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Despite of so many nerfs, I am still managing to get kills very easily. Warcraft 3 Dota patch switch TFT Version v 1.26download from 4shared Files Photo Music. MA BUILDING CODES ON SWIMMING POOLS SECTION 780 CMR 120. Roshan mark in map, Hero Model, Attributes, Hero, Skills and Items icons. This is a minecraft version of Dota by Basshunter One of the first new songs with the my new and improved recording software Xsplit Still toying around with the details but videos should now come much more quickly and smoothly than ever before Used Minecraft Note Block Studio to convert the midi. Online mod is still being updated. And no matter if it's their 10th hour of play or 1, 000th, there's always something new to discover.

Hacked steam Community: : Guide: : Dota 2 Terrain Mods (Updated

Neutral items are awesome (in my opinion). Map Hack 1 28 mediafire links free download, download Map Hack 1 24e, League of Legends Map Hack 1 0 Beta by Riju hakuna, League of Legends Map Hack 1 0 Beta by Riju hakuna - map hack 1 28 mediafire files. For Radiant faction: jointeam good For Dire faction: jointeam bad 4. That was for displaying enemy health on their health bars. Nevermore vs Mirana - Warcraft 3 TFT Map. The Invoker map hack is a classic cheat system that was supposed to have been fixed a while ago, but we've seen evidence recently that a new script is once again helping Invokers land impossible. Guide, How to Download & Install Warcraft 3 TFT 1.26 Patch: 1. Download the appropriate Warcraft 1.26 patch file executable from the links below.

Serial key warcraft Frozen Throne 1 26 - CNET Download

Art Animation Comedy Cool Commercials Cooking Entertainment How To Music & Dance News & Events People & Stories Pets & Animals Science & Tech Sports Travel & Outdoors Video Games Wheels & Wings Other 18+ Only Fashion. The original image is sized 1280x800. But the list doesn't end here, on top of these you also have Custom Mods made by the fans of modding. This map is a beta version based on DotA k, and includes various bug fixes as well as synchronization some items to the for RGC. MB) Hero Defense: 23 Jun 2020 08: 26: 8 Good 5 Bad: 1122: DotA OnioN V1.08 C by Darkal Cannibal 999 Dota OnioN. There is still a slight possibility of DotA 6.79d map as some players reported to have lose control of their hero in middle of the game. Darksiders 2 Key Generator - Darksider 2 Key Generator Cheats DARKSIDERS II for Xbox 360 (also available for PlayStation 3 PS3 and PC) from Vigil Games and THQ.

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Free working keygenerator for game dota 2 for free! USE THIS TAG FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT DOTA 1 (THE WARCRAFT 3 MAP). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is the only hack i know of that is undetectable, well almost undetectable if you turn off clickables in fog you will be undetectable. Usbflashcopy 1 6 Keygen Music. Watch [How To] download, install and patch Warcraft 3 + Frozen Throne [DotA] on PC - HOwToBasic on Dailymotion. Latency 27. Game Type-omnps.

Patch 7.00 - Talents, Map Changes, and Monkey King

Juggernaut's loadout scale has been defaulted to 1. Clinkz, Lifestealer and Troll Warlord animation sets have been optimized and reuploaded. The final folder size is 18.6 GB. This is new hotfix update shortly released after Warcraft 1.25b Patch. DotA 2 Map and Level Up Indicator, Roshan mark in map, Hero Model, Attributes, Hero, Skills and Items icons - This image has been resized. Player lagu cracked imprimanta nba new vixx 58 File Dixie ColdSeal for PRO Mon to Cracked Survey day remix Default mac PRO BOT DOWNLOAD-9 12: 36 should 8, 2020. Get the latest Dota Map created by Icefrog +++ Download Dota 6.83d (stable version) +++ Installation & Changelog. Dota 2 - Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve.

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Dota Underlords 1.0 Apk android Free Download - Best Apk Apps. Headlines-India, Tech, Gadgets Pors &Cons, Sports, Politics, Business, Auto, Exams updates and More. RotWK Installation & Setup Guides https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=618. By Gary Jones PUBLISHED: 22: 04, Tue, Nov 26, 2020. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last For Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Have my CD-Key but lost disk". If you have your own one, just send us the image and we will show it on the web-site. Dota 6.88 rgc is the latest dota map stable for.

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The game is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, which was a community-created mod for Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne. Stuck on a single-player mission? How to: Use Custom Music in Your Map my website. Download mp4 habibie dan ainun 4shared found at. The buyback sounds from the TI4 Music Pack and the Harmonies of New Bloom Music Pack have been removed. Dota 6.88 Ai includes new items: Dragon Lance, Faerie Fire, Solar Crest, Octarine Core, Tome of Knowledge and. III is also considered to be one of Canada's national sports (along.

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Mod Dota 2 software is safe, automatic and very fast. Map hack dota 1 26 music. In order to have more resources, you need to control the map. Free download map dota 6.90c ai Full Free Download by TD. Download Dota Hotkeys - Kevin John Ventura. This is Mod Sanctum of the Divine maps of Dota 2 from The International 2020 Battle Pass (TI20). Dota 2 The International is happening in Stockholm, Sweden So, TI 2020 is happening Erricson Globe arena in Stockholm, Sweden which has 16, 000 capacity and a fun fact from our Reddit fellow: Source It totally depends on Valve if they are going to name The International 2020 something different or just keep it as it is for the sake of simplicity.

[Table] DotA2: Dendi AMA 8PM CET

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Date: 2014-03-26
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Questions Answers
Hey Dendi! I don't know how the community will react to this question. But have you ever played League of Legends? If so, what is your impression of it? Edit: Bonus question; Why are you so hot? ^.^ I played a lot of league of legends before i got DOTA2 invite . I can tell you a funny story :) I think i was doing very good . I played around 1800-2000 overall games of it . I wanted to get to top1 and write on forums of LOL that "this game is too easy and if you want something challenging or competetive you should play dota" . But :D sadly i got only to top8 MAX i think .. in solo QUE .Then i stopped due to DOTA . And i was playing alone mostly . So people in DUO had more opportunity to get top1 . At first i liked the game , but then slowly after playing it more and more i start realising of how "small chess field" it have compare to dota. How small "opportunities" it give to you at creativity. But it was long ago . PLEASE do not use it anywhere , because it's only my opinion . And it was long ago , since then a lot of things changed. I think League of Legends gave me a lot in dota . A lot patience actually :D because without it you can do nothing there . Also i think that SOLO que is very stupid idea in league of legends , because it's very very teamdepended game . I don't follow league of legends now , sometime i watch tournament games . I think this game improved a lot from the point i left it . But i will allways choose dota . I have nothing against league of legends . I just feel it more casual on medium lvl . Also i believe in higest lvl it is also very hard to play .
If you got to pick 3 other Dota players to tell their stories in a Free to Play 2 who would you pick? No idea :) Maybe i would like to listen XBOCT story of how he improved from (4) to (5) ?
What do you think about Arteezy? I think Arteezy have insanely good micro and he is having huge impact on a games he playing if his teammates giving him space . I believe if Arteezy going to focus hard on improving and respecting his enemies he will be for sure one of the best players in future . Only thing he lack right now in my opinion - is experience . But this is not a problem and will come in some time . As a player i like him a lot . But the music on his stream is horrible !
Is it hard to be Dendi sometimes? Like, do you ever wake up in the morning, covered in women and cocaine, and just go, "Shit, I forgot to turn off my swag." It's not hard to be a happy person , but it's hard to be Dendi. Too much responsibility.
Radiant or Dire? For mid lane i like Radiant more :) easier to hide near the trees + farm woods with lots of heroes . Overall i don't know . Also i am not sure , but i believe it's harder to block for radiant mid .(might be wrong) atleast i fail everytime.
What's the biggest weakness of your team right now, according to you? Biggest weakness of our team would be 0 practice as a team. If we fix that we might success more .
What do "fallen" heroes (Brewmaster, Omniknight, Phantom Assassin) need to see them again in pro matches (meta change / buff / rework (like the new Drow silence))? All those heroes have a chance in some strategies . People just too afraid to experiment and mostly copy most easyworking stuff.
Do you have a girlfriend? It's very hard to find a girl who going to like/love you for who you are as a person , but not for what you achieved or got .
If you were Icefrog for a day, what would you change/implement? What is your favorite video game besides Dota? Also, you're cool. If i would be IceFrog ... If i would be ... If i ... I am Icefrog ! Time to buff pudge a little ... maybe 3k range hook ? or 500 dmg ? or ? what about his movement speed ! i think he should be 285>330? I don't have other favorite game right now .
Dendi how manly is xboct? TI2. Na'Vi vs ORANGE game2 . Na`Vi team chasing CHEN after huge teamfight . Puppey:" Guys go roshan!" . Manly XBOCT(bonefletcher) :"TO THE END?!" . Dendi(QOP) "TO THE END!!! BUT I HAVE ONLY MANA FOR BLINK" . Link to www.youtube.com result . 444.
Are you aware that there is a group of people in northern Benin/Nigeria called the Dendi People, and their mother tongue is also called the Dendi? How does it feel to be so influential that an entire ethnic group has been named after you? :) Hope for the best to those people.
What hero do you really like to play but Puppey won't give it to?(is there even a hero?) Oh :) a lot of them ! lately i give up on asking a hero . Most of time i just agree on what i get . I believe that good player suppose to play good on any hero and role .
1)Who are your top 5 mid players in Dota2? 2)Which country do you want to travel to most? I dont have top5 mid players in Dota2 . People praising statistics . People praising numbers . People praising players . All of those things are wrong . Only real thing is WIN or LOSE . And this is team who creating those , not players . Sorry for such answer . For countries i would like to visit ? some countries with insanely beautiful nature . For example New Zealand.
Thanks for "accommodations" guys :) you rock ! melting my heart.
I was going to ask you and Fear at the Free to Play premiere what kind of things you say to your teammates to calm them down before a competition. I've never been in a competition, but when I want to encourage or calm my teammates down I make silly noises or sing random songs with them (Like Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now") in the middle of a team fight. Does it frustrate or annoy you when the Dota 2 community expects you to be on your best behavior since you're a professional player? I often find people criticizing pro gamers for the smallest things, and I think it's unfair pressure on pro Dota 2 gamers, cause we're all humans after all. What does your sister think of all of the attention she's been getting from the Dota community? It must feel awkward for her! I hope no one has been creepy :/ Do you think she would mind if I did a drawing of her too? Haha :D nice strategy on songs . Well , i try to say stuff like "we going to beat them easily . We just do our best" :) everyone doing so . In middle of the game any screaming against your enemy (who is your biggest enemy in that moment) will boost your morale. If i am going to start singing in the game , they going to kick me from team :D I remember times when i got kicked from skype for such stuff ... i don't mind . Like not so long ago someone was blaming me for reporting without reasons :) From what i understand , i can report any time for any reason i want . Or even without reason . That's how system works . And then VALVE going to decide to punish or not (if it is reasonable) . So normally i won't feel pressure if i am sure i did nothing wrong . Nothing you can do with that . You need to watch out for what you doing if there is too much attention . Attention = LOVE + HATE . So more attention = more hate :) . More hate = more topics like that . Even now you can see the amount of downvotes on my posts . Any reasons behind that ? * I am sure my sister will be happy about any drawings :) and she is mature person , so she i don't think she feel any bad about all this attention .
It's so hard for me to talk about food ! I loved everything i ate at US. I even got few kilo i think :) I love a lot of different food . Love sweet . Can't eat spicy things . Thank you ! :)
Have you ever met IceFrog? How much influence do the pro teams have on new patches? You mean CYBORGMATT ? yes ofcourse ! well i usually ask for pudge buff , but he never listen.
Blizzard's new MOBA has been under fire that it is too easy without gold, items, and all spells unlocked. What do you think about Heroes of the Storm? Which hero is your favorite, and why is it the Templar Assassin? We hear a lot of things coming from Southern-Eastern Ukraine in the past month. What do you think of the current events in Ukraine? Do you think being a pro gamer is a valid career path? What do you think you will do for a living 10 years from now? Hello :) 1) i never tried this . So i can't say anything about that . What i don't like , that people only started to play it and already should pay money for some heroes etc. (from what i heard , pudge is like $10 ?) 2) because she is deadly ! 3) I am not getting in to it . I don't believe anyone anymore . 4) Right now pro gamer is very hard thing to be a valid career path. But maybe in future it will be valid as other sports . I have no idea what i am going to do for living in 10 years :) it doesn't bother me.
1) Do you care about the Hero Lore at all? 2) If so, which is your favorite? 3) What's a hero that's undervalued in the pro scene that you think could make a big impact with a good combo? 4) What's your favorite part about America? 5) When your progaming career comes to an end, what will you do for a living? 1) i never read that . 2) Lina and Maiden are good sisters. 4) lvl of living . Medicine . Education . Food . 5) i will eat icecream.
Would you rather fight 100 Funn1k sized Puppys or 1 Puppy sized Funn1k? 100 Funn1k sized Puppys . Already imagine how i play football with them (i mean using them as a ball)
What hair product do you use dondo? this is extremely important. Some random stuff that i find
You pretty much brought Bulldog into competitive gaming. Do you have guys in your friendlist that are like him? Do you just see people ingame and think to yourself that they are good and then you add them? I know a lot of people who could do well competetive . But they just don't get a chance or not trying hard or not wanting it themself . I didn't bring Bulldog into competitive . He did it himself by his skills and hard work.
What do you think about the situation on Ukraine? Does it bother you? Pilot dodged the bazooka shot . So it doesn't bother me anymore :) . I hope for the best ! I love this country .
Where did you get that sweet leather jacket? My family helped me to choose it !
What's your opinion on heroes not available in Captains Mode? Are they useless, are they OP? Broodmother. Earth Spirit. Legion Commander. Terrorblade. Phoenix. I think each of them change a game in some way . I like Legion Commander the most . Fun hero to me :) . And dislike Brood and Earth spirit the most.
I am really into a girl, but dont really know how to approach her. What's your go to move with women? Try to sing her a dota song ? everyone loves dota
Who is the best player in the world atm in your opinion? THERE IS NO BEST PLAYA ! ONLY THE BEST TEAM (C) Chuan.
Hey Dendi! You signed the sidepanel of my computer at Dreamhack Summer. Link to i.imgur.com. I'm not sure what you were saying because you were dancing around yelling things in Russian I think. So eh what I'm trying to say is. What's your favorite hero and why it is Techies? Because Techies can blow up your mind !
Ok but now seriously, how would you play/build him if he was released tomorrow and Puppey picked him for you and was like DENDI PLAY TECHIES. Blink suicide ! and scream "BANZAAAI"
For you who is the best support? in terms of individual skills Puppey and Kuroky.
Do you plan on steaming in english regularly? I am trying to stream mostly in english . But i am much more comfortable with Russian language . Reason i stream in english is that the majority of people understand it . Even thought ~55-60% viewers are Russian-speaking , 70-80% of them understand my english . While it won't be the same other way around . But ofcourse if i am playing with my mates we are going to communicate language that is most comfortable for us .
Are you still in contact with Artstyle? Any idea if he has plans to play competitively in the future? I never talked to him about that . But i guess he is just enjoying playing dota for fun from time to time.
Are you excited for ESL One? Excited for the good german beer? :D. I am very excited for ESL One ! I think all dota community must try their best to attend and watch this tournament . To show the world how big and strong we are . To show how big E-sport is now . It is not best timing for us (teams) because it's close to TI4 . And we won't have enough time to relax/practice . +Strategies will be shown up at ESL. But still we going to attend , because we want our lovely game to grow.
As I was wondering, did Kuroky learn Russian? He knows a lot of Russian words :)
1) What is your favourite Football team in the world?(if you are actually into football) 2) Will you one day play with your fans who cannot reach your MMR (lobby and stuff) thank you so much for doing this and ill support navi till the end :D. 1) SEAHAWKS ! 2) from time to time , it may happen .
Hi, dendi, what do you think about current EG team? Do you think that they have a chance to make good play at ti4? Which team do you think have the best shot at ti4(excluding Navi). I love you!!! EG doing pretty well . They have good chances to play well on TI4 . All they need is experience of big LANS together . I don't know who is attending to TI4 yet . But i believe teams like DK , Alliance etc. have huge chances on high shot.
Who is the most underrated hero in dota currently & why? I don't know :) hard to say . Maybe bloodseeker ? Looks like this hero can combinate with some strategies.
Hi Dendi. Thank you very much for doing this AMA. Respect. 1). What is your biggest memorable match in your dota history? 2). What do you think about DK and Empire? 3). Will Na'Vi start practicing soon? Or will you just "go with the flow" as always? 1) too many of them . Can't pick one ! Matches like Game3 of TI3 Orange vs Na`Vi give you insane emotions . 2) DK is insanely strong team with insanely strong players . Empire is very dedicated and hardworking team . Hopefuly EMPIRE continue to improve and will be able to switch with different strategies in future. 3) Yes , i hope we will start practicing :) but it might be like always .
Which player do you respect most in the midlane? And.. What is your favorite hero match-up and what is your least favorite hero match-up? I respect all dedicated players who work a lot on improvement. I love all matchups in which you need actually to fight or outplay your opponent . I dislike matchups where you just need to sack exp and gold .
What's a story you really want to tell but haven't found the right opportunity to yet? Tbh a lot of times i want to talk or say stuff , but twitter is too short for me to do so , or i think about i can't do such a posts because community will devide . Part will agree and part will dislike it = negative. Sadly i dont have blog or whatever :) Right now i just cant remember of anything like that.
Данил, you are one of the most popular streamers around. How much would an average session of streaming earn you? I am not sure if i am allowed to share this information .
1) The western teams were significantly stronger at TI3 as opposed to TI2 where Na'Vi were the only western team to win money. With TI4 only about 4 months away, which scene do you think has the upper hand? 2) When are you forming a team with Chuan? :D You guys seemed to have so much fun at TI3. 1) i don't really think Western team was much stronger in TI3 . on TI4 i believe everyone going to have chances to win. 2) I don't think Chuan want me in his team :(
My dream is to become a Dota 2 Proffesional player. I believe in my dream and I`m convinced that this is what I want to do in my life.. Do you have any advices for me ? Thank you Dendi. You are the best ! Sure i do ! Get 1: good sleep timing 2: good food timing without computer 3: start doing sports . Make your computer time limited with small breaks . Don't forget to finish your study
Which scene do you feel is currently the strongest - eastern or western? I have no idea ! I believe they are almost equal . Hope that eastern scene won't eat us alive in next tournaments :)
Do you think a girl can be as good as a guy in Dota? In Theory - yes.
How do you rate Fear's new desk? It's not new already :)
If u would not play as the mid role, which role would u like to play? Any role is interesting . But probably carry or hardlaner .
When your confidence is low (perhaps due to a run of bad results) what do you or your team do to pick yourself up? Is there anything that you do outside of Dota that helps you to feel confident going into a game? Confidence is almost always high . I think believing in each other more - helps. So even if you think the idea is stupid , you follow anyway. Only this way you build up teamplay/spirit.
Hey Danil! Pick or choose some of these questions, no need to answer all of them! :P. 1) How do you feel about the state of the game at the current point? What do you think needs to change going forward? 2) Are the Na'Vi players friends with eachother, or is it mostly a professional kind of environment? Could you hang out afterwards and go for a beer? haha. 3) Do you feel weird at all having your family, and your personal life being semi-exposed due to Free To Play? 4) Favourite cosmetics? :) 1) i love dota . And strategy wise its getting bigger . But i would like mid lane to be more skilldepended and microdepended. 2) If we would live at same place , we would spend some time together. 3) I don't mind . 4) Guess What pudge set ? :)
What makes a strong mid player in this meta and how can you improve at mid? Strong mid player should be able to have huge affect on the game . Right now for laning stage you need to realise how to use creep equillibrium and what your hero can do . Always analyse situation and check items . Have good map awarness . Etc. Etc.
How did you get the name Dendi? Secret.
Hi Dendi! In your opinion, who is the best pro mid player? Chuan !
If you had to be any dota 2 hero's mount, which one would you be? Potm.
If Sing's tutorial for Mirana is "Shoot arrow, hit arrow", whats your tutorial for Pudge? Throw .
Will you brings techies to the competition field when he release? Have no idea :D.
Does life playing DotA live up to what you thought it would be? How did you really start to take off as a playe Where were your first successes? Great to see some community interaction. :) I was never thinking about stuff like that :) but i enjoy my life a lot . I repeat it all the time , i am happy person. First successes were in Warcraft3 local tournaments.
Hi Dendi. What do you think about current meta/patch? Which heroes need to be nerfed/buffed? What is your favourite movie/tv show? Name 3 most useless heroes in Dota 2 right now. It's so easy for you to ask the question :) and so hard for me to answer. TV show probably Game of Throws.
I have my bday tomorrow, so can I ask you to wish me a happy one? :3 <3. I wish you a HAPPY ONE ! :)
Dendi, you are my hero. You know how when you are growing up you look up to older siblings, astronauts, firemen, scientists, etc. and you think they are the greatest person? You're like that kind of hero to me, and everytime I see an interview of you I wish I was just like you. Not in the sense that I want to be the best Dota 2 player in the world, but the way you seem to make everyone around you smile, it's like the best kind of magic. I know you are really humble and think that "but I am just a guy that plays dota," but I know for a fact that you've done way more than that for me and for everyone else that you've inspired. I'm a lot more conscious on being positive and making the people around me feel happy because of you. One of my biggest wishes is to meet you one day and have dim sum together! As for my question: With the large amount of photoshoots that you seem to have done, you would think this would be easy but...do you know anywhere where I can get a poster of you/Na'Vi? Thank you <3 I have no idea where you can get Na`Vi poster :) But picture is not a problem at all ! on any lan tournament i guess .
I have 3 questions. Are you in good terms with him? Have you ever played pubs together with him? I think Mushi is very good player and person. I don't have much chances to spend time with him . And we never played pubs because of locations.
Hello Danil, do you remember this ? I was wondering "why fish..?" especially after watching Free To Play. Does fish was just a thing to combo with alkohol or... was it a THE thing? also thanks for showing up in Poland twice, you guys are the best. It was easy to paint :D.
Hello dondo. Cud you tell us more about your 5th sense. How you can know actually where you have to sunstrike or hook? Give us some light to this! I don't have it :) i just try to think where i would go.
Hey Dendi, ty for doing this, you're awesome. Do you practice any sports or do any exercise? :D. Atm - nope.
Hey Dendi, how do you feel about Cloud 9 as a team right now? Do you think that they will be able to place in a top position at TI? I think they have good chances .
Hey Dendi! When you find yourself on a losing streak (if that ever happens to you), how do you deal with it and start winning again? I don't mind losing . I just wait for my lucky win :)
Hi Dendi! How does a normal day look for you? What do you usually do except gaming? :) Hang out with friends/family . Do whatever stuff .
Hi Dendi, I too think Pudge is the best hero and I just wanted to show you my hook I use! Link to i.imgur.com. Awesome one :)
What makes Pudge such a fun guy to play You get a good feeling after landing a hook.
2) Dance Hello ! thank you :) I don't know the translation of degree . But i can tell you that this is not important . Because sadly or happily i will never use it in future . As a career ? i never thought of that . I always try to do what i like to do.
After your ti3 loss tempers were running high within team. Can you share who was deciding to quit and how do you guys manage to keep team stable for so long without any disagreements (atleast not publicly) Tempers happen often in any team . We are young and silly :) but dota teach you to communicate with people . We enjoy playing with each other.
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[Table] IamA Local Gaming Shop Owner in Scotland! AMA!

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Date: 2013-11-03
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Questions Answers
Do you have battletoads? YES!!!
What about Far Cry 6? When its out. yes i will :P.
Proof? Www.imgur.comVh6pyXO.
Hey, thanks for doing this AMA. Getting to play games all day!! its research honest ;)
What do you find is the biggest perk owning a gaming store? Seriously though i get my kick from watching people enjoy themselves. to see little 12yr old timmy go from his first wargames or get his first yugioh structure deck to drumming off deck stats and getting super passionate about his space marines. Because many moons ago i was a 12yr old little timmy.
, what do you find is your biggest challenge for the store, in its market? Getting people to walk through the front door has been the biggest challange. Advertisement in scotland is very poor compared to some other places and expensive so i but faith in word of mouth, Facebook and google. In my experience though once they are though the door and play one of our free games they are hooked.
What the hardest part of being a indie game shop? The amount of hours that the shop takes from your life.
I live, eat and breath the shop. Everyday im doing something for the shop. At night im thinking about what i need to do next and what needs to be worked on. in the morning im think about what i can do today to get the most tasks finished. On my one day off im sorting out restock orders, planning events etc.
Do you think all games should be dubbed in Scottish? Ah hink mony heids woods explode if games waur sed in scots. but wud be well braw if it wahs.
I miss RTS games like Ages of Empires II. Are there any exciting RTS games coming up ? Why is the field so dominated by FPS ? God I miss the RTS genre. I was really looking forward to the new command & conquer till EA went and cancelled it. sad panda.
The quick answer to your last question is cause they are easy to play, provide instant gratification and can be churned out like tictacs. unfortunately this is having a bit of an impact on the industry as a whole.
Do you take console trade ins? If so, how do you feel when somebody trades a console in? Do you feel sad to see someone leave gaming behind as a hobby or have you never really thought about it? We currently don`t do trade ins or sell video games stuff atm. mainly due to some technical stuff with licensing etc but we will at some point.
As to seeing people leave there hobby. i was one. I didn`t play video games or boardgames etc for a while. then when i found friends who played them i started playing them.
A hobby isn`t fun unless you have people to share it with and thats what i aim to provide. a place to share. :)
Hi. Any thefts or threat of shoplifting in your shop? There is always the threat of theft and shoplifting with any shop. Thankfully my floor design lets me keep an eye on people browsing and i can flag any shady characters.
Plus i have a loud beeper everytime the front door opens and a friendly hello tends to scare those typos away.
Have you or do you expand your business to overseas shipping? I ask because my husband is a tabletop gamer of many different games, historical to sci fi and he's always looking for places to buy figures from (we are in Canada so to find a shop similar to yours is few and far between) We`re trying to get the Brick and Mortar side of things running smoothly and get through christmas. we have plans ready to go about opening a online shop in the near future. :)
What are your gravy items? Stuff that sells well and gives you the biggest profits...? Card games always sell well. they just do end of. Though i was surprised to which card games sell well which has been yugioh and pokemon.
As to highest profit margin thats a tie between the wargames stuff and boardgames. though they don`t sell in great numbers unless its xmas time.
What's new in the world of card and board games? Fluxx fan here. Well for Fluxx the boardgames was release back in july but you probably already knew that. Theres a new expansion coming called wild west fluxx and i`m keeping my ear to the ground on when i can get my hands on that :P.
People are going nuts for munchkin! its off my shelves as quick as i can reorder it. :D. loving pathfinder munchkin atm as i`m a bit of a pathfinder nut.
I`d also say dominion is really good. if i go to a club and someone has dominion id happily sit and play it for hours! I also had a shot of Shadows over Camelot 2 weeks ago and that game is damn hard! but immense fun!
I`m also a big advocate for deck building games like Ascension, Trains and the new Hordes: High command. ;)
I'm a big board gamer, play every week with friends. We've thought about getting a D&D group going, would you recommend getting started with Pathfinder? What materials do we need to get started? You just need the Core book. thats it. theres also the free online SRD but its not the same as having a meaty tome of RPG knowledge in your hands.
Do you think Scottish independence would be good for game shop economy? It probably wouldn`t effect us directly. But if people have less money to spend...
Serious question: What's your opinion on Warmachine? How would you compare it to Warhammer (40k)? (I've been thinking about trying Warmachine) Warmachine is alot more "agressive" in its play style than 40k. page 5 of the rule book makes me smile everytime. :)
Less-serious question: What has been your worst customeplayer interaction? ( Someone who couldn't take losing , Elitist , etc) Models wise the warmachine stuff is alot harder to convert but you get everything you need to make the model WYSIWYG.
If Robin ever contracted AIDs, who would have been most likely to infect him and why? Now which robin are we talking about? cause the details are important!
Tim Drake. I think the most likely scenario would be tamara giving him the herp after the whole pretending the be engaged scenario with vicki.
But then that does sound a bit rom-comi dosnt it :P.
Wrong. It was Dick that gave Tim AIDS. Wouldn`t surprise me. starfire does get around.
Wouldn't star fire give it to Jason? Possibly both?
How do you decide how much of your shop goes to wargaming tables and how much goes to merchandise? Most of the shops where I live seem to divide about 50/50 but there tends to be a wait list for tables. Is that something you have actively thought about at this point? Floor space is always an issue here in Scotland. Glasgow and Edinburgh for instance have the highest rent value per sqinch in europe.
I got lucky with the place i`m in, its spacious and the merchandise moulds around the gaming tables. I would say is more a 70/30 split for gaming space/merchandise for me. plus my gaming space is made up of foldable chairs and tables so i can configure it to whats needed. be it space for 26 people in a yugioh tourny or 4 6x4 gaming tables for wargames.
Edit: Not sure if you could answer this but are UK based wargames like Warhammer more popular in Europe? I would think they are because of it being based there but Pabst is super popular in China so lord knows. As a former GW employ i can tell it is dosnt do too well in places like china and japan. Briton is the country of wargames. We produce the most but not necessarily the best. If you go to nottingham youd be hard pressed to not bump into a studio scultpepainter of some wargames company or shop. But no one beats sheer enthusiasm like the Americans. holy cow do they take it to the next level. They always do the biggest events. Big armies. big army deals in their shops. I`d love to open a gaming centre in america at some point. Space is so cheap over there! i could have a massive 5000 sqft mecha of all things gaming! :'D.
I think you mean "Mecca" but given the gaming context, "mecha" works even better. Have an upvote! Who says it was an accident ;)
If I give you 30 ps2 games, 16 wii games, and a GameCube, will you give me more than 50$ in return? If we excepted trade ins id probably give you about $80.
Too bad we don`t atm :(
Do you hold any magic the gathering tournaments? We don`t hold MTG tournys... yet ;)
Having some problems with the WPL but once thats sorted its full steam ahead on FNM.
What is your view on Craig Ferguson? have you read any of his books? Not actually herd of him till now :S.
If you've watched the first season of Red Dwarf, you've seen him. He was Lister's Confidence. Ah yeah. he kinda disappeared to the states in the 90s didnt he?
Upvote and additional: "how popular is MTG in Scotland?" MTG is very poplular in Scotland. Also yugioh, pokemen and Carfight! Vanguard are going strong :)
Was there any reason you chose Lanark as your business location? I only ask as I would have thought Hamilton would get you more footfall, but not sure on the difference in rent rates. You`d be surprised at the amount of foot fall in Lanark and yes rates were definitely a factor in where i was going to open up.
The rates in Hamilton are high but you expect that with a high population town. Plus there wasn`t what i would class as "suitable" places for this type of shop in the price range i could afford. Unless i wanted to open in a dark back alley and cram people into a small space.
Have you played AC4 yet? I'm debating whether to get it or wait for something like Watchdogs, I don't have a lot of money atm. Sadly not played AC4 yet :( i love me some pirates though.
Atm, i`m playing the everylove crap out of arkham origins :D. got it free in a prize draw :P.
Will I ever fully learn the rules of Warmachine? Also, I hear Android Netrunner is fun. Any other games to try out? The basic Rules. yes. though don`t expect to learn every armies special rules. The best tool you have is asking to see that units/solos/warmachines card.
As a person who is seriously considering opening up their own gaming shop, are there any things I should know/any tips you could give? Don`t focus on a few to get lots of those things. focus on little bits of many. Dip your toe in as many types of games as possible and "grow" into what sells and is popular.
When you sign your lease. find out your suppliers current for gas/electric/water and let them now the property is now occupied. theres a few dodgy companies that prey on small businesses that havnt sorted thos straight away and they are very convincing into making you sign stuff you dont need.
And for the love of god buy air freshners!
How much capital did u need to start? How long did it take to break even? Your looking at the region of 25-40k or in dollars thats around $35-60k.
We`ve been breaqing even from day 1. I put this down to luck, lots of hard work and the amazing support of my friends and family.
Re consoles, how do you set up a wholesale account? My understanding is most distributors will not talk to you unless you have 100 stores etc... Most dvd distros also do video games but their selection is alot less extensive. Usually limited to the newest releases. There are even retro games distros out there.
• Do you enjoy working as a Gaming Shop Owner? • If you get bored, do you sit down, relax and play the Gameboy? If i get bored yes i do sit and play games. with rock music blaring so people notice me on the street :D.
Friendly suggestion: You might like to put a tabletop or two outside your shop to let card players set up a fun little game. It's attracting to me. I would totally sit outside a game shop with a Chess board waiting for a fellow player to come along. Why don't game shops typically do this?? I would but my shop is situated at a busy junction between a chip shop and a supermarket :S. plus my insurance only covers inside the shop.
Do you think this advertising on Reddit will help you make more money? Did i decide to do this AmA for pure advertisement? no. Its sunday, the shop is quiet and i`m waiting for WoW to install.
If i make more money out of it. yay more money ;D. Though i know this essentially broadcasts me world wide rather than locally.
What i would like to do it help people who are thinking to open their own shop. be it in california or cuba. Shop owners in the niche market will face the same challanges and the more advice and stories of experience the better people will be equipped when they dive into the shark pool of business. :)
What is/are you expecting to be your highest revenue generating item/brand? I don`t expect. Ever.
I keep my ear to the ground and listen to local clubs and groups about what everyone plays and buy some little bits for what they like. if i sell enough i buy more bits and grow my stock till i have a selection of the brand/game people are playing that im not getting on credit from my distros cause if it dosnt sell i cant send it back.
Its alot easier to start small and grow than go big and fall on your face.
What do you think of league of legends? Its an amazingly addictive game! I love it! As long as its in small doses.
Like almost any competitive game ever it suffers from the bad eggs with loud voices that try to tell you how to play, what do do, when to do it etc .
Note: I don't live anywhere near Scotland, much less the store itself, so I'm not looking for any favors here. Usually we get New releases 1-2 days before they go on sale. If its a really popular release i`ll hold a midnight event. If word ever got to the distros that we sell something before the release date we get hit with a tonne of penalties on our orders, loose our credit etc. so i dont risk it.
Out of curiosity, to you sell games before the release date if you have the shipments, presumably for a higher price, like some independent game shops do? If not, do you condone this practice? If others do it, thats their decision. if they feel they can risk it good for them. :)
What would you say is the best window item to increase foot traffic walk in's? We have our monthly MtG and YuGiOh posters up as well as our window displays, but there has to be something that you've noticed makes people walking by turn around and come back asking what it is. Clear windows. let people see inside. the odd poster advertising new card set or games is great but people are naturally curious. The biggest crowd puller is another crowd, being loud and having fun.
Do you have a real website or only Facebook? Atm only facebook. my starting budget couldnt cover a website so im having to make one myself but with shop tasks taking up my time its proving a bit difficult.
No worries. I live in Fauldhouse and plan on visiting. Do you have plans for hosting any game nights etc..? Monday we have RPGs, Wednesdays Boardgames adventures, Thursdays we have a 16+ Waragmes club and Fridays is our Cardgaming night. :)
How long did it take you to start up the shop. From idea until opening day? I`ve had the idea to open one for 3 years before i had the chance to do so. I originally worked for GW in their Livingston Shop essentially from when it first opened to near its closing. Working for GW made me think "yeah i totally want to run my own shop" so i tried hard to get on their management program. Unfortunatly life got in the way.
Years later i now own my little slice of geekdom :D.
How hard was is to set up a building? Not that hard tbh. About just as hard as moving house. :)
What do you prefer, privateer press or games workshop? I like PP mainly cause it dosn`t hurt my wallet as much as GW.
Saying that i love the GW stuff. they make amazing models, hands down. just not at amazing prices.
Has Buckfast legitimately affected your business in anyway? Be it customers, staff or even yourself? Buckfast? not at all. Everyone who steps through my front door is sober :)
So would you say you're behind the proposed banning of the sweet elixir? I`m honestly not too fussed personally.
Where is it? In the town of Lanark, Scotland :)
Brilliant! Anywhere in particualr because I'm a 30 mins drive away If you know where Valerio`s is. we are directly across the road. used to be an old baby shoe shop.
Do you have a snack bar? Does it serve beer and haggis? Its serves fudge, marsbar (not deep fried), harribo and space raiders. I also have chilled cans of coke irnbru monster and powerade. :)
The haggis are used exclusively to power my machines ;)
Is that you Jo? Nope i`m not jo but i know a jo :D.
What's the most expensive ting you sell? sorry, I just have this question about every store. Tings? tings?! i dont sell tings! you think im some back alley sweatshop with ting prozzies on the side!?
Hahahahha damnit XD. what's the most expensive THING you sell? The Warhammer 40k: Horus Heresy Boardgame :)
Where in the store is it located? Do you have it locked up? What time do you go to lunch? Do you arm the alarm ALL the time? You... i like you.
Can I have a job? Can you work for free? :P.
Are there any games that are weirdly popular that you didn't think would sell as well as they did? Lava lamps. I thought id get a few non gamer stuff to keep the mums/small children occupied. i never thought id sell so many :D Its hard to describe but ill try. every morning I unlock the door and step in. After i reset the alarm etc i take a moment to just look around and think "this is mine" and i feel satisfied. Like my actions have real meaning behind them.
what's the best part of running your shop? I know its probably stupid and sentimental but i take immense pride in my shop as its a far cry to what i was doing only a few weeks before opening.
I'm surprised I haven't found a comment about Dota 2 in here. Is it popular in Scotland? What? where?
Yes it is but not as popular as league. I remember playing the original Dota map on warcraft 3... simpler times
My friends and I regularly enjoy the Game of Thrones boardgame (v2) and Battlestar Galactica (without the pegasus expansion, so far). Would you have any boardgames you could recommend to us, based on that? Also, I was thinking of getting Eclipse - should I? Shadows over camelot is a brilliant game. more players the better as theres more chance someone is a traitor. ;)
Chaos of the Old World is also a really nice (and pretty) game. sort of Risk but in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe.
I'd personally say bsg has replaced Shadows at this point. But I'm not really a fan of either. I prefer the shorter social deduction games like The Resistance and Coup. You should try avalon. It the same as the resistance but set in Camelot with extra rules if you get certain character cards at the start.
As a slave a to the retail big corporation I really admire you for going out there and achieving your goal. I too would like to have my own business like yours one day so thanks for all the info and advice. Just wondering if as an independent you have any difficulty in getting the popular new release? e.g. How many PS4/Ones will you have to sell on release day? Its really down to how much money your willing to invest in a new release. hence why Preorder are such big things for small shops. you don`t want to get £1000+ worth of stock for a release and have no one buy it.
But then again if you don`t order enough it might be hard to get a very popular brand because all your suppliers are sold out and ypu have to wait for the next run.
Retail is one big juggling act :)
Have you ever tried Infinity, the table-top game from Spain? Relatively cheap, great system (ARO is brilliant!), superb community and incredibly detailed figures. It's a big hit in my town where there's nothing but 40k, Warmachines or FoW. It a great Game! :D I stock it too!
So which faction did you play and do you have enough and the right terrain for it? Ill be getting some infinity terrain in at some point. sadly theres not much demand for it atm so im not exactly rushing.
Because of the mechanics of the game playing with ruins with holes breaks pretty much the game. Aleph. any army that is either cyber related or has robots i`m all over :P.
What type of vacuum do you use? A Truvax International but i can`t find the model number on it :S.
When the ps3 launched Sony was charging small retailers $100 more per unit than the retail cost in order to make up some of the loss per unit sold. Is this the case with the ps4/x1 as well? Thats crazy. where the hell you hear that? usually youll buy a ps4/x1 less than the retail price but you need to have a minimum order of x amount before theyll sell you it.
I saw the invoice for a few shipments at one of the small independent shops where I live. For the first month after launch the store was paying $750 per unit for the 60 gig model and they were only getting 2-6 units per shipment. Bear in mind i pay in pounds not dollars so i`m not sure what the converstions are. Also when we are given prices its not including shipping, customs or tax so we need to add onto that ourselves.
As a manager of Howies Game Shack (Howies.com) I am fascinated by this ama and my question to you is what exactly do you guys do in your shop? Do you charge for time to play games like our facilities? If so we should chat sometime msg me possibly I'd love to pick your brain xD Thx Hello! Sorry for the late reply but I really wanted to answer this.
We don't charge for the games. Instead we charge for the space to play games in which is hard to find here in Scotland that isn't your own livingroom.
As to day to day running. There is always shop tasks to do, be it painting models for a new demo board or just a bit of cleaning.
But what takes priority are the people that walk through through the door. I always drop what im doing to chat with the people, see what they are up to today, what they play etc. Just being a friendly open person to guy's and gals. :)
ARE ALL YOUR CONSOLES POWERED BY HAGGIS? We have specially design generators for our machines to run on the fabled Haggis power.
What were/are the biggest challenges you face(d) while opening the store/currently? Getting the money together. either save your pennys for years and find someone rich willing to fund you :P.
How did you advertise to get people to come into the shop? Advertising via visitations. I went to every club/gathering i could find in the entire central belt of Scotland 4 weeks before i opened as well as start a FB page for the shop.
It would be my dream to open up a table top store over here in the US. This AMA is amazing by the way! Thanks for doing it! I would kill to open up one in the US. you guys have no idea how cheap space is for you :(
How much money do you make on the sale of 1 unit of a brand new popular video such as GTV V? The usual mark up from trade price is 30-40%. dosn`t mean thats pure profit though.
Interesting...I used to work at an electronics store and we'd usually make tops $3 CAD on a video game. (i.e. cost on a $60 game was somewhere around $57-$58) When we buy games its not including shipping, tax or licensing. so an order form will say get this game at X amount when its really Y
How much heroin do you do on a daily basis? I prefer plastic crack. nothing sets your mind at ease like the long wiff of freshly moulded plastic out the box.
Nerd. I prefer the term Geek. I`m not intelligent enough to be a nerd :P.
How does one apply for the Steam cybercafe program? What games are provided? you`ll contact the cybercafe rep for your country found Here
Theres 100s of games i really can`t be arsed listing them :P.
What kinds of Whisky do you serve? Sadly we do not serve the firey necter of manhood.
How early do you receive new games and are you a allowed to play them in advance? Scroll a little. i`ve already answered :)
Do you like Arab strap? I met Aidan once. Solid guy and their musics cool :)
Ronnie? Nope :)
Do people still play the starwars card game? Yes they do :)
Do people play MTG there? They definitely do :)
What is the most sold game in Scotland at your store? Munchklin, Netrunner, Star Wars: X-wing and pathfinder RPG are all immensly popular off the top of my head.
Alot of the teens like Warhammer 40k as well though the older guys like FoW and Warma/hordes.
Your shop is about an hour and a half of travel for me, how do your prices compare to other shops in Glasgow and Lanarkshire? The only place I can go to for miniatures/paint/RPGs and cards is Games Workshop or Static Games and I would love more choice for places to go. I put a 10% reduction of RRP on almost everything in the shop plus any purchase of £100+ gets additional 10%
How do get people to buy the lesser-known games? Talking to them about the game. why i like it and why they might like it :)
I live pretty close by, any chance you can save me a ps4? I forgot to preorder it :( Atm we don`t sell consoles and games but were planning to move into them.
Opinions on Iron Brew? Best drink EVAR!!!1.
Are you a fan of Limmy's show? Of course traveller
What are your thoughts on this man? What.
You should open a shop in bathgate. Our town center is Barron but our town is fairly busy. A game shop would save everyone the bus to Livingston. The real money would come in with pre orders since it's local. When my gaming empire grows i will be looking many potential areas for brainwashing the troops. i will have world domination ;D.
I've been looking for somewhere to have some group sessions for DnD. I'm half an hour away. I may come visit! Awesome. We have a dedicated RPG night on Mondays :D.
How difficult is it to keep up with your competitors; not just GAME and HMV, but the big super markets too. Must be quite difficult, especially with introductions online passes and the move away from brick and mortar distribution. I have fingers in many pies. Wargames like 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars. Boardgames galor, RPG`s, Card games and even some anime stuff. :D.
I want my shop to be a "geek haven" where people can come and chat about what they`re pationate about. play games and have a good time :)
Do you get to play New video games early (before release) yourself. Open the COD,BF, GTA, etc when you get it shipped, If it has a single player yes i do. i usually make sure my console/pc is disconnected from the interwebs when i play it though. too many games send feedback to their developers for me. ;)
That's pretty cool actually, how early do you get them. Normally 1-2 days before release.
Oh wow not as early as I thought. Unless your a major retailer like Game or HMV you can`t get directly from source and need to go through distros who need to make up orders and ship them out to smaller shops.
Hence why Preorders are really important to small shops.
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