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Patch Notes 1.6.7

Frag Pro Shooter - 1.6.7 Patch Notes
A fresh Frag update is now out, and it brings a brand-new interesting character and lots of improvements!
[Frag News is coming on Aug 27]
If you never want to miss cool Frag videos, then be sure to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell button so that you get notified whenever we post!
New Common Character → Cipher
In case you missed it, here’s our latest teaser:
Cipher is a new Digital Attack card that's particularly strong against Mechanized targets.
He has fast movement speed, a quick burst fire rate, but a low magazine (8-8-8-reload).
Cipher Outfits
His ability consists of activating a digital wave which slows down enemies, makes them take increased damage, and keeps them from using their abilities for a few seconds!
Cipher Transparent
STATS (level 6) Hitpoints → 231 Damage/Second → 48-71 Speed → 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h Respawn Delay → 22 sec WEAPON Ammo → 36 Reload Time → 1.4 sec Fire Rate → 628.6 Base Damage → 9.0 Weapon Range → 35 m ABILITY Cooldown → 12 sec Duration → 10 sec Radius → 30 m Slow Effect → x0.5 Damage Bonus → x1.5
As always, you'll be able to try out the new character during 2 Random Draft events, each lasting 3 days.
"Play with Cipher" dates: Friday, Sept 11 → Sunday, Sept 13 Friday, Sept 25 → Sunday, Sept 27
Cipher will be released in chests on October 4th 2020.
Nerfs & Buffs
Main Gun max ammo from 8 to 6
HP +30%
Ability duration from 7 to 6
Ability heal is fixed value instead of percentage
Ability speed effect only apply to allies
Speed while shooting from 4.8km/h to 7.8km/h
Ability Cooldown from 20 to 16
HP +10%
Speed while shooting from 7.8km/h to 11.6km/h
Speed from 12.6km/h to 13.6km/h
Main Gun damage +30%
Ability stun ball is easier to aim with
Ability damage +15%
Main Gun max ammo from 6 to 4
Main Gun dmg +50%
Dmg reduction -30% during ability
HP +20%
HP +15%
Cooldown decreased on frag: -2s
Decrease reload time from 1.6s to 1.1s
Increase firerate
Speed while shooting from 3.9km/h to 8.7km/h
Main Gun dmg -15%
Bug Fixes & Improvements
Fixed T4NKBOT’s hitbox
Fixed a bug that showed duplicated characters during the endgame cinematic
Fixed a bug in the main menu that caused the missions button to change position
Fixed a bug that caused the damage multiplier to not work properly
Fixed the default matchmaking time set to 30s for some users (should be 20s)
Fixed some issues with trophy gains in 2v2
Fixed some issues which could cause new users to be stuck during the tutorial
Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t be able to reconnect to the server until rebooted
Fixed the cancel button sometimes not working and the user getting stuck in the matchmaking screen forever
Fixed a rare bug where the arena ground is white when starting the game and stays white until changing the arena or rebooting the game
Fixed the Donation medals (bronze, silver etc.) not showing up in the game anymore
Improvements related to disconnecting (Wi-Fi users will now experience fewer disconnects)
Added a timeout to avoid players changing their names too often
Game default quality now set to high or very high on various recent devices (ex: OnePlus 7, Galaxy S20, etc.)
That's it for this time, don't forget to share your thoughts in the game, on Discord, or on our channels:
submitted by 48Monkeys to FRAGProShooter

Why Halo CE is the best Halo multiplayer

Reminder that while I'll only be posting verified, factual statements, this is still ultimately only my opinion. This is a post on why Halo CE's multiplayer was the best one, why Halo 2 - Halo 4, and Halo 5 were a different kind of Halo altogether, and a primer on how we should demand settings for competitive play, in the future.
I do not think HCE is perfect. However, I do think it is the closest we have ever gotten to perfection.
For any Halo, the gap between the average TTK and minimum possible TTK for a utility weapon should be as high as possible.
A high average TTK and an ultra-low minimum TTK empower a skilled player to dominate lesser skilled players with nothing but their aim.
In addition, they mean that high-level play against two teams of skilled players does not stagnate: IE, individual players are strong enough to push by themselves, without the need of 2-3 teammates (something which was relatively difficult to do in H2 or H3). The game's meta does not devolve into a "teamshot" meta, where even a skilled individual player is so incapable of getting kills with his utility weapon that he and 1-2 other teammates have to camp at specific map points to cover angles and melt opponents with combined fire.
In CE, the famous pistol was a 3SK, with a minimum TTK of 0.6 seconds. However, the 3SK was very difficult to achieve in competitive play, especially against a strafing opponent. Data collected by Youtuber philipgan finds that at high level play in CE, most pistol kills were 6-7SKs.
Every later Halo radically increased the minimum TTK. For comparison, Halo 2 had a 1.6 second TTK, Halo 3 had a 1.4 second TTK, and Halo: Reach (NBNS) had a 1.6 second TTK. This drastically slowed down high-level play, made gunfights less interesting or tense, and turned the games into slow teamshot fests. Take Lockout or Guardian TS, where teams literally set up camp on opposite sides of the map and try to long-range BR the enemy team from across until one of the pushes from the disadvantaged team finally succeeds and they swap positions with the enemy team.
Not only this, but a low minimum TTK on utility weapons enables the designer to make the rest of the sandbox far more effective and useful as well. The Reach DMR has a ridiculously long 1.6 second TTK, and the Reach AR has an equally ridiculous 1.6 second TTK. Both weapons are regarded as useless, and there's zero gap in between them.
Meanwhile, the CE pistol has a 0.6 second TTK, and the CE AR has a 1.0 second perfect TTK. Both are very useful in their game, yet worlds apart in distinction and strengths.
Here'sHere's philipgan's video on TTK in Halo. Go watch it.
Bullet magnetism, refers to the amount that a bullet will "curve" to hit an opponent whom you would have otherwise missed.
In Halo CE, there is almost zero bullet magnetism on all the weapons. This ensures that players are required to carefully aim, and that gunfights are a lot more tense, because having your reticle a single milimeter in the wrong direction means that your shots will all miss.
Not only this, but Halo CE has no melee lunge, and no magnetism on it's melee lunge. In CE, you have to aim your melee, because it will not do damage to an opponent who isn't in your reticle.
H2 and beyond have all had ridiculously high levels of bullet magnetism. Especially in H2, where you could swipe your sniper reticle over an opponent's head and it would connect, 8 times out of 10. Even melee magnetism, see Halo 3 where your melees can connect to an opponent who's OUTSIDE OF YOUR FOV.
Here's a video showcasing aim assist and magnetism in Halo 2 vs Halo CE. Note that it's my second favorite game and that I still think Halo 2 required a lot of skill, but it just takes nowhere near as much as CE does.
Power Item Spawn Timers and Pace
In Halo CE, all power items spawn at set times, in set places, without fail.
Not only do they spawn at set times, but they spawn very quickly. For comparison, these are the times that most powerups in CE will take to spawn.
Active Camo: 60 seconds. OS: 60 seconds. Rocket Launcher: 120 seconds. Sniper Rifle: 30 seconds.
Let's compare that to MLG settings H3, shall we?
Active Camo: 120 seconds from pickup. OS/Custom: 120 seconds from pickup. Rocket Launcher: 183 seconds. Sniper Rifle: 123 seconds.
Let's not even bring up H2, where the item spawn system is practically random, and hugely disadvantageous to a team without power items.
Static timers in CE are perfectly consistent. Even if an OS was picked up 3 seconds ago, the OS at 1:00 on Chill Out will always spawn. Even if you picked up rockets 2 seconds ago, the rockets at 2:00 on Damnation will always spawn. They are consistent, and lightning fast compared to any later game.
What this means is that teams have to constantly rotate for control of important items, and cannot camp at one power position like in H3 or H2. At the same time, even teams that lost control of power weapons are not at an informational disadvantage of not knowing when the items will spawn, because when items will spawn next isn't affected by when they were last picked up. If you decide to stay on top in Damnation for too long, you will find yourself getting your face blown off by a player with rockets and camo + OS. It makes for fast, dynamic play, that actually rewards mind games and skill over the ability to spawntrap an opposing team and to hold them in a chokehold while your team easily and conveniently picks up the power items placed right near power positions.
Here's a video on Halo CE's item spawn system.
Sandbox Design
Because of the low TTK, many non-utility weapons in the sandbox are allowed to shine. At the same time, they aren't all hyper lethal weapons that excel at killing. Most of them have other uses and roles for which they are important.
For example, the APlasma Rifle/Shotgun being held will return a player holding them with an imperfect camo to instantly return to full camo, instead of waiting 3 seconds with another weapon while getting shot at.
The Plasma Rifle drastically lowers a player's turn and movement speed while being shot by one (yet another on the long list of things butchered by the MCC port). It's a deadly flanking weapon, with a 0.9 second perfect TTK to boot. It can also quick-camo.
CE's sandbox (barring the needler) is full of such quirks that make all the weapons viable and full of utility, even in a comp setting. Compare that to H2, H3, or NBNS Reach. There's literally only 3-4 weapons in any of those games' MLG settings. CE has every weapon, barring the fuel rod and flamethrower.
Here's a video showing off the utility of each weapon in CE (barring the needler).
Nade Tricks and other Non-Surface level meta
In Halo CE, the incredibly strong nades and long throw arc mean that on most maps, standing in a particular spot, followed by aiming very precisely at a certain point and throwing a grenade will allow you to knock powerups and power items to certain spots, sometimes even to yourself!
Here's a brilliant series of videosfor videos on nade tricks in each Halo CE map. There's a few more on each map, but these cover about 95% of them.
Not only that, but there exist a few button glitches in CE, just like in H2. These are the BLB (double melee), XXY (backpack reload), and XB-Scope (Leave the reload animation faster by meleeing and scoping in).
The Spawn System
Disclaimer: the spawn system does unfortunately fall apart messily in any gamemode where you don't have perfect communication with teammates.
Halo CE's spawn system works entirely on proximity. The game will give you the closest possible spawn to a teammate. Often times, this means that a teammate who's getting destroyed in a gunfight will also end up spawn-fucking you by having you spawn right next to him as he gets destroyed.
However, if your teammate is 17 meters away from a spawn point, he is at a "random", a point from where you have a very high chance of randomly spawning your teammate on the map. Potentially, even at a power position, or behind the enemy team.
The random spawns open up a new dimension of play. In high-level CE, players have to watch random spots on maps to keep track of the enemy team, and it creates a lot of mind games as to where the enemy team is.
Here's another brilliant few videos by a Halo 1 Pro that cover random spawns on most maps.
So, that covers most of it. I hope I've managed to change your mind on HCE.
submitted by Dharmic_Absolutist to halo

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