Dark calls which panels to shoot then sends the Seeker to Light and they call which panels to shoot. Basement player trades Operator for Seeker. Upstairs players set up one person in each room, preferably each in a well with Xenophage, and do DPS as normal. Xenophage in a well destroys a fuse in 6 shots.
As a tip, you should have the basement seeker only call 3 fuses and then trade the augment back. You can't 1 phase no matter what so it is better to play it safe and give yourself time to do some quick add clear and swap positions.
Now for the position swap. This is where it is kind of tight. You have to swap positions as normal, however rather than the basement player keeping seeker from DPS and being freed by the operator, they MUST give seeker to the player without an augment before they leave. This is so that the player upstairs can figure out which panels are lit on their side while the basement/enemy room players swap, otherwise I am almost certain that the basement player will run out of time and die before being able to shoot the panels. I could be wrong, you may not need to do this, but this is just what we did and it worked. Edit: apparently you do not need to do this.
In terms of dealing with adds and staying alive, we all used Well with the seraph shotgun and a workhorse primary (mine of choice was Breachlight, with demolitionist and rampage). I will admit it is pretty tough. Warmind cells are game changers. The seasonal mods that allow you to stagger overloads with your grenade and then get it back instantly is huge. Melee+three shots with a trench barrel seraph shotgun kills the servitors very fast, something you must be able to do when working upstairs in order to keep the fight flowing.
This one is quite hard mainly because one person has to do a lot of work and have a very hard job while the others don't do near as much and there isn't really anything to do to even out the workload.
You split one person on the surface and two people in space. The person on the surface should definitely be your most mechanically talented player because they are the one with the hard job.
The two people in space go and kill adds and servitors as normal. The person on the surface has to do this too, but by themself, and must also acquire the Operator augment. It takes longer for the surface player to kill their servitors because their spawn is triggered by killing adds and it is difficult to get around that room.
The people in space two man the stun with Lament. And, you pretty much need everyone to use Lament. Sorry. The scanner picks up the replication and the surface player sends operator to be picked up by the person now with no replication or augment. You do this BEFORE sending scanner. Right after sending operator up you send scanner down, and I mean right after. Like have the scanner right behind the operator at the terminal in space. The now surface scanner will have extinction protocol a couple seconds later and must stand in the middle room to see which is glowing and top tree dawn skate straight at it and stagger it as fast as possible. The timing is very tight and you do need to use top tree dawn. Sorry again.
While the scanner downstairs is staggering, the person in space who relinquished scanner and picked up the replication must be cleansed by the operator at the airlock. You have plenty of time to do this but do it quick. We would always use one of the lower level airlocks for this because they are out of the way and there is time to reach them, whereas you tend to need the upper level airlocks for more accessible and on the fly cleanses. After cleansing the first replication you have a few seconds to get in position to be ready for another stagger.
Back to the surface player, who has at this point just solo staggered. They must keep scanner, pick up the replication, and top tree dawn fly at full speed to the drop pod. If they are fast enough, which they should be pretty consistently, they should come out of the pod literally 2 or 3 seconds in time for the next extinction protocol and be able to call which clone to stagger. Keep in mind this player has scanner. All 3 players stagger this clone together, and the surface player then keeps the scanner again and full tilts back to the drop pods and goes back to the surface. Before leaving, the operator must shoot the replication from the surface player's last solo stagger off of them and leave it on the ground. Make sure that the surface player leaves with NO REPLICATION. They should come out, once again, just in time for extinction protocol and be able to fly at the clone to stagger. EDIT: Now that the two man strat has been discovered, it is definitely more useful for dealing with replication. The Operator picks up the replications and self cleanses in the airlocks by ricochet rounding off of a wall.
Meanwhile in space, there is now an operator, someone with no augment, and two replications on the ground: the one from the clone just staggered, and the one brought up to space from the clone solo staggered earlier by the surface player. While the surface player is doing their second solo stagger, the two space players must dispose of both of these replications. Choose the closest airlock, hopefully not the one used before, and get rid of them. The airlock stays open for a long time and you can easily get rid of two in one, however if you want to play it safe you can use two airlocks. You have quite a bit of time to do this.
By now the surface player has finished their solo stagger. They must now do the same thing as before; pick up replication and haul ass to the pod and hop out in space just in time to scan for extinction protocol. If you are doing enough DPS, and it is hard not to with three Laments, this should be your last stagger. Yes, the three man strat is a one phase. You deal with final stand as normal, it should only take one clone kill.
In terms of what to use, it doesn't really matter. You all need Lament and the surface player needs top dawn. The space players can use literally whatever. I used Eye of Sol for the servitors and Ikelos SMG for the shanks and wretches, and I also used top dawn just to get around the room fast for those frantic staggers.
This one is not necessarily hard but it is extremely chaotic.
Be sure not to pick up operator. You do not need to choose where the nukes spawn. You need one person to have no augment at all times so that they can pick up the disabled augments.
Otherwise there is no new strategy here. The encounter is pretty straightforward. You just have to stay alive. Phoenix well is game changing, even better if you have two.
Being a three man, you must have people pick up nukes and dunk them where it is must convenient so that they can run them from the spawn to the bin without dying to radiation. With three people and three nukes you can not rely on anyone to be able to tag you out and take yours for you. Coordinate who is picking up where and which bin they are delivering to. For example if a nuke spawns upper right and one of the bins is close right, whoever takes the upper right nuke should put it in the close right bin. This will let them finish their nuke in a couple seconds, so that they can help the other two players get their nukes to the bins.
As soon as you dunk your nuke you should use a well if you have it so that your team can have a safe place to clear adds and switch out the disabled augment before the next nukes are primed.
Other than that this is pretty straightforward. Stay alive and crutch wells.
This is a huge step up in difficulty from Atraks. The three man up until now is not too bad but this is not for the faint of heart. You need to be incredibly competent and coordinated to do this.
Designate a person for each augment and send them where that augment spawns. Once everyone has the augment and the scanner has called the bins, Taniks will move around a bit and then the nukes in his rotors will spawn like normal. Keep in mind he will be doing the death from above thing constantly while you shoot at the rotors which is a one shot so keep moving.
Bear with me here now, this is pretty complicated:
You shoot out both nukes. The OPERATOR stands near their nuke, whichever was shot out second, but does not pick it up. Instead they prepare to shoot the SCANNER's detain shield.
The SCANNER picks up their nuke when the timer on it is around 4 seconds and starts moving to the bin CLOSEST TO TANIKS. A couple seconds into their run, they will be detained. The OPERATOR, still sitting near their nuke, shoots the detain shield and then instantly picks up their nuke and starts going to the other bin, the one furthest from Taniks.
This must be done very, very fast. There is no room for error or slow reacting. The operator has to shoot the detain shield right away and then instantly pick up the nuke and start beelining for the bin. If the timing is off, the operator's nuke will go off and cause a wipe. If the scanner is detained for too long they will not make it to the bin.
While the scanner and operator are getting the nukes, the SUPPRESSOR must unlock the bins by staggering Taniks. This feat is also extremely tight on timing and leaves no room for error or slowness because if he is not suppressed right away, the scanner's bin will not be unlocked when they get there and they will die because at this point they will have x8 or x9 radiation. The bin absolutely must be unlocked before they get there.
How you suppress him is by shooting an anarchy shot right as he is about to do the animation for the augment disable, where he kind of floats up in the air and sends out a pulse after the nukes have been picked up, and then running through all three suppression fields as fast as possible. And I mean it when I saw as fast as possible. Should take less than 3 seconds between shooting the anarchy shot and leaving the last field.
As soon as the SUPPRESSOR runs through the last field, suppressing Taniks, they must run to the OPERATOR who should have just started running the nuke. The SUPPRESSOR trails the OPERATOR because if the OPERATOR is detained then the SUPPRESSOR must take the nuke from the OPERATOR so that they can shoot themself out of the detainment. You also may need the SUPPRESSOR to take the nuke anyway to stop the OPERATOR from dying to radiation which may or may not be a concern depending on how far away the bin is from where Taniks spawned.
Meanwhile the SCANNER should be done running their nuke by themself. They can almost always make it to the bin without dying to radiation AS LONG AS THEY HAVE THE CLOSEST BIN.
Remember when Taniks was suppressed and disabled an augment? Well, that is a problem. You see, you can't store a disabled augment in a terminal because you will get lockout and be unable to get it back, and you NEED all three augments.
So, you put your disabled augment in the terminal and suicide to lose your lockout. Your teammate revives you and you get your augment back from the terminal. You should have time to do this, Taniks should just be kind of doing whatever. No nukes yet. Have the scanner call what bins are lit up.
When the nukes spawn, you do the same thing. Shoot out the nukes, scanner delays and then picks up and gets detained, operator frees scanner and picks up, suppressor suppresses Taniks and trails the operator to the far bin, scanner solos the close bin, an augment is disabled. You then do DPS, which is self explanatory, and rinse and repeat three times.
You may be thinking, though: if you have to deposit two sets of nukes per phase and each set of nukes disables an augment, and the fight lasts three phases (spoiler alert for DPS, yes it is a forced three phase)... don't you need six revives?
Well, the answer is no. Whoever gets disabled in the second set of nukes puts their augment in the terminal but does not suicide. This is because DPS lasts long enough to run down your lockout so that you can pick the augment up for the next phase.
So, one suicide per phase, three phases. Yes, you need all your tokens. This means, throughout all of this, NO ONE can die. You are allowed three deaths and they are all only to circumvent the mechanic. This means that there is a bit of luck involved: If you make it to the third phase and the only person who has a revive token gets disabled, yes it is an automatic wipe. You cannot avoid it, it is totally random, and it sucks.
But oh well. For DPS you need a Lunafaction well, a Divinity, and two people with anarchy and double special, some combination of a slug shotgun and a sniper. I used Distant Tumulus and Eye of Sol and my friend used the same. Perfectly optimal DPS takes out about 1/3 of his health. Maybe 2/5.
But yeah, that is about it. Sorry if this is hard to follow, hopefully it is helpful to those of you who are interested in doing this. I will say it is not as hard as I thought, it took us about six hours total, but again it is not for the faint of heart especially Taniks.
Good luck to those of you who are going to attempt this. Let me know if you have any questions, clarifications, or better strategies than what we used.
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Road to 400 Light Level In 2020 For Those Who Are Still Struggling [Easiest Method]

Hey guys! I know it's over 6 years late (10/09/2020), but seeing more and more people buying, joining or coming back to Destiny1, It's clear that the fan base is still very active, and it's such a fantastic game! However, I felt like I needed to make a post about something that has upset me for the longest time... Something I've been challenged with in accomplishing... That something was getting up my guardian's light to 400... which is really easy for a lot of people, and harder for others... So I sat down, did my research, watched a ton of videos and looked up different methods all over the internet, saw what worked and what didn't, even taking Bungie's rumored statistics about drop rates, cooldown's, etc into consideration. I am happy to say that I have come up with a method that is super consistent and easy, and I will explain it as detailed as I can get!
(Disclaimer: No Raids or Crucible matches are required but they do help. DLCs Are Required, because max level without DLCs is 34 and the light cap I think is around 170. Also, if this exact method already exists, I'm happy to give full credit to them, but I haven't found or heard anything about this method, or else it would've made my whole leveling experience so much easier, and making this whole post go so much more smoothly because I could've just perfected their method! My entire method of hitting 400 is efficient and convenient, mostly because everyone you need to talk to is at the Tower!) [Edit: Some out of date credit given to Cooldude9210]
Step 1) First off, you gotta hit level 40! "Duh..." Do all those pesky story missions, replay boss missions, Use the "Spark of Light" level 40 boost, do whatever you gotta do to hit level 40! That's your main goal. If you are level 40; Congratulations, keep reading! lol...
Step 2) GRIND THE HELL out of Blue (Rare), Purple (Legendary) and Yellow (Exotic) engrams. The best method of getting engrams I've experienced is hoping onto Venus Patrol, going to Ishtar Cliffs, and getting on top of the high ledge next to a Vex gate. Once there, you jump straight up, which triggers a Fallen spawn area inside a little cave next to some water. Dreg, Vandals, Shanks and Servitors will spawn in and run out of the cave in 2 randomized sets. Stay up there, kill these enemies, then jump straight up again to reset the spawn and repeat. Kill them with any accurate weapon of choice and they will drop Green (Uncommon), Blue (rare) and Purple (legendary) engrams. This is also a great way to grind House Banners for glimmer from the Cryptarch, Ammo Drops to save your Ammo Synthesis and completing any Bounties you may have. (There are other Engram Farming videos floating around so go ahead and pick one YOU prefer! But this is my favorite) ...As for Yellow (exotic) engrams; you will need to purchase "Three of Coins" (3oC) for seven "Strange Coins" each, from Xur on the weekends. Buy as many as you can. I'm not gonna get too in depth of obtaining strange coins, but the easiest way of obtaining them is from level 28 Prison of Elders and rewards for completing bounties. I wouldn't recommend buying exotics from Xur because they're not light level based, meaning if you're 399 light, and all you need it boots, and he has an exotic legging engram, those exotics should be 150 to 350 light... You'll get an exotic, but it'll be a waste of strange coins! Personally, I've NEVER had an Exotic engram drop from a boss without using a 3oC but I think someone else has before. I would just start a mission that has a boss fight, pop ONE 3oC before the boss, and luck will play it's part. I would suggest avoiding using more than one 3oC; And yes, I know it is a stackable effect, however, I've never had an Exotic drop using two 3oC. And I believe the 3oC are just being wasted if you're popping three at a time, but use as many as you want. If you HAVE the DLCs, there are significantly more bosses that you can grind. The Dreadnaught Patrol has a secret Hive boss inside the Cabal ship. Pop a 3oC and kill it! (you can find this boss method all over the internet for more details) Did you get an Exotic? Yes? Great job! Did you get an Exotic? No? Maybe next time... Either way, you'll need to wait 30 minutes before killing a boss again because 3oC has a secret cooldown of 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the boss. Longer battles with bosses boasts faster cooldown, compared to bosses that I can tap once with the GoldenGun + Celestial Nighthawk. (Example: Oryx has a lower cooldown time compared to Sepiks) Heads Up!! Don't hunt down the same boss over and over again, as it actually decreases your chances of Exotics dropping each time! Get around and dabble with other bosses! Easier ones and harder ones! And take your time getting those exotics; -because you kinda have to!
Step 3) After you start getting all of those shiny little engrams, Save them, Save them, Save them!!! Stash them in your vault and put them on your other characters until you have no more room!!! Hoard them! You'll be tempted to open those exotics, just wait, you will! You'll want to have at least 9 engrams in all 8 slots (Helmet, Arms, Chest, Legs, Class item, Primary, Special, Heavy) Here is some quick maths: (9 engrams × 8 slots = 72 engrams per character × 3 characters = 216 engrams + however many engrams you're putting into your vault (vault max: 216 engrams)) Your vault is able to fit 108 Weapons and 108 Armor, totalling your potential amount to be 432 engrams max! In my case, I saved up 380+ engrams. Bottom line: Save Them!
Step 4) ONLY OPEN THEM UP ONE BY ONE!!! I can't stress that part enough! (Only Open 1 Heavy , 1 Special, 1 Primary, 1 Helmet, 1 Gauntlet, 1 Chest, 1 Legging, 1 Class item) Start with Blue (rare) engrams first until you hit 385, then Purple (legendary) until you hit 390, and then Yellow (exotic) till you hit 400. *Read notes below about engram light caps
Step 5) EQUIP Everything that is a HIGHER Light Level or Defense than whatever you currently have equipped! (Example: If your helmet is 320, open a Blue engram! Got a 325 helmet? PUT IT ON!!!) Did you like your current helmet? Save it for later in your vault to combine it with the highest light helmet at the end!!
Step 6) If you just didn't quite hit 400, you should repeat steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 until your light is 400! It's gonna take work! That's why it's called a Grind! And it'll feel so great once you hit 400!
Step 7) If you're still struggling like I did ...(All my gear was 400 except for my ghost and artifact, I couldn't find a either with 400, mine was 397)... You can also hit up your respective Vanguard guides, a Faction of your choice (Dead Orbit for me), the Cryptarch for engrams, or Eris Morn, and receive rewards from them for leveling up or Donating resources to them via "Material Exchange" **you'll earn rewards such as Ghosts, Artifacts, class items, armor, weapons, etc... Chroma Rewards and/or Weapons Rewards are always my go-to because they give me my guaranteed items plus, they actually have a higher chance of getting the "possible items" portion than Armor Rewards! Press Y on xbox or Triangle on PS4 to view the contents of the Rewards before selecting! Heads-up! I get all my Artifacts from Eris Morn, so if your Artifact level is slacking, I advise you to level it up with Eris by increasing your Crota's Bane Reputation! However, if getting Crota's Bane Reputation is extremely difficult for you, I would recommend Zavala's weekly bounties as an alternative. The rewards could contain a random class, light based Artifact that you can just combine with your current one. (Side-note: only Purple (legendary) and Yellow (exotics) can be combined with a higher piece gear in case you weren't aware!)
(NOTE 1: Blue (Rare) engrams max out at 385, Purple (Legendary) engrams max out at 390, Yellow (Exotic) engrams max out at 400. Refer to note 3)
(NOTE 2: If your helmet is 388 Defense, Do Not open a Blue (Rare) engram because they max out at 385 so you won't get anything higher than 385 and it might be a waste of an engram... HOWEVER, Blue (Rare) engrams have a low chance of dropping Purple (Legendary) gear, and Purple (Legendary) engrams have an even lower chance of dropping Yellow (Exotic) gear!)
(NOTE 3: The only time a Blue (rare) or Purple (legendary) piece of equipment is over it's "cap" is if it's a Rewarded Item or if it has been combined with a greater piece of gear. Example: At 399 light, Faction or Vanguard items will reward 400 Rare and/or Legendary gear, succeeding their 385 and 390 caps because they are rewards, not engrams!)
(NOTE 4: Try to keep ALL your gear at the same level when opening engrams. If most of your gear is at 360 but a few things are at 350 or below, focus on that gear! Your light level, being the combined average of all your gear, will be less than 360 until you get that gear up! Example: If all your gear is at 320 but your arms are at 315, open an Arm Engram! It'll push it either closer to 320, or above! Remember: Your light level is the combined average of all your gear!)
(NOTE 5: When buying engrams from the Cryptarch, watch your Legendary Marks(LMs). The most you can carry is 200 and if you're dismantling legendary gear, you're collecting LMs. But if you've collected 200 LMs, further dismantling more legendary gear will only waste those LMs. Instead, buy an engram or two from the Cryptarch, perhaps a piece you need to focus on and increase, then continue to dismantle more legendary equipment for more LMs!)
(NOTE 6: It is most efficient to have at least 2 Exotics per slot. Use the Rare engrams to get your light to 385 easily then use Legendary engrams to climb to 390. Use Rewards from factions or Vanguard to climb as high as you can from 390, then top off your light with exotics! If you're out of engrams and you haven't hit 400, consult step 7!)
I cleared my vault and scrapped things I didn't need. I saved up engrams and stored them on all 3 of my characters (Titan, Hunter, Warlock) and stored the rest in the vault. I took my Light Level of my Hunter from 210 to 400, warlock from 222 to 400, and Titan from 208 to 400, each character took about 25 minutes of opening up engrams and equipping those items. Grinding all my engrams took about 2, almost 3 weeks of playing for a few hours at a time. I saved somewhere around 380 engrams containing: 29 Exotic engrams, 72 Legendary engrams, and the rest were Rare engrams. Once you have 1 character with 400 light, you could easily just send the extra 400 armor over to your other characters via the vault, and get them to 400 quicker by combining the low gear with the transfered 400 gear! I took my Titan to 400 light the quickest using this method and taking all the extra 400 gear from my Hunter and Warlock and sending it over for my Titan. I didn't think to do this with my Warlock unfortunately so I was stuck leveling him up the same way I did my Hunter. But as long as you have one 400 light character, this method can be applied to both of your extra characters. Once your characters have leveled up their lights, dismantle anything you don't want and store what you want to keep into the vault! Then open ALL of your engrams in no particular order to celebrate! Dismantle what you want, keep what you want! (I dismantled everything besides exotics in the end)
This guide is customizable in your favor with You choosing what bosses to kill, what faction you use, how many engrams you decide to save, where to farm them, how many characters you wanna level up and more! All in all, I really hope this guide was helpful at getting your Guardian's light level to 400 OR getting it even closer! I've never seen this done by anyone, and everyone I recommend this method to ends up loving the outcome! It's very rewarding in the end seeing Your light level at 400 and knowing You leveled up to 40, You got the engrams, You got to experience opening them and You took Your character(s) light to 400! My only problem with having three characters maxed out at 400, is figuring out what to do now! It was recommended that I shared this method somewhere so here it is! If you have any questions or comments, my Xbox GT is at the bottom! :) Thank You to All! <3
 FLYTE xoxo 
(that's my gt) [All post edits is me fixing typos, adding community corrections or suggestions and whatever else needs to be adjusted]
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