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Be very careful when using the Developer functions. Led driver qh 20lp6 10x3w. Active Media Eclipse Screen Saver Maker Developer License. We currently have 399, 925 full downloads including categories such as: software, movies, games, tv, adult movies, music, ebooks, apps and much more. Free download software, Free Video dowloads, Free Music downloads, Free Movie downloads, Games.

Mercedes Benz W204 AMG Menue Enable + Patch

Hi Folks,

Herewith I publish my solution to the well-known AMG menu, which is kept as a secret by certain people in certain other forums like Motortalk.
I have managed it to activate the AMG menu without any damage on my W204 2013 Coupé (Facelift) and also a W204 2012 Combi Facelift of a friend.
(The W204 has the Instrument Cluster IC204, did it on the Three tubes instrument cluster)
A nice side effect is that the instrument cluster now also has the AMG start animation.
I did also made the corresponding patch for the CNG / glow lamp.

IMGUR: https://imgur.com/a/2S7bZHF

My hardware with which I did the coding was a MB SD Connect Compact C4. As software I used XENTRY, because I unlocked the Factory Developer Version here.

The only things, which are a hindrance, are both seed/key pairs, which are needed to write changes to the EEPROM.
There are two pairs in total. (27 09 and 27 0D)
The key is calculated from the seed and the software version (Part- Number).
In this case, I had a user from another forum, who calculated me the the pairs, but I am in the process of programming my own seed- key generator,
which I would also provide OpenSource if there is any interest.

How did I enabled the AMG- Menues?
You'll need either Vediamo or Xentry.

I was using Xentry with the Factory Developer Version.
(I won't explain, how to activate the menu with Vediamo. But you will be able with a little bit effort and brain, to figure out the procedure by following the instructions with Xentry.)
Okay, enough chitchat. Let's get started!

You have to write UDS Commands to the ECU (IC).
First, you'll have to request the Seed for the first Security- Level. The command for that is "27 09".
The Answer will be "67 09 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX". You'll have to pass the Seed (The Hex- Values after 67 09) to the Seedkey- Generator with the specific software- version.
To pass the Key back to the IC, send the following Command: "27 0A XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX"
If the IC answers something "67 0A" (and NOTHING!! with "7X XX"), then the Key was correct.

To access the second Security-level, you'll have to send "27 0D".
Same procedure like the First level. The Seed should start with "67 0D".
To pass the second Key, write "27 0E XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX"
If the IC answers something "67 0E" (and NOTHING!! with "7X XX"), then the Key was correct.

Now, you are on the second Security-level, which means, that you can scrap the whole IC by editing wrong bytes on wrong addresses.

To read the current Value of the specific address, write "23 14 10 00 01 D0 01"
If the AMG Menu is enabled, the response will be "63 FC". Otherwise it will be something like "63 FF"

To enable the AMG menu, you need to set the Byte- Value to "FC".
The command for doing that is "3D 14 10 00 01 D0 01 FC".

Now, the AMG Menu is enabled, but on the AMG Cluster, there is no CNG or Preheat- Lamp.
You'll find on that Position the ESP- Lamp, which is on the non- amg cluster on the left side.

Its not mandatory to patch the Lamp but its recommendable.
If its not Patched and the ESP intervenes, the pre-glow lamp or cng lamp will flash and the actual esp lamp on the left side will remain off.

To Patch the Lamp- Bug, send the following UDS- Command: "3D 14 10 00 02 69 01 12"

After that all, you'll have to reset your IC, the command for that is "11 01".

There won't be any changes in mileage or otherwise. Also existing codes or menus or changes will remain the same.

I take over no liability, this post here serves only as explanation, how I have made the coding with me.
This is not an incitement or instruction.
submitted by LuisFalk to CarHacking

MB Star diagnostic failed to do W164 Front SAM Offline Programming (fixed)

One of customers sent an email to obd365.com customer to report that he has a question that no option to program the SAM using offline programming with MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer and Xentry 12/2015 fail to do. Here is the proper solution provided by our technician.
Customer testing vehicle and MB star diagnostic version:
2005 ML350 4Matic
MB SD C4+ Dell D630 laptop+ 2015.12V DAS/Xentry http://www.obd365.com/wholesale/mb-sd-connect-compact-c4-star-diagnosis-plus-dell-d630.html
Problems Description: Problem one: Problem with the front SAM, when select Yes the next screen goes to online programming. There is no option to program the SAM using offline programming. At least I couldn’t find it. The starter doesn’t even crank.
Problem two: Secondary problem is the ISM. The original module generated a message on display: “Drive to workshop without changing gear”. The transmission now is stuck in Park. I installed another identical module from another ML350 and the message is gone but there is no reaction when changing the shifter from park to other positions. I get a message to depress the brake even when the brake pedal is depressed. Also, when I go to the Developer option I get the message the file is missing, see photo. So, I have two serious problems to deal with. I’m looking forward to your feedback.
Obd365.com Engineers reply and solution way:
Please can not use ISM from other car,..use brand new,..marry it to the vehicle and you will probably start the engine. Then program front sam online,..or if you don’t have online access,..pass this step,..it has program inside it generally.///code it manually according your car,..and if still has SAM errors,..probably could change it with new one! Neither ISM neither SAM need online or offline,..they always can be initially startup manually with DAS
As for the question “I don’t know why when I accessed the front SAM with DAS it gave me a message saying that the SAM needs to be programmed. See the attached photos. It is not my imagination. This is what I got when trying to read the fault codes from the front SAM.” I guess: probably your sam is almost dead.//put other one used..or new one
submitted by obd365 to OBD2

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