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World of Memories? ... our stories.

Ok, this will be a long one, and perhaps a mess to read, enjoy.
P.s: A lot of this is from memories, so forgive me if some things are not 110% accurate. p.s.s. This became a lot longer and more filled with emotianal drivel then i expected, i gues i got carried away.
What is and has WoW been to you? Here is my story. My WoW adventure started in 2005. At that time i was 20, at home in a job and harcoregamer, been gaming since i was some 14-15 years old. Didn't go out, and not bothered much with friends. Playing online was becomming big with faster internet speeds and more and more online games and i made a lot of friends in the games i played. Those games were mostly simulations, or FPS and i was heavy into ww2 and militairy stuff.
I also had a membership on a pcmagazine (in paper mind you ;) ) and i saw previews and then reviews of WoW and was drawn into it. Fantasy was a genre i never explored much and i had never ever played an MMORPG type of game it felt fresh and inviting. So when WoW released in europe, i went to the store and got it. Something that reminds me, i haven't bought a physical game in ages..... Something else was that i never had a game with that many CD's, and that needed a monthly sub. Having to buy prepaid cards in gamestores and the stress when your gametime expired 1hour after the stores closed on a saturday.
As it pains me a bit to say now, as a longtime and proud member of the Horde, my start and a lot of good memories are from my start and time as Alliance. See, when the thing that drew me in was the Night Elves, they just looked so cool and fantasylike, so i roled a female nightelf warrior, my first 3rd person game so might as well have something nice to look at. And from the first login my jaw hit the floor. Teldrassil, with all it's colors, the large open space you could just freely walk around in, it was amazing, it was huge. So i set off.
Starting with quests, it was amazing, everything was new and exiting oh and very dangerous. Dying was normal, and corpseruns more frequent then i care to admit. And hey, i loved using a bow, on my warrior. Why, because i could, i didn't know a thing, and i read every quest and man was that interesting.
But that was not it. Because that large open world, well after a decent amount of time, i found out that massive open world, that was just the starter zone, i could walk trough a passage and whoa.... no loading screen and it's so huge!! I had never experienced this before, the freedom in this game was amazing, and it looked great, and was so fun to play. And then i got to the Elven capital city, just amazing, you could just walk in and then after a little portal, take an actual ferry and explore other zones also massive. This was a big thing in 2005, very few games had that and certainly not combined with those graphics.
Now most will know, in 2005 WoW was totally different. Much harder, a lot fewer QoL bits (not even a dressingroom) but the biggest difference was that the game was very-very social. For various reasons, one of them being that you needed to talk to people. You were not self sufficient and you needed to interact with people, and you wanted to. I also had no clue about "endgame" i just played and explored, quested and made a lot of friends. A lot of time was spend on voice coms like Teamspeak and Ventrillo and we did not rush. Hell we used to take it so slow. We went of on totaly different things, like traveling to buy a pet for someone, then go back to town, but packing paper, pack the present and mail it to someone. Or climb the hill above the entrance of Ironforge and all jump down and died or explore the diamant cave in Un Goro Crater. Get absulutely lost in dungeons and those did some times take ages. And somone would have to go back to town to join the LFG chat or ask in trade for more members who then had to be summoned back to the stone. That was not always fun. But most of the time it was.
Instancing was not just a quick way of leveling. It was difficult, timeconsuming with only a small chance for good loot. But back then that loot was a lot more important. Greens were great and if you had a blue you were cool and having epics, man you were a lucky mofo and peopel knew those who of their friends had epics.
And enchants, man those cool guys with a demonslayer enchant!
We did so much fun stuff, because we would take the time. Travel to the barrens to get in a fight at the crossroads. Even as a low level it was fun as hell. And it took a lot of time, as only those above 40 and with enough cash had a mount (60% speed mind you) so we just ran, ran,ran and ran and ran some more. Fun sidenote, Vanilla was not alt friendly at all, as it just took so long. It was also very normal to financially help eachother for mounts, a guesture you repayed when someonelse needed money and you helped them. And i still did not care about endgame or min max at lvl 50. Using various armor types just because they looked cool. Loved the plaguelands and their theme.
At level 60 i was in a great guild, with great gaming friends. Lots of good times were had and lot's of drama happened and i had learned a lot about the game as well. At that time we kind of grew tired of grinding for mats and stuff at endgame (grinding was a big thing, if you wanted or not, everything to a lot of time and effort) and some friends and i decided to start on a fresh server, as Horde. And we started a new, made new friends, and lost some old. And we leveled up again, lot's of fun, but we played a bit more calculated as we knew more about the game, we were basically veterans. Helping others.
Somewhere around this time "The internet if for Porn" happened.
With guilds comes drama, not weird when some 40-60 active people play together for many hours on a daily basis. During TBC i joined a dutch clan and we ended up doing some real guild meetings, great fun to meet people you play with, my biggest meeting was still to come and happened when i was in Terrokar Forrest. I met a player and like not uncommon we started to quest together. I expected it was just some bloke, it wasn't. So a freindship was started and at some point she visted me and i returned the favor and after a few times, fast forward to today, i moved countries and now we have been maried for 7 years and we have 2 kids.
At that time though, WoW started to go a bit south for various reasons. I think i was starting to burn out and by the end of WoTLK an expac that i absolutely loved the low point in WoW was reached for me. The comunity on my server was toxic as hell. People did not help eachother and the game i knew and loved was fading away. Instead of helping, people got scoffed at when asking for help (solo it you noob was not uncommon). WoTLK was for me where Blizz listened to much to it's comunity and maybe tried to finds its "casual friendly" footing. And things became to easy, AoE spammy instances, easy loot things on a platter and player behaviour plummited. And i found it effect me in a negative way.
At the end of WotlK i broke up with WoW, for good. I deleted all i had, gave ownings to friends and my wife and oblitterated the CD's. I was done with the game and it's toxic players. I hated it so much i started to redicule people for playing it, even my wife, and i mocked the game. Those next years i tried other MMO's and had good fun but never had that social aspect and it just did not have the memories and after some time it just went old and i quit those.
I did see though, trough my wife playing that with the expansions things improved, challence was brought back and i even bought WoD for her.
Then somewhere in the middle of WoD?(well after Tanaan was implemented) i had to bow down, and after some 5 years away i tried the game again and eventually started a new account. Yet i missed my old chars and contacted support.
And here i should add praise to Blizzard because while my gameaccount was hacked and even rehacked by some goldsellers i got it back (with a lot of extra gold :P) and they managed to restore most of my old chars. Weird how you get an affection to characters you played for some years haha. Got back to my last clan, though most people i knew were gone and after reaching endgame a few times in WoD i decided i'd just take a break again and today i just play WoW on and off. That said i do thoroughly enjoy the game again when i play it. Though i always hoped it would go back to more vanilla, horde vs alliance i did not expect it to happen. Then last Blizzcon happened.
I am hyped as i have not often been before. BfA is looking amazing and vanilla servers sound amazing.
That said i probably will not get far in vanilla WoW. While i still play a lot, i don't have the time like i had back in 2005 but i'd prolly try it for the sentimental value. Though it is to be seen just how vanilla it wil be ofc.
BfA i will be great to play and i so will every following expansion be. Yet i do look back on the early days and am very happy it all happened and i am happy i started when i did. I know it gets scoffed at from time to time but had i not played from early Vanilla i would not have had the same great experience and not have met the people i have met.
Today i play WoW mostly as a singleplayer game. I am selfsustained for the biggest part and instancing is not very social though some small chats are being had. But i also don't really have the time to do that deep social ingame part again anyways so it suits me at the point in life i am at.
I also think Blizzard deserves a big praise. While with ups and downs, when they made WoW they had the timing and concept right and they did everything to make players feel welcome in WoW without making them feel Blizz was just in it for their (the customers) money. Blizz has shown passion for their now old product since day 1 and that means a lot. From the ingame GM's and how they talk to you, always polite, always helpfull (needed their help more then once for varous things), and also being very generous it makes the game feel like so much more. I realy apreciate that.
Sometimes i like to sit back and just reminice (is that how it is spelled) about times gone by and just realise how much stuff happened just in this one game. Things that would not have happened if i had not started playing WoW or would have been a TV potato (why is watching TV fine and if you play games you are "weird", even though it is more accepted today) . So many great memories, some half forgotten, some remembered and some totally forgotten. Met so many people along the way, and i am glad to have known them. Thanks for the great years that are had and for the years to come.
See you out there.
What are your stories? Do you have good memories of people and or places, guilds or happenings?
Edit: Sorry about the setup. Can't seem to alter much spaces in between the bits.
submitted by CGNoorloos to wow

First-Ever Collegiate Reverse Hackathon!

Hi hackathon!
Are you interested in a human-driven approach to technology, product design, and sustainability? Do you want to build digital products that are more equitable, humane, and healthy? Want to experience a new twist on the traditional hackathon?
Rehack, the first ever collegiate reverse hackathon, is taking place virtually through Princeton University on November 6-7, 2020. This year, we are partnering with the Princeton Student Climate Initiative for our theme of climate action. Tracks are available in transportation, food, consumerism, and education.
For our climate action theme, we encourage you to develop creative solutions that allow for greener and healthier relationships between people and technology. Unlike a traditional hackathon where participants try to turn ideas into products, participants will work in teams (up to four) to critique existing tech products and then prototype solutions to improve them. No technical background is needed, and all majors/concentrations are welcome!
At Rehack, you will learn about humane design principles, engage in rapid prototyping and ideation, attend workshops by industry leaders, and present in front of tech and sustainability experts. Top teams will win monetary and non-monetary prizes. Apply at https://rehack.co by Saturday, October 31 at 11:59 PM ET (either on your own or in a team of 2-4).
If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]! In addition, please pass this message along to any other college students who you think may be interested. We look forward to “rehacking” with you all!
Of course, PMs are open!
The Rehack Team
submitted by rehackyourtech to hackathon

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