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Icons DB - free custom icons. He mostly uploaded random Geometry Dash videos. Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character. Action/Adventure (3) Family/Casual (3) Music (2) Puzzle (1) RPG (2) Shooter (1) Sport (1) Age Rating Age 12+ (2) Age 3+ (3) Age 7+ (1) Shop By New (2) Preowned (6) Stock Availability. Geometry Dash Coin Hack [1.91] + Download! https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=858. As its name suggests, it is an extremely buffed remake of Blast Processing.

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YouTube channel on February 13, 2020. More space for big files like video, PDFs, and audio. Download Geometry Dash for PC. Background: (You can have custom backgrounds or regular) Icon: Ship: (Optional) Primary Color: Secondary Color: 3-D. Common Mathematical Symbols and Terminology. NOTE: The activation key for Igor 6 is different than for previous versions of Igor.

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Geometry Dash OST Identifier geometry_dash_ Identifier-ark ark: //t4pk3d Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader plus-circle Add. This practice consists of the use of icons or anicons of five deities considered equivalent, set in a quincunx pattern. The Element Selection tool is the large black arrow at the top of the Task Navigation dialogue. More and more people are seeking Geometry dash apk so that they can enjoy this game through and through. Geometry Subzero World Dash! Download Geometry Dash Hack Unlocked All Icons and All Levels has been published after epic three weeks beta testing, which ended with great success.

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Geometry Dash v1.5 Levels 7-8 basics. Cod3breaker is a code in the 50 diamond vault that gives you 6 numbers, and you have to decode it. The numbers are always random. For the supported lifetime of the device. History 1.1 Conflicts 2 Levels 2.1 Unrated Levels 2.2 Demon Levels 2.2. November 22, 2020 Ordinate dimensions / text field coordinates. They help us track how different pages perform and where users are coming from.

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Windows alt codes and keyboard symbols on Mac and Linux. First ever legit on YouTube!

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By browsing this site, or clicking the 'I agree' button, you are agreeing to this. Geometry Dash APK – Geometry Dash is the best dash games for jumping and flying through danger, in this deometry dash based action platformer. Press J to jump to the feed. 30 Geometry dash ideas https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=860. The objective in this chapter is to take a look at how to use the Element Selection tool. Geometry dash 1 9 hack icons.

Geometry Dash v1.9.2 Apk

The War To Save Reality Starts Now! Calling yourself almost impossible! Geometry Dash world full version lite uses a simple tapping/clicking system to control different vehicles that jumping when a player presses anywhere or space/up keys or mouse if playing on the PC version. A series of icon designs can be selected for each form as well as corresponding primary and secondary colours, although these are applied to all forms and cannot be selected individually. Latest Themes - Browse all. All Games Xbox One PlayStation 4 PC Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Wii U 3DS and 2DS.

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How To Unlock The Secret Icons In Geometry Dash. Like other computer icons in the console, server icons can be selected to view server properties or assign specific jobs and management tasks Icon Description Indicates a server is active and a user is logged on. The Treasure Room is a secret feature of Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash World, being introduced in Update 2.1. Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. TrollFace Quest: Horror 1. Clean House 3D. Tic Tac Toe: Paper Note. Free ispoofer activation key August 16, 2020 at 8: 32 pm Just wanna input on few general things, The website layout is perfect, the articles is very superb: D.

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Geometry Dash Download (2020 Latest) for PC Windows 10/8.1/7

Hello Friends, If you are looking for a Geometry dash game, then your search should end with Geometry Dash apk. Cheats and Hacks: (NEW) Geometry Dash 2.1 - Easy Hack Tool https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=868. Released 2020-Jul-16: Brep Curve. 24 Best Mobile Security images. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. FROM tran_user_branch WHERE tran_user_branch.

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What If TF2's Engineer Was in Smash?

So obviously Heavy is the prime candidate for a Smash Bros rep for TF2, but that's been discussed to death already. According to Global Smash Roster the next two most wanted reps would be Scout and then Soldier, (they're 11 votes apart) but I already made a post about Scout and there's a cool video by SquimJim from After Breakfast about Soldier. (link here)
Next on that list is, surprisingly, Engineer!
I say surprisingly because Engineer is a bit... weird as a pick, because his whole gimmick is similar to Steve's: resource management in order to maintain crazy stage control. Only instead of modifying the stage's layout like Steve, the Engineer uses his various buildings to control space, provide himself with buffs, or move around.
Anyway, on to how he'd look in a challenger pack!
Basic Attributes: Weight: 103 Grounded Speeds: (Walk, Initial Dash, Run) 1.07, 1.98, 1.67 Traction: 0.116 Jump Count: 2 (1 grounded, 1 airborne) Air Speed: 1.02 Air Acceleration Range: 0.01-0.06 Air Friction: 0.012 Falling Speeds: (Normal, Fast) 1.75, 2.8 Gravity: (Normal, With Vertical Knockback) 0.105, 0.085
Special Attribute 1: Metal The Engineer starts off every stock with 200 metal in his storage, indicated near his percentage. Every action directly impacting his buildings requires metal, as do a few attacks. Spending metal is as simple as using any melee attack while next to a building. Spending metal will, of course, cause the metal count to tick down, and if the Engineer is out of metal, he will need to wait by his dispenser (a building he has) to gain some more. He also gains 100 metal with every KO.
Special Attribute 2: Random Crits Almost all of Engineer's attacks have a small crit chance; his melee attacks have a 10% chance by default, and his non-melee attacks have a 2% crit chance. Exceptions will be noted. Crits in this case deal double damage and 50% more knockback (instead of the straight triple damage they do in TF2)
Special Attribute 3: Weapon Switch Engineer's down special allows him to take off his glove to reveal a robotic hand known as the Gunslinger. Doing so will swap out any move using his wrenches (except for Up Aerial and Up Special for specific reasons) for said robotic hand, trading in attack range and random crits for higher damage and a system where every third consecutive successful hit is a crit.
It also swaps out his standard 3-level sentry for a smaller, weaker, faster mini-sentry; if either one is out when the switch happens it will be destroyed. Damage values will be listed as Wrench then Gunslinger.
Animations: Up Taunt: The Engineer's standard primary taunt; he performs a hoedown. Side Taunt: The Engineer's standard secondary taunt; he twirls a pistol in his hand blows over the barrel once it stops spinning. Down Taunt: The Engineer laughs evilly, while slapping his knee and then pointing. Ledge Teeter: The Engineer's PDA nearly slips out of his pocket, but he catches it.
Victory 1: Rancho Relaxo: The Engineer leans back in an unfolding chair and sips his beer beverage as his sentry fires off into the background. Victory 2: Director's Vision: Outlines of the Engineer's buildings appear as the camera turns around to show him forming a square with his fingers, as if forming a screen. Victory 3: Dueling Banjo: The Engineer sits down, whips out a banjo, and plays a tune. (The tune in question is a banjo cover of TF2's main theme)
Grounded Normals: Jab: A simple top-down swing of his wrench/A straight punch (3%/4%) Jab Combo: (Gunslinger only) Straight right punch, right hook, crit uppercut (4%, 5%, 10%) Dash Attack: A pistol whip; press A again to shoot one round (4%, then possibly 4% again) Grounded Get-up Attack: A rising swing/Uppercut (3%/5%) Ledge Get-up Attack: A sideways swing/right hook (4%/5%)
Tilts And Smashes: Up Tilt: The Engineer shoots one round from his pistol upward. Can be angled slightly. (6%) Side Tilt: The Engineer does a sweeping right-to-left swing/right hook. (6%/8%) Down Tilt: The Engineer whips out a device called the Short Circuit and, at the cost of 5 metal per use, generates a small shockwave near him. This shockwave can delete nearby projectiles, though doing so adds 10 metal per projectile deleted. (5%) Up Smash: The Engineer fires 3 rounds from his pistol upward at 3 angles. (chosen in a random order) (6-7% per bullet, charge time 1 second) Side Smash: The Engineer pulls out his shotgun and fires. Full charge swaps it out for a shotgun called the Frontier Justice, which has a unique mechanic where it cannot random crit, instead gaining guaranteed crits if his sentry is destroyed and he's already gotten a KO when it was up. (15-18% up close, 10-12% from further away. Charge time 2 seconds) Down Smash: The Engineer takes out the Short Circuit, and, at the cost of 65 metal, shoots a large ball of electricity at the ground, which explodes, sending a powerful electric shock out around it that deletes all incoming projectiles and paralyzes opponents for 2-3 seconds. (10-12%, deletes projectiles, stun time based on charge amount, charge time 1.5 seconds)
Aerials: Neutral Aerial: Same as his jab. Up Aerial: An overhead swing of one of two special wrenches, (pick by either flicking or simply tilting the stick upward) those being the Jag or Southern Hospitality. The Jag is the faster but weaker option, though it has a 20% crit rate, while the Southern Hospitality inflicts bleeding, but cannot random crit. (5%/6% + 4% of bleed spread over 8 seconds) Forward Aerial: A two-round burst from the pistol at slightly varying angles for each shot (picks two angles per round within a small cone) (4% per bullet) Back Aerial: A sweeping outward swing of his wrench/arm. (4%/5%, turns him around) Down Aerial: A shot from his shotgun. (10% up close, 6% from further away; spikes up close)
Grab and Throws: Grab: Either a standard two-handed grab or an extension of the Gunslinger; the latter functions as a ranged tether grab that can snap to ledge. Pummel: Basically the same as his jab, just with the opponent not going anywhere. Up Throw: The opponent is thrown upward and then hit with a bolt from a special gun known as the Rescue Ranger. (8%) Forward Throw: The opponent takes a shotgun blast to the chest. (12%) Backward Throw: The opponent is forcibly flipped over by the feet, causing them to bounce off the ground hard. (10%) Down Throw: The Engineer first stuns the opponent by hitting them in the gut, before smacking them over the head with a guitar, burying them. (4%, then 10%, buries)
Specials: Neutral Special: Construct/Destruct: Using this move causes the Engineer to stop and pull open his PDA, after which you select either his sentry, dispenser, teleporter entrance, or exit. The selected building's outline appears in his hands, and once a suitable spot is found (buildings cannot be placed on particularly steep slopes or damaging surfaces) the building is placed at the cost of metal, and deploys itself after a set amount of time, which can be boosted by hitting it. Selecting an already placed building from the menu will destroy it. Buildings have a base cost and can be upgraded by spending 200 metal per level; metal is applied at a rate of 50 per swing. Repairing a building costs 1 metal per 3 health recovered, and a maximum of 100 health can be recovered per swing. Building status is listed next to the Engineer's percentage with 4 icons, one per building.
Each building has accompanying stats, and those will be listed now:
Universal Stats: HP: 150, 180, and 216 at levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively
Sentry: An AI-controlled mechanical turret with perfect aim with its bullets that is designed to hold down an area the size of FD's main platform. It costs 130 metal to place. (100 for the Mini Sentry) It drops 5 gibs on destruction that grant 15 metal each (none for the mini) Level 1: Damage: 6% per bullet (bullets do not cause flinching) Fire Rate: 4 bullets per second Capacity: 150 rounds Deployment Speed: Level 2: Fire rate upped to 8 bullets per second (bullets cause flinching, but no knockback) Capacity upped to 200 rounds Level 3: Bullets now cause some minor knockback (nothing crazy, just a slight slowdown, though in the air they have more effect) Rocket launcher added: (rockets do not have perfect homing, instead working like Palutena's Auto-Reticle attack, homing on in the position of the target when fired) Damage: 35% per 4 rocket salvo Fire Rate: Once every 3 seconds Capacity: 20 salvos Mini: Damage: 3% per bullet Fire Rate: 6 bullets per second Capacity: 100 rounds
Dispenser: A special rectangular building that grants health, fuel, metal, and ammo to those who stand near it. (AOE about the size of a Battlefield platform) Costs 100 metal to place. Drops 5 gibs on destruction that grant 10 metal each. Level 1: Healing Rate: 10% per second Metal Rate: 40 metal every 5 seconds Refuel/Ammo Rate: Refills 20% per second Metal Capacity: 400 metal Level 2: Healing rate upped to 15% per second Metal rate upped to 50 metal every 5 seconds Refueling/Ammo rate upped to 30% per second Level 3: Healing rate upped to 20% per second Metal rate upped to 60 metal every 5 seconds Refueling/Ammo rate upped to 40% per second
Teleporters: In TF2 one of these is the teleporter entrance and the other the exit, but in Smash, they're interchangeable. Either way, standing on top of either end for half a second will send you to the other side and put it on cooldown. Only teammates can use them. Costs 50 metal for either end of the teleporter, and each one drops 5 gibs granting 5 metal each when destroyed. Level 1: 10 second cooldown Level 2: 5 second cooldown Level 3: 3 second cooldown
And that about covers it.
Up Special: Eureka Effect: The Engineer pulls out a wrench called the Eureka Effect, holds it above his head, and then after 3 seconds a lightning bolt comes down on him that, assuming he has one, will warp him to the closer of either end of his teleporter. (10% and paralysis for the lightning bolt; warping puts the teleporter on cooldown if both ends are active)
Side Special: Pomson 6000/Short Circuit/Rescue Ranger: This attack has 3 modes because it has three parameters: How hard you tilted the stick on use, what the Engineer is aiming at, and his metal count. Here's why: Simply tilting the stick fires a blast from a retro-futuristic ray gun called the Pomson 6000, which paralyzes and drains 20% out of any special meters the opponent might have, like Cloud's Limit or Joker's Rebellion Gauge. Flicking the stick while not aiming at a building and with at least 65 metal stored up fires off a ball from the Short Circuit, which travels across the screen until it hits a person or solid piece of geometry, deleting all projectiles in its wake. If aiming at a building or you don't have at least 65 metal, the Rescue Ranger is used instead, and it fires a bolt that heals up to 60 health on a building with a 4:1 health-to-metal spending ratio. If someone gets in the way, they take some damage. (8% and paralysis for the Pomson 6000, and reduces all special gauges by 20%, 6% and projectile deletion at the cost of 65 metal for the Short Circuit, and 8% and up to 60 health healed on a building for the Rescue Ranger)
Down Special: Weapon Switch: The Engineer swaps between his standard wrench and the Gunslinger, destroying his sentry in the process (if he has one active)
Final Smash: Team Fortress Assault: The Engineer chugs down an Upgrade Canteen, instantly upgrading all buildings to level 3 and repairing them fully, then a Critical Hit Canteen for doubled sentry fire rate, before calling on the rest of the team whipping out a device called the Wrangler. This device surrounds his sentry in a protective bubble that absorbs all damage and lets him directly control it. While in this state the sentry also has infinite ammo, double fire rate on all its weapons, and it deals double knockback compared to what the percentage says it should be (knockback at 100% is treated as though it were at 200%) As well, his teleporters don't have a cooldown, and his dispenser heals a whopping 100% per second and restocks all metal, fuel, and ammo reserves in one second, guaranteed. This boosted state lasts for 5 seconds. (All damage values on the sentry are as normal, though fire rate is doubled during the full duration and the sentry can now deal knockback with its bullets too instead of just its rockets. Mini-Sentries are replaced with a level 3, swapping the Gunslinger for the stock wrench as well. The rest of the team deals assorted damage values through their own means eventually totaling about 50% overall. The Medic also heals the Engineer by up to 50%)
Additional Content:
Alternate Costumes: Default: RED Uniform: Classic yellow hard hat, red shirt, and brown-ish overalls, with lighter brown pouches around the waist. Alt 1: BLU Uniform: See above but with a blue shirt. Alt 2: Grordbort Braniac Pack: A pair of retro-futuristic goggles and Einstein-like hair and mustache to boot. Alt 3: Lazy Engineer Set: A triple chin, a slightly-too-small shirt, and some socks-in-sandals. No actual effect on the hitboxes. Alt 4: Beep Man Set: A game console-esque outfit that fits over his uniform, complete with Beep Boy PDA replacement! Alt 5: Old West Sheriff Set: Exactly what you think it looks like: A sheriff's hat with a gold star, a rugged waistcoat with another star, and spurred boots. Alt 6: Robot RED Engie: Similar to the default RED Engie but everything's metal. Alt 7: Robot BLU Engie: See above but with BLU coloration instead.
Stage: 2Fort: A static stage centered around the central bridge, with multiple levels and a walk-off either side. Fighters can walk on the roof of the bridge, and it counts as a thin, and thus, passable, platform. There is also the main bridge level, and on either side are buildings for either team. (RED on the right, BLU on the left) Entering these buildings and then walking a short distance will cause a KO due to them being walk-offs. Finally, there is a sewer that has water throughout it all that one can swim in. (or not, possibly) Omega Form simply uses the roof of the bridge, while Battlefield Form adds in a few metal plates for platforms.
Spirits: Scout: Advanced Support Spirit that grants an additional midair jump. Spirit Battle is vs Sonic with a Home Run Bat who prefers side smashes and running away. Soldier: Ace Support Spirit that spawns the user in with a Steel Diver. Spirit Battle is vs Snake who prefers side smash and side special. Pyro: Advanced Support Spirit that provides fire immunity Spirit Battle is vs Charizard who prefers neutral special and the ground is on fire. Demoman: Ace Primary Spirit that boosts explosion damage. Spirit Battle is vs Banjo-Kazooie who prefers neutral specials and Bob-ombs rain down everywhere. Heavy: Legendary Primary Spirit that boosts weight significantly. Spirit Battle is vs Bowser who gains higher stats from food items that constantly drop. Medic: Advanced Support Spirit that grants Autoheal. Spirit Battle is vs Dr. Mario and Bowser, the former of whom constantly runs away, and both fighters can become temporarily invincible. Defeat Dr. Mario to win. Sniper: Novice Support Spirit that spawns the user in with a Staff. Spirit Battle is vs Dark Pit with a Staff that avoids contact. Spy: Advanced Support Spirit that grants invisibility. Spirit Battle is vs Sheik who constantly turns invisible and has increased attack power from behind. Saxton Hale: Legendary Primary Spirit that boosts fist attacks considerably. Spirit Battle is vs Donkey Kong who has Sudden Final Smash. Ms. Pauling: Ace Support Spirit that jams opposing Final Smash charge. Spirit Battle is vs Zero Suit Samus and Sonic with a Home Run Bat, defeat Zero Suit Samus to win. Administrator: Ace Primary Spirit that grants a boost to magic attacks. Spirit Battle is vs Bayonetta who avoids contact and Zero Suit Samus. Defeat Bayonetta to win.
And that's everything! What do you all think? Comment down below.
submitted by Red5T65 to smashbros

Level search on PC doesn't work

So I have been stuck on mobile for a long time since my old laptop broke. I got a new really good laptop about two months ago and I log on my old Steam account and start playing Geometry Dash and all of my levels, icons, stars, demons, coins are gone. Everything is gone. And the worst part is, the level search doesn't give me any results. This includes map packs, gauntlets, weekly demons and daily levels. If I try to go to creator levels it shows nothing. If I try to go look at players comments on other levels and press the level ID, it gives me nothing. If anybody knows the cause of this and how to fix it, please, PLEASE let me know. I'm really desperate now. Also my little brother has the same problem of not getting any results in the levels search but he still had his old stuff and he is on a completely different PC than I am though his saved levels still work, I just don't have anything saved. Please help!
submitted by ClezarF to geometrydash

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