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Windows 10 PCs but also without a hitch on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Compatibility with this Internet hotspot software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP on either a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. A wifi hotspot creator with password protection and sharing. ESP8266 Arduino tutorial - IoT WiFi module thorough review. Music application that contains the latest and most popular Gusttavo Lima songs.

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Sideload regular APKs on Wear 2.0 linked to an iPhone via ADB Wifi and a Mac OS X. This is Google Chrome

Sideload regular APKs on Wear 2.0 linked to an iPhone via ADB Wifi and a Mac OS X. This is Google Chrome submitted by antoineleducmusic to AndroidWear

Newsday Tuesday (June 22 - June 29) - Your Weekly Android Digest!

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This Week in News
  • Android On A Calculator: We’ve seen Android on watches, cars, and appliances. We’ll see more of that too. But this week we saw a fun and impressive port, as a youtube user by the name of Josh Max posted a video of Android 1.6 running on a Texas Instrument TI-Nspire CX -- yes, graphing calculator! The base project was also expanded with support for keyboards and Wi-Fi through USB dongles. While we’ve seen all sorts of ports on these kind of calculators before (from Doom to Zelda) this is perhaps one of the coolest ones yet. You can watch the video here or get the source code.
  • Google Aims To Reduce Accidental Clicks in Ads: Clicking a random ad in a random app or game can break the experience and lead to frustration. Google makes plenty of their profits through ads, and they know that user experience comes first. Because of this, they are introducing new mechanisms to prevent as many accidental clicks as possible. Image borders, for example, are typically an accidental click region. Other solutions aim to improve the experience by making ads easier to close (that little X will not be much of a trouble) and adding a clicking delay to new ads. Read more here!
  • Google Listening to Android for Hangouts?: We complain about Hangouts a lot, and we know it. We might not love doing so, but we do, and Google claims to know about it too. In a recent Google+ post, Mayur Kamut, Hangouts Product Manager, stated that they are aware of Android’s sentiments and that good things are coming to Google’s IM client. It is a little disappointing to see that iOS already got a major rework ahead of Android, but given it’s a different team updating just a handful of devices on difference software, the roadmap timing isn’t commensurable. Either way, we know there is a lot to look forward to indeed. Also, Hangouts passed 1 billion installations this week!
  • AOSP Adds Wi-Fi Calling Support:The latest AOSP release, android-5.1.1_r5, has added WiFi calling support. This is a highly praised feature that T-Mobile users had been able to enjoy on popular devices’ stock ROMs, but not necessarily AOSP based nor custom ROMs. This new development opens up the possibility of allowing more custom ROMs (that aren’t based on stock ROMs with the functionality) to incorporate Wi-Fi calling. There are a lot of things to figure out so we can’t get super excited just yet -- closed source modems/radios or kernel adjustments likely need to be made in order to exploit this addition. Nevertheless, this might pave the way for additional support.
  • Google Play Music Now Has Free Radio: Google has added a free, ad-supported version of their service in the U.S. which gives users a new way to find the right music at any time. The service will offer curated radio stations crafted by music experts, allowing you to search for specific genres, mood, decade or activity. You can also search for your favorite artist, album or song and instantly create a station of similar music. The service is already supported in the latest application, so get it if you haven’t and try it out. Oh, and Google Play Music is also now available in Serbia and Argentina. Disfrutenlo, pibes!
  • OnePlus 2 To Feature USB Type C Cable: OnePlus released some extra details about their OnePlus 2 this week, and we now know that their refreshed flagship killer will be one of the first Android phones to bring a USB Type C port. This is great news, not only because the next wave of phones will most likely adopt it and bring the standard into the mainstream, but also because it brings tangible upgrades to the user experience. The port allows for faster charging and data transfers, and it is also more durable than other standards. What many users will immediately love, however, is that the cable is reversible, This should put an end to the micro-frustrations that come when having to plug in your phone with the lights off. The cable also looks like a OnePlus cable, alright.
  • New Snapdragons Hit Benchmarks: The Snapdragon 810 chronicles are not over yet, as the OnePlus 2 is still coming with the infamous chip (although revised), but the mobile space is beginning to move on: an alleged benchmark of the Snapdragon 620, the upcoming mid-range offering by Qualcomm, shows impressive Geekbench results that surpass the very Exynos 7420 (in the S6) with a single core score of 1513 vs. 1486, but it falls behind both the 810 and Exynos 7420 in multi core scores. The sizeable upgrade most likely comes from this chip’s new A72 core architecture. The Snapdragon 820 was also talked about, with reports teasing 3GHz frequencies on the new Kryo custom cores. Early Geekbench results put it ahead of the Exynos 7420 in single core results (1732 vs, 1486) but still behind in multi core.scores. It’s not quite the update we were hoping for, but nothing is final at this point and the chip might surprise us.
  • Qi Wireless Fast Charging to Become a Reality: The Wireless Power Consortium reported on an update for Qi specifications that allows for faster charging rates, allegedly up to 60 percent charge in as little as 30 minutes. The document also mentions backwards compatibility with existing Qi products, so this might benefit your current phone as well. Both quick charge 2.0 and wireless charging get my devices pretty warm, so let’s hope the result isn’t too bad!
This Week in Apps
  • Steam Receives Material Design: Steam received a much needed Material Design paintcoat, as well as some tweaks to general navigation and the user interface.
  • Google Play Music Update: Google Play Music was updated to include support for the free radio as well as some improvements in the navigation drawer and general handling. Get it here!
  • Google Shoots First, Asks Later: This week we saw another case of Google shooting down apps without without notice. Airdroid (among others) was taken down for mentioning Facebook services. Luckily, it is back up.
  • Project Fi on Nexus 5: A Nexus 5 owner at the XDA forums managed to get Project Fi app and service working on his device by activating Fi on a Nexus 6 and then using the SIM with an adapter. Read more here!
  • Material Theme for the S6: The long-awaited Material Design theme for the S6 finally showed up, and it looks great. You can get the theme in the Theme Store or get the APK in this Google+ post by its creator.
  • Office for Phones Now Available: Microsoft’s Office apps are now available on Android phones, with all the good functionality we saw in the tablet versions. You can get the apps for free here!
  • Xposed Lollipop Big Update: A big update for Xposed brought general improvements, smaller fixes and a flashable uninstallation ZIP. The Super Alpha for 5.1 was also updated with the changes. Read more here and here for the 5.1 alpha!
Brief Introduction
I am u/TachyonGun and I will be writing periodic content for your reading pleasure. You might also know me from the XDA News Portal where I write articles covering Android news and developments in-depth while trying to delve into the finer details of the ecosystem. At XDA we provide our readers thorough analysis and reviews, sometimes technical and sometimes engrossing - I hope to transfer that philosophy to my work here and give you all interesting news and content to read!
That’s it for this week. In these features, we cover news from Saturday to Saturday. In case you missed last week’s summary, you can find it here. As you guys know, there are a lot of Android news every week - and more than we can fit here - but we hope this roundup was useful for many of you!
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