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Dev Discord Q&A Round-Up - Monday 24th August

BIG Thank you to everyone who asked the devs a question and an even bigger thank you to u/CD_PhilT and Codemaster over on the Official Avengers Discord for sparing their time to answer some of our questions! Just a heads up, this is a very long write-up and may include what some believe to be spoilers!
Can you say whether or not the war table is still happening, Phil?
I am not allowed to confirm or deny any upcoming wartables but you wont have to wait long to hear updates
Will you guys do another interactive game with any streamer like the one you did with the itsmejp it was very nice
I will gladly play with streamers if they invite me:) provided the brand/marketing gods give me permission. Maybe people are worried it would bother us or we wouldn't say yes, i'm pretty down with these things
I know you probably cant comment on this but is there a chance we could see storm breaker in the game???
you never know!
Phil, Raids when?
soooooon (tm)
Do y'all choose who goes in as p ost launch heroes or who does?
oh yes, huge debates internally but we pick
That's kind of you! Is there anything you're working on you could share?
Sure why not, mostly the team is working on optimizations in warzones. Trying to get the best FPS/enemy counts we can. We know its important.
Yeah how's the pre launch crunch? Is it being hard on you guys?
Its tricky to ship a game from home, never done that before. It adds a lot of logistical challenges but were all doing good i think. Team is tired from pushing hard but everyone wants to geteverything they can in before launch. Team is really dedicated to this game.
you guys should have a photo mode submission contest. since it’s a very liked feature by many
I know right! we may do that, just too slammed with shipping atm but its a great idea. I LOVE the photomode submissions on reddit, i share a lot of them internally.
in the 80+ warzones comment, does that include drop zones, hives, faction missions, and any other types of non story content?
yes, that covers everything at launch that takes place in Warzones
Can you elaborate more on how multiplayer works right off the bat? Will we be able to play as all 6 characters at the start? Or will we have to unlock them in the story still?
depends how you play, if you follow campaign then yes you have to unlock them because they are missing at the beginning. You can go straight into Avengers Initiative (MP) as long as you are ok with spoilers and all heroes will be available. You know provided they aren't dead or anything.
Does that mean Player will be able to skip all the Campaign?
i don't recommend it but you can if you choose. You can always go back though.
Phil could we ever see Wolverine in the game
We got a million requests for the X-Men, youll have to wait to hear what we come up with:)
will there be any story expansions in the future or to early to tell
of yeah 100%
will you guys tell us the schedule for releasing new heroes?
Yes soon as its all finalized and stuff, don't want to release a pretty roadmap picture and have to change it right after, trying to make sure everyone is committed to dates.
if you guys ever implement war machine, can you please just tweet out "Boom, you lookin for this?" and link a trailer?
Not a bad idea, if hypothetically such a thing happened.
Phil, will the warzones have cinematics in missions?
Yes, some but less than campaign.
can we beat the game without taking part in the avengers initiave?
You can but the story opens up after campaign, you still get a meaningfull conclusion though. AND you can play all warzones by yourself if you want. Except for the raids.
is there any estimate of how much GB the first day patch will be
No idea
what is your favorite skill from the skill tree for iron man? (from the first skill tree in the beta)
One you haven't seen yet but i promise its cool and its Hulkbuster related
I like all the work u put in the game and can't wait to play it, just wondering if u can tell me is there a War Table coming this week or before launch
youll hear from us soon on that:)
Lord Thurisaz#8215
Hey is there any chance we could get a way to set which takedowns our heros do? I've seen that there are more then two, yet I seemed to only get two of them like 99% of the time.
That's something we are talking about.
I would love a way to acquire new Takedowns for our heroes, even if I have to buy them, is that something that could potentially come down the line
Oh, did we get confirmed “clans” ?
Need to look at social stuff p ost launch:)
KiLLa CaM#5940
thanks for answering questions. Can you comment at all if PC Performance will be improved from beta? I had major issues on my PC but I really want to buy the game. In the betas state it was unplayable for me and I have close to recommended specs
Yes and p ost launch as well, there's a team working non stop on PC upgrades.
I'll put it simple. War zones = online Does campaign = online?
No, the campaign is principally single player with just a few exceptions.
Phil can you make Truck join my clain?
Depends on what kind of perks/medical you have
Anything in the books about feedback specifically on the short form warzones of how long they take to complete vs how much time you spent in matchmaking and loading into one? I'm not expecting immediate or definite changes but is the team looking at length of those missions in particular?
Yeah pretty much constantly, team is still fixing matchmaking issues and we will be looking at data at launch as well. We aren't going anywhere.
okay I lied, I do have a question. Are there any plans for some type of end game character progression a la Diablo’s paragon system or even MHO’s prestige system?
Hmmm, i can't talk about that stuff but i will tell you that there's a very very active conversation about it internally.
Love the work that you and the rest of the CD team have put into this, and I can't wait to play the game next Tuesday. Here's my question, how is development of Hawkeye going? Good or bad?
going great:)
when the roster eventually go up will you put any team synergies of chosen heroes like on the MuA (ie. secret avengers or civil war)
Could be some story links between heroes, youll have to see:)
I just want to know if the team is working on PS4 slim performance/frame drops a bit. Not sure if you can comment on that
Its being worked on now and will be p ost launch. We haven't stopped optimizing.
early in the beta Jarvis is introducing you to missions with modifiers/enemies with specific negative status applications like cryo. Are the later missions or endgame suite of activities currently being made with that kind of itemization being very important?
Yes is the short answer.
any chance for mcu costumes?
you never know
can we expect mechanic heavy boss fights and raids?
Raids will have more complicated mechanics yes
Oh, I have a question** Will there be a helmet toggle for costumes? **Would love to play some Cap without the helmet
no sorry
Will matchmaking be available for raids?
yes 100%, i don't believe in not having matchmaking for raids. At all.
Just give it to me straight...Is playable Taskmaster possible?
Fundamentally i can make a playable Honda Civic. There's your answer.
you dont have to answer, but will raids be a weekly lockout like MMOs?
Details soon on those!
will they'll be gear sets?
yes but maybe not in the way you are used to
Calling back to the status gear for endgame activities, are there any plans for a loadout system to make our lives a little easier?
Not at launch but its a good suggestion
are hives the highest/hardest content before raids?
can I use the bathroom in Banner's wing of the Chimera
I wouldn't
Will the roadmap be revealed before the game comes out or after
Not sure yet
Joel T.#7038
Will the PS4 themes from the 5Gum rewards be available in Canada
No idea but i hope so!
ohh i like hard and challenging content. What is the cooler name then raids? also...i've heard there is a higher difficulty then brutal...what makes it harder? -15?
they wont let me say, soon though
how many hours per day do you spend working on this game?
Lately, thats almost all do but its voluntary:) Getting everything we can before launch, wanna make this as tight as possible!
when it comes to the challenging boss fights like raids/hives what is the design philosophy behind the bosses and fights? especially with characters like IM and Thor having flight and a vertical element
Philosophy is have puzzle elements that require some thinking, things that require collaboration and difficulty that challenges your gear
Do you guys have special Dev skins you guys can use?
Nah but i do have a handy command to give myself everything (wont be used at launch though)
are the developers working on improving performance for performance mode on PS4 Pro/ Xbox One X to reach 60fps more frequently?
Yes nonstop, its our highest priority item at the moment and it will continue to be p ost launch.
I just want Moon Knight Phil :(
Moon Knight is cool, you never know:)
Will we be getting our first raid with launch or shortly after?
very soon after launch
howling commandos addon when? Lol
You saw something about that in the beta ;)
are the chest puzzles always going to be based on 4 triggers, or will there be variations for later game puzzles that change it up?
at launch mostly those, we will add more after.
i like that. i like challenging boss fights. that are challenging and rewarding. will there be geacrafting that can only be obtained in the hives/raids? and will difficulty influence the drop rate/rarity?
Raids will have unique loot, yes
Along with new heroes being added, will the existing ones still be updated?
are there plans to add more outfits to characters p ost-launch?
As we’ve seen that there is a space mission will we spend a long time in space or no?
a little time, probably more often later on:)
Will there more Iconic Mission Chains, or something like them, added p ost launch?
Possibly, nothing confirmed yet
will leveling continue as the game receives updates?
has a there some content that’s out of this world? You know stuff that will blow us away?
Plot twists :)
will there be any leader board of sorts
Not sure but community challenges will report progress
will this game appease the hardcore crowd?
That's a big question, i play our game on Brutal/Challenge IV for warzones and i feel its challenging enough to keep me entertained. I love Dark Souls and all its derivatives. Thats as good of an answer as i can give you:)
Will new additional characters get their own room on the helicarrier
Does it have to be on the Helicarrier though.....
Silly Isn't It?#2129
Why did you choose AIM to be the villains?
Honestly they are a great match for modern Avengers. We're suckers for technology, i feel they are super relevant now a days.
Joel T.#7038
Will HulkBuster have outfits and will he have skills that make him stronger and last longer
Skills yes, outfits not sure
Are characters like War Machine, Spider-Woman, Rescue possible to make an appearance?
everything is possible is my go to answer.
Will there be some sort of stat sheet that shows how much dmg you did or dmg taken after missons?
Not at launch no, we debated it and it may come back but it didn't make the feature list for launch
how long will it take to max out a single character? Really hoping for a grind, personally
still being tuned, not sure atm
any plans for the cosmic side of marvel like surfer the Skrulls Adam Warlock thanos?
Maybe, i love that stuff:)
Oh on the note of music** **Is there going to be an OST available?
i think so? I think it comes with one of the fancy editions
are exotic artifacts difficult to obtain?
Some can be since they are rare drops
Will we be able to obtain all of the primary skills in that tree? I am aware the other trees have choices, but will there limited skill points for the Primary?
Yes you can
Brad Dawg#9192
in the beta, once gear was level 45 it couldn’t get perks. Does the full game provide a way to still get perks once you reach max gear level?
Yes it does
how much of an impact will major artifacts have on character builds? and will thor have an alternate weapon to mjnlor? like maybe his trusty bad ass axe jarnbjorn?
Depends which ones but some have awesome synergies with gear. It really depends what build you are going with.
will hybrid builds be viable? instead of just melee or ranged? i want to play my thor hybrid.
Very viable:) in fact hybrids are easier to play than say a glass cannon it all depends on you though. If you are the master of dodging and parry, glass cannon can work but on Brutal.....good luck hope you don't get hit:)
Will max character level allow you to unlock all of the skills for that character? Or will it be like the beta where a handful of skills will always be locked?
you can unlock everything but not everything can be active at once, you make some choices
so if everything can be unlocked, why should the level cap increase?
We will add more stuff p ost launch, bigger threats, bigger Avengers:)
Brad Dawg#9192
any plans to add a way to reroll perks? Maybe for a large resource cost?
Not at the moment no
Will every character have the same amount of skins or some will have more than others?
what a good looking question, i have no idea!
Elder God#6738
please say they are considering a mini-map
we heard that feedback a lot, not at launch but well see whats possible for MP visibility p ost launch
How do you like discord as a community platform?
Love it, we gotta keep it non toxic and everyone will have a great time:)
Stark#3006 **any chance for cross progression or even cross play after launch?
not at this time, but I will not say never.
will there be a mission ending timer? So we can collect loot that fell before departing to the quinjet
You wont lose anything, left over loot gets sent to your bag p ost mission if you missed it.
Do we have a bank?
Yeah on the HC there's a gear locker
does that include if my friends open a chest but i dont go near it and click it?
No! Chests have individual rolls so you have to personally loot them.
Dang! We need a ping system to ping those chests then lol
Yeah looking into that for p ost launch
will raids be big like warzones?
They are big and hard so kinda yeah
are there hero specific challenges outside of weekly/ dailies?
yes the hero chase cards
how many exotics are in the game?
a bunch, no idea how many
are players rewarded with progression or resources of some kind for playing more missions together consecutively as a team? Or for using quickmatch?
Nothing special other than regular rewards
what's high priority after everything works on launch?
Tuning, making sure bugs are squished high level content along with new heroes and new stories and regions. We are gonna be really busy
Since we’ve seen nothing of the exotics and major artifacts, how much can we expect those to change a character compared to gear we’ve already seen? Are we talking diablo 3 sets that would change ability function or something on a smaller scale?
Depends on your builds and what you are looking for but some are pretty game changer i feel just in terms of what they allow you to do.
Silly Isn't It?#2129
when will the review embargo end?
Dunno, good question for the brand team
can thor shoot lightning from his hands without the hammer? like in ragnorok? where he went full elder god raiden?
Oh yeah
holy smokes. how much lightning? can i fill the screen with lightning
In moderation, like there's 3 other people that want to shoot stuff out of their various devices/weapons
Ooo I have a good question! Why did you want to have kamala in the game? Would you have used someone else instead of her?
can't imagine a better Avengers, super hero stuff is new to Kamala so shes great to tell our own story about assembling the Avengers :)
how much of a challenge would it be to make Odin playable? The All Father. Also the Greek side of things would be fun to see in the game...Hercules, Zeus, Ares...maybe Mount Olympus vs Asgard raid/expansion?
would require everyone to own 100 inch tvs to play, the all father is on his horse and he is gigantic
So can we expect new DLC character announcements soon after launch
will it be possible to mute jarvis while playing warzones? he was annoying in the beta while exploring
Tony's been trying to figure that out, not at launch though.
whats your wish list of characters you would want to work on and get added into the game? im sure every dev has their favorites.
DC i am a sucker for Batman, Marvel movie is a tough one but i think Guardians of the Galaxy
Rocket Raboon#2631
hi Phil, will any campaign missions be level gated or will we be able to play through the whole thing before diving into multiplayer?
You can play the whole campaign first
here's a question i don't think has been asked yet, will raids have anything to do with the campaign story? or is it a separate thing entirely?
that's a great question, the short answer is yes they are story related.
Phil, are there going to be a lot of easter eggs? I'm talking A LOT.
yeah a ton, if you like those have fun reading and looking at just about every piece of art in there:)
Brad Dawg#9192
Do war zones appear as missions when progressing through the campaign, or are they separate?
a few show up during campaign but they are mostly War table content playable in SP or MP
Alright guys, i need to get some stuff done. I'll be back more this week:)
submitted by Kizzxh to PlayAvengers

[PC]Late 1990s Demo CD complications; possibly hits.

Hopefully this won’t take up much of your time and probably won’t since it was a DEMO CD complication of games that were hits in the late 1990s. No joystick just simple mouse and click games. Once solved will be forever grateful since you will actually will be retrieving a soul fragment of mine (lol)
Platforms(S): PC
Estimated Year Of Release: before 1999
Multiple Genres: Refer to Notes below
On the CD Demo, it contains
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines Jazz Jackrabbit: 2 Heart of Darkness A racing Boat game A game where a man turns ugly and rescues himself. That’s all I can remember.
The Demo CD didn’t release the full games but only demos versions of them.
The CD cover had a black cover with green lettering on it that names the CD. When I began my own detective search for it I used to think it was “Satiek” but yielded no results but I remember the first letter of the title was with an S. Correct me if I’m wrong once found.
Every time you choose a game it was play the sound of a POW gun shot and give a description of the game to download it.
I possibly bought it at a RadioShack but vaguely remember since these were ancient times.
Thanks and help will be greatly appreciated.
submitted by DrLoominati to tipofmyjoystick

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