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Top 10 Firefox shortcut keys everyone should know. That way, when you type a combination of letters, iOS will automatically replace them with the Apple symbol. 100+ Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts. Adobe Acrobat Reader Keyboard Shortcuts. Comprehensive shortcut list List of all Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts: The ultimate guide Check out the most useful keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 10.

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Esc Shortcut Keys: Hidden Characters: Ctrl+Shift+8: Line Numbers: Ctrl+Shift+L: Word Wrap: Ctrl+Shift+W: Hide Panels: F4: Tools: Auto Format: Ctrl+Shift+F: Check Syntax: Ctrl+T: Show Code Hint: Ctrl+Spacebar: Control: Test Movie: in Flash Professional: in Browser: in AIR Debug Launcher (Desktop) in AIR Debug Launcher (Mobile) on Device. Below is an image showing. These Hindi Typing Shortcut Keys are frequently used during Hindi typing. TIP84: Use e-mail rules and filters to control your e-mail. Yes, you can Open a New Company in Tally by pressing the Shortcut Key F1. Q.

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Ctrl+C: Its use is to copy the selected text, including other objects of a file or page. These shortcut keys save our time and our interaction with the mouse. LOGITECH EX 100 QUICK START MANUAL Pdf Download. Keyboard shortcut keys. Mac OS. Show/hide side panels.

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List of Best PC Shortcut Key Combinations on Windows. Computer Shortcut Keys 100 Keyboard Shortcuts Keys for Windows 10 Common Keyboard Shortcuts. You should be familiar with concepts such as mouse clicking, dragging, scrolling, and so on. Please refer to your Windows manual or online Help if you need to refresh your memory. Ctrl + A – Select everything in an open document. To cancel an operation, press Esc twice.

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EFT Comprehensive Performance Optimization Guide

TL;DR: Buy a better PC Kappa
EDIT: Corrections courtesy of Splintert , many thanks to him!
Greetings, fellow cheek dividers and cheeki breekis! I've seen a lot of players struggling to maximize their framerate in this game, even with pretty beastly rigs. I've helped a few, but I think a guide on how to get the best performance out of your machine (especially in the current beta versions of EFT, which are not very optimized) would be appreciated by everyone. Let's get into it.
DISCLAIMER: Use any and all of these tweaks at your own risk. If you don't know what you're doing, or are even a bit unsure, ask someone who does know. Don't ruin your $1000 PC because you were too proud to admit you didn't even know how to go into the BIOS!
Caveat: I only have AMD systems, so unfortunately for Intel and nVIDIA users, I won't have many tips specific to your hardware - however, general tips (and there will be many) will apply to you as well.
Test System Configurations
System 1 - Average Tier:
CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black Edition (4 cores, 8 threads) @ 4.0 GHz (underclocked from 4.2 GHz and undervolted from ~1.45 V to ~1.3 V)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition (2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, 1200 MHz VRAM clock, 1000 MHz GPU clock)
RAM: Corsair 32 GB (4x8 GB) DDR3 1333 MHz (XMP enabled: 1666 MHz) [16 GB would have near-identical performance]
PSU: 1000 W, 80+ Gold (Corsair)
Storage: 500 GB generic SSD (SATA)
Monitor: Generic 1680x1050 @ 60 Hz
System 2 - Above Average Tier:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (6 cores, 12 threads) @ 4.2 GHz (stock core configuration, Infinity Fabric (memory controller) overclocked to 1600 MHz to match RAM)
GPU: AMD RX 5700 XT Sapphire Pulse (8 GB GDDR6 VRAM, 1750 MHz VRAM clock, 1815 MHz GPU clock)
RAM: G.SKILL 16 GB (2x8 GB) DDR4 3200 MHz (XMP enabled: 3200 MHz, CL 14)
PSU: 1000 W, 80+ Gold (Corsair)
Storage: 250 GB Samsung 970 EVO PRO SSD (NVME M.2)
Monitor: LG-24GL600F-B 1920x1080 @ 144 Hz
Monitoring/Performance Logging Tools
1) The "fps 1" and "fps 2" command. Use the "~" key to open the console, then type the command to enable it. Type "fps 0" to disable.
2) Radeon Performance Overlay (default shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+O) [nVidia GeForce Experience has a similar in-game overlay]
3) CPU-Z and Ryzen Master (for CPU activity monitoring and tweaking) [Also Ryzen DRAM Calculator for RAM tweaking] [Intel does not have an equivalent to Ryzen Master, but CPU-Z is generic]
4) MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) (for GPU activity monitoring and manual fan curve adjustment)
Note: Monitoring applications that require low-level system access (i.e. need to read your hardware sensors) are sometimes identified by BattleEye as potentially dangerous applications, and will be forcefully shut down when you launch the game. This is not an application that is disallowed by BSG, and your access to the game will not be revoked (the "b" word cannot be uttered here) - it will just be closed when you launch the game, and you will have to re-launch it after you open the game. There is a workaround for this with MSI Afterburner - under Enable low-level hardware access interface, change this to "kernel mode". Then MSI AfterburneRTSS will work ingame no issues. (thanks, Splintert !)
Pre-game settings and tips
1) Update! Make sure you're running the latest Windows version, and ensure that your BIOS, chipset drivers, sound drivers, GPU drivers, Monitor drivers and peripheral (mouse/keyboard/headphones etc) drivers are installed.
1.1) When installing a new GPU driver, make sure to fully uninstall any older driver. This is called a "clean install", and can sometimes be an option in the driver installation menu. If it's not, make sure to manually uninstall the older driver. Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) for this - the fully manual way is also possible, but much slower (reboot in safe mode, uninstall, reboot in safe mode, install, reboot in normal mode).
2) Ensure that your PSU can handle the total power draw of your system hardware. A 350 W PSU is probably not enough. A 500 W one would be the minimum, with 750+ W being preferrable (the less power that is drawn from the PSU, the more efficient it is, unless if you draw less than half of its max rated wattage).
2.1) Ensure that your motherboard VRMs (the chips/capacitors/mosfets that handle power delivery to the CPU) are adequate for the CPU you are using. The cheaper (and older) your motherboard (in comparison to the age of the CPU), the more likely it is that your CPU is not adequately powered by the motherboard. Heavy in-game stutters (that happen at semi-regular intervals, different from the stutters the game gets because of optimization issues) are a tell-tale sign of VRM overheating that results in the CPU being underclocked heavily. I personally had this problem with System #1, which is why I underclocked and undervolted the CPU. Once I did that, the stutters I mentioned before disappeared completely. That said, do not mess with your CPU settings if you don't know what you are doing!
3) Ensure your RAM DIMMs (if you have more than 1) are set in a dual-channel configuration (meaning that the DIMMs should be installed in alternating slots on the motherboard, if it has more than 2 slots).
3.1) Ensure that your RAM has its best rated XMP (Extreme Memory Profile, essentially RAM overclocking) enabled. It is very often that I see people having bought very fast RAM, but without the XMP enabled, it is much, much slower than advertised. This is because the default (JEDEC) profile of the RAM maxes out at 2400 MHz - so if the RAM vendor advertises a speed over that, you need to enable the XMP, or your RAM will not be utilized to its max potential. Here's a nice guide by Corsair on how to overclock your RAM. All that said, make sure not to enable an XMP that is above what your vendor has rated the DIMMs for. That can cause all sorts of issues. If you're unsure, either don't mess with it, or ask someone who knows!
3.2) [Ryzen-specific] Ryzen processors like fast RAM a lot, much more than Intel processors (that's not to say fast RAM is bad for Intel CPUs, of course - quite the contrary). To utilize the fast ram as efficiently as possible, the memory controller of the system (the chip that handles read and write operations of the RAM) must be running at a speed that's as close as possible to the speed of the RAM. If it's slower, some of the potential of the RAM is wasted. If it's faster, the controller is overstressed for no reason. The memory controller was located on the motherboard on older systems, but the Ryzen processors have it integrated on the CPU - it's known as the "Infinity Fabric" (henceforth "IF"). To make sure that your IF uses your RAM to the max, its speed (in MHz) should be equal to half of the max speed of your RAM, in MHz. So, if you have two DIMMs of DDR4 3200 MHz RAM, half of that is 1600 MHz. Ensure that your IF is running at 1600 MHz, and you're golden. You can see the IF clockspeed in Ryzen Master, in the "Fabric Clock" field. If your RAM is running at 3200 MHz max, then the IF should clock up to 1600 MHz on its own with no action required. If not, or if your RAM is faster, you'll need to manually tweak it. You can do this in Ryzen Master. Here's a guide by AMD.
4) Ensure that your system is properly ventilated, free of dust/obstructions, and does not thermally throttle. If your system performs well for a while after startup but then loses a lot of performance, or if it does better in the winter than in the summer, then you're likely a victim of thermal throttling. PC components cannot handle extreme amounts of heat, but they generate a lot of it. If it is not dissipated in a timely fashion, performance degrades heavily - the system might even perform an emergency shutdown to prevent thermal damage to the sensitive electronics. Generally, if the system is clean of dust, free of obstructions (i.e. no large objects in front of air intakes), and its fans are running properly, you should have no problems. Otherwise, amend these issues. Check CPU and GPU temperatures with MSI Afterburner (link above).
5) Your hardware should be set to "Maximum Performance" mode in the Windows Power settings. Go to "Power Options", and see which power plan is enabled. Make sure to click the "Show additional plans" option, if it's available. Enable either the "High Performance" plan or the "AMD Ryzen High Performance" [Ryzen-specific] plan. If this setting isn't enabled, your components will draw less power, so the system will be more power-efficient. However, it will also not be able to perform as well as it could. Note that a higher power draw results in more heat generated, so make sure point #4 is taken care of first.
6) Disable background applications that might be using the CPU and/or GPU before playing EFT. Use the Task Manager to check which apps might be "misbehaving" in this way, and either disable or uninstall them. Antivirus software are notorious hogs of the CPU, so create an exception in your antivirus for EFT, so it's not monitored in real-time by your antivirus.
7) Make sure the game is installed on a Solid-State Drive, if you have one. If you don't, go buy one. Seriously, this makes a big difference - not just for EFT, but for general PC usage. Buy one!
8) Clearing the game cache or verifying the integrity of the game's files can occasionally fix some issues. You can do this from the game launcher. At the top right, under your username, there is an arrow. Click that, and you'll get a menu. There, you can find the "Integrity Check" and "Clear Cache" options. Use them if you are experiencing an error you can't seem to get past.
8.1) On the subject of the game launcher, if you experience a bug, make sure to submit a bug report through the launcher. The devs can't test all system configurations, so bugs will get through quality testing all the time. Get screenshots, record videos, type out an explanation, submit the log files, do everything you can to help the devs isolate and repair the issue. Making a Reddit post might help, or it might not. Submitting a bug report will help, however.
9) Go to the installation path of Escape from Tarkov (right-click the launcher and hit "Open File Location", then from there go to the "Battlestate Games" folder, then into the "Escape From Tarkov" folder), find the game's executable (EscapeFromTarkov.exe), right-click and go to properties, then go to the compatibility tab. Enable the "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations" option. Then, hit the "Change high DPI settings" button, and in the new window that appears, enable the "Override high DPI scaling" option. These two settings can prevent some stuttering and other problems in EFT.
10) As a final tweak, you can try setting the game to run in "Above Normal" priority in the Task Manager. Open the Task Manager while the game is running, and go to the "Details" tab. Find "EscapeFromTarkov.exe" and right click. In the drop-down menu, go to "Set Priority" and select "Above Normal". Confirm when prompted.
Graphics Settings
General: In EFT, switching some graphical settings to "low" (or anything other than "max") might actually reduce performance. Here's how that works. The engine implicitly assumes that your CPU is good enough, but that your GPU might not be. So, if you reduce a graphics setting too much, then it's sent to the CPU rather than the GPU for processing. But because the game is not optimized, and doesn't make use of multiple cores/threads effectively, you're actually bottlenecking your system by switching the load to the CPU even more! To make it even more clear, your CPU is already stressed a lot (because most of the load is on one of its cores, so that core gets used to the max), and if you change graphical settings to low (because you think that'll improve framerate), those graphical details (i.e. shadows) are then processed by the CPU rather than the GPU, because the engine thinks "oh, this guy switched shadows to low, his GPU must suck. Send the shadows to the CPU for processing!". So, counter-intuitively, decreasing graphical fidelity worsens performance (in some cases)!
NOTE 1: A common "issue" in EFT is that scoping in causes FPS drops. Scoping in (with magnified optics) will always cause an FPS drop of around 20 FPS (your experience may vary), because the game renders the image in the optic separately from outside - so it renders everything twice. This is called "picture-in-picture" rendering. This cannot be avoided, unfortunately...
NOTE 2: Offline performance is ALWAYS worse than on-line. That is because your PC runs the server and plays on it as well. Online, you only have to worry about playing - the server is elsewhere. So don't be discouraged! Your online performance will be better. This issue is also exacerbated if you enable AI. To test your true performance, go online!
Legend: I'll be using a specific notation here, to indicate the estimated impact of increasing each setting on your CPU, GPU and FPS. I'll use this notation: [CPU++ | GPU_ | FPS+], where "++" means "greatly increases", "_" means "no change" (or extremely minor change), and "+" means "slightly increases". Simiarly, "--" means "greatly decreases", and "-" means slightly decreases. For CPU and GPU, we're referring to usage, and for FPS we're referring to Frames Per Second gained (+) or lost (-).
Let's now tackle all in-game settings in order (in the Graphics settings menu). I'll also offer a brief description of what each setting does, if not immediately obvious from its name:
Screen Resolution [CPU_ | GPU++ | FPS-]: I recommend using the native resolution of your display (most typically: 720p, 1080p, 1440p). This setting has a high GPU impact, but is essential for spotting enemies. The lower your resolution, the more pixelated the image. So, at longer ranges, you won't be able to spot enemies at all. And, as mentioned in the "general" section, increasing GPU load is actually beneficial for game performance (if you don't overdo it!).
Screen Mode [???]: This isn't a setting that "increases" or "decreases", strictly speaking. However, prefer the "Fullscreen" option, as it uses the least system resources, and as such provides the best framerate. Note that there is a bug (haven't experienced it personally, but I know it exists) where the Screen Mode is "Fullscreen", but the game actually runs as "Borderless Fullscreen". This is bad, because this mode actually uses way more resources, and as such, an FPS loss is incurred. To ensure this is not the case, ALT+TAB back to the desktop. If you see the EFT window minimizing to the tray, then you're on true "Fullscreen". If not, then you're on "Borderless Fullscreen". If the latter happens, simply re-select "Fullscreen" in the menu, and hit "SAVE".
Aspect Ratio [???]: Nothing to tweak here, this simply determines which resolutions are available. The default should be ok, but if you can't find the Screen Resolution you want, check the Aspect Ratio, and see if you're on "16:9" or something else. All the resolutions I've listed above are under "16:9".
Vsync [CPU_ | GPU++ | FPS--]: Here's a good one. Always disable this. What vsync does, briefly, is that it prevents screen tearing. The EFT implementation of this, however, is not very good right now. Disable this, and enable other vsync options in your graphics card options. Both AMD and nVIDIA GPU software offer vsync options, and they both also offer enhanced vsync (Freesync and GSync), although they require a compatible monitor. Note: If your computer is powerful enough, enabling vsync in the in-game options, and disabling it from your GPU settings may remove the FPS limiter for the game, allowing you to get more than 120 FPS (which is the max in the in-game settings). This appears to be an engine bug, so don't count on it working - but it is a possiblity.
Overall Graphics Quality [CPU++ | GPU++ | FPS--]: This is a very coarse adjustment of all graphics options simultaneously. We're going to be customizing everything by hand, so don't bother with this.
Texture Quality [CPU_ | GPU++ | FPS_ or -]: Textures are the images projected on all in-game objects, giving them their actual apperance - otherwise everthing would be one solid color. The "blue grass" bug some of you might have encountered is a failure to render (display) the grass texture (and so you see the default blue appearence). This is a setting that you should adjust to match your GPU. Here's a rough guide:
-Potato-tier: GPU VRAM 1 GB -> Low (can you even play EFT with that GPU?)
-Low-tier: GPU VRAM 2 GB -> Medium (might also be able to use High+Texture Streaming, but don't count on it)
-Average-tier: GPU VRAM 4 GB -> High (if problems are encountered, use High+Texture Streaming)
-Good-tier: GPU VRAM 6 GB -> High (if problems are encountered, use High+Texture Streaming)
-God-tier: GPU VRAM 8 GB -> High
"High+Texture Streaming" is the same as "High", only a bit more efficient with using GPU VRAM. However, it can cause "pop-in" of the textures (i.e. a texture is very low-resolution one moment, then high-resolution the next). Use it if your GPU VRAM is 2 GB or more, and is completely maxed out. I've found EFT to never use more than 6 GB of VRAM, so if you've got that much or more, "High" is your clear best option. Otherwise, scale down as necessary.
Shadows Quality [CPU-- | GPU++ | FPS+]: This is a very tricky setting. As I've stated in the "general" section, some settings switch over to being CPU-rendered rather than GPU-rendered if you tweak them to "low". Shadows is one of these. Max this out as much as possible. Most GPUs should be able to handle "High" shadows. Check which one is the best by recording FPS changes when using each setting, then set to the one with the highest FPS gains.
Object LOD Quality [CPU+ | GPU+ | FPS-]: This controls how many distant objects are rendered on your screen. If you've ever seen a box/crate/bucket or whatever disappear from view if you move far enough away, this is why. In general, if you max this out, objects still disappear when you're far away, so you'll always run the risk of shooting at an enemy (player models always render) while they're behind an object that is invisible to you. As such, always keep this at its lowest setting, to minimize system load.
Overall Visibility [CPU_ | GPU_ | FPS_]: I believe this is equivalent to the "Draw Distance" setting of many other games (i.e. controls the maximum render distance). That said, I've noted minimal impact from this setting. I'd keep it at around 1000-1500.
Shadow Visibility [CPU_ | GPU+ | FPS-]: This controls the radius of the lighting "sphere" around the player, inside which lights and shadows are correctly rendered. Unfortunately, even though this looks the best when maxed out, it also means that shadows reach much further away for you, allowing enemies to hide in them more effectively. As such, and considering the fact that it does have a system impact, I'd keep this at the minimum setting, or around the half-way mark (100) if you want your game to look as good as it can without giving up too much in terms of firefight advantage.
Antialiasing [CPU+ | GPU++ | FPS-]: Antialiasing, or "AA", is a technique that attempts to reduce jagged edges in 3D rendered images. EFT supports the following AA algorithms: Fast Approximate AA (FXAA) and Temporal AA (TAA). The best performing one out of these is TAA, so enable that one. Use the normal setting (not the "TAA High") unless if your GPU is around RTX 2060 / RX 5700 performance or more, in which case you should use "TAA High". Do note that TAA generates visual artifacts near the edges of moving objects, so you might not like the look of it. In that case, FXAA gives good visual clarity, but with a bit more of a system impact.
Resampling [CPU_ | GPU++ | FPS--]: Resampling asks your system to render an image at a different resolution than the one you've selected to render at. You can sub-sample (i.e. render at a lower resolution), or super-sample (i.e. render at a higher resolution). If you sub-sample, you lose visual fidelity (essentially you've decreased the resolution), but you gain performance. If you super-sample, you gain visual fidelity (essentially increasing resolution, also rendering AA less necessary), but greatly impact system performance. Unless if your system is in the top 1% of PCs, I'd use "1x off" (if you do have a beast PC, try "2x supersampling"). Sub-sampling (i.e. 0.75x) is to be used if you are struggling to get a good framerate, and reducing the resolution helps. Instead of reducing the resolution (and losing visual fidelity in the main menu), try keeping the resolution at max, but sub-sampling. In this way, the in-game resolution will be decreased (and so you may get more frames), but the menus will still look ok when you're not in-raid (thanks for the correction, Splintert !)
HBAO [CPU_ | GPU+ | FPS-]: Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion essentially increases lighting realism. It doesn't have too much of a system impact. If you're already struggling, keep this off - it doesn't have too much of a visual impact. If you aren't struggling, max it out.
SSR [CPU_ | GPU+ | FPS-]: Screen-Space Reflection does what it says on the box - it makes reflective surfaces reflect world entities. If you enable it and go to the Interchange puddles underneath the overpass-in-construction, for example, you'll see the concrete pillars and sky being reflected in the water. This has a slight system impact, but adds a lot to the realism of the game. I'd enable this unless if you're struggling with frames. Gameplay-wise, it makes no difference - so feel free to disable it if you want every last frame.
Anisotropic Filtering [CPU_ | GPU_ | FPS_]: This simply dynamically changes the resolution of textures, so that they "blend" a bit better. It has a minimal system impact, so feel free to adjust it as you'd like. Even for low-end systems, I recommend keeping this at "on" or "per texture".
Sharpness [CPU_ | GPU_ | FPS_]: This increases the visual sharpness of each frame (think about how the image changes when you use painkillers - that's an increase in image sharpness). This has no impact in system performance, so adjust to your personal preference.
Lobby FPS Limit [???]: Max this out. It's the maximum FPS in the menu. No system impact in-game.
Game FPS Limit [CPU_ | GPU_ | FPS_]: This puts a cap on the in-game framerate. It's usually a good idea to put a cap, so that you don't overstress the GPU. I'd recommend setting the cap to be the same as the refresh rate of your monitor, or the highest value available (if your monitor has a very high refresh rate, i.e. 144 Hz or more).
Z-Blur [CPU+ | GPU+ | FPS-]: This makes anything that's not the focal point (i.e. background) look blurry. It's also known (afaik) as Depth of Field. This is relatively system-intensive, doesn't really add anything to the scene, and can be detrimental to gameplay. Always disable this.
Chromatic Aberration [CPU+ | GPU+ | FPS-]: This is a post-processing effect that adds colorful visual artifacts to the scene where appropriate. This is relatively system-intensive, doesn't really add anything to the scene, and can be detrimental to gameplay. Always disable this.
Noise [CPU+ | GPU+ | FPS-]: This is a post-processing effect that adds visual noise to a scene (think static on a TV). This is relatively system-intensive, doesn't really add anything to the scene, and can be detrimental to gameplay. Always disable this.
Grass Shadows [CPU++ | GPU++ | FPS---------]: This allows blades of grass to cast shadows. It absolutely wrecks system performance, and although it looks very nice, is not really worth enabling. Always disable this.
Game Settings
Head Bobbing [???]: Set this as low as it will go. It makes the camera move around when the character is in motion. It can cause motion sickness if set too high, and also makes it harder to see distant objects (like enemies waiting to clap you, for example).
Field of View (FOV) [CPU+ | GPU+ | FPS-]: Set this to at least 67. FOV in EFT is not horizontal (left-to-right), but vertical (top-to-bottom). 67 vertical FOV is equivalent to about 100 horizontal FOV. Here's a calculator. You want at least 67 FOV because that prevents eye-relief issues with certain scopes. Eye-relief is the black circle that can appear on the inside of a scope, obstructing your view. However, do note that the higher the FOV, the more "zoomed out" everything will appear. With minimum FOV, everything appears "zoomed in". This makes it easier to spot distant enemies and aim at them, but it shows you less of the map (essentially you have a smaller "window"). Note that increasing the FOV will increase system impact.
Automatic RAM cleaner: Enable this if you have 8 GB of system RAM or less (can you even play with less?). I've found EFT to use up a max of 10 GB of RAM (max at Reserve, then Interchange, and occasionally Shoreline). If you only have 8 GB, you might not even be able to play some of the more demanding maps (i.e. Reserve). Enabling the RAM cleaner allows for more efficient use of the RAM, minimizing the impact of your lack of memory.
Use only the physical cores: This is a complicated one to explain. Essentially, modern CPUs can run multiple processes simultaneously on each core. This is called "multithreading" or "hyperthreading". As such, each available process "thread" is essentially an extra core. However, the CPU has a certain number of actual, physical cores, each of which has either 1 or 2 threads. The 2nd thread, if available, does not correspond to a physical core, but a virtual one. If EFT runs on a thread tied to a virtual core, it can underperform. Enabling this option should prevent this possibility, although the setting is finnicky at best, and sometimes does nothing at all. To ensure it is enabled on each game restart, simply go to the "Game" menu and make sure the setting is on, then hit "SAVE" (regardless of whether you changed something or not). This should force the setting on. To validate, go to the Task Manager while the game is running, find EscapeFromTarkov.exe in the "Details" tab, right click and select "Set Affinity". If your CPU has hyperthreading/simultaneous multithreading, then you should see some CPUs deselected. If that's not the case, the setting is not running correctly, and you have to do this manually. Unfortunately, this is way beyond the scope of this guide. If you're tech savvy, you should be able to find info on this and fix it. If not, you shouldn't be tweaking this stuff in the first place.
Concluding Remarks:
Well, that's all folks! This should help you squeeze every last frame out of your machine. Of course, there are infinite different configurations possible with PCs, so you can get an infinite number of problems. This guide can't guarantee you good performance, but if you're not a victim of a fringe performance bug, you should be able to improve your FPS in EFT.
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Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 3, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 3, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
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  • 50,885 Cases (+906), 976 Deaths (+10)
  • New cases by county: 192x Jefferson, 89x Warren, 68x Fayette, 66x Madison, 25x Daviess, 21x Green, 20x Henderson, 20x Kenton, 19x Pulaski, 18x Union, 17x Franklin, 16x Hardin, 15x Jackson, 15x Logan, 12x McCracken, 12x Oldham, 11x Bell, 11x Calloway, 11x Campbell, 11x Scott, 10x Barren, 9x Bullitt, 9x Christian, 9x Crittenden, 8x Boyd, 8x Nelson, 7x Monroe, 6x Grayson, 6x Greenup, 6x Laurel, 6x Shelby, 6x Simpson, 5x Graves, 5x McLean, 4x Bourbon, 4x Casey, 4x Clay, 4x Estill, 4x Hancock, 4x Harlan, 4x Hart, 4x Knox, 4x Lewis, 4x Powell, 4x Rowan, 4x Todd, 4x Webster, 4x Whitley, 3x Adair, 3x Boone, 3x Carter, 3x Hopkins, 3x Letcher, 3x Marion, 3x McCreary, 3x Mercer, 3x Russell, 3x Trigg, 3x Washington, 2x Butler, 2x Carroll, 2x Jessamine, 2x Livingston, 2x Metcalfe, 2x Montgomery, 2x Muhlenberg, 2x Perry, 2x Pike, 2x Rockcastle, 2x Taylor, 2x Wayne, 1x Allen, 1x Anderson, 1x Ballard, 1x Bracken, 1x Breathitt, 1x Caldwell, 1x Cumberland, 1x Elliott, 1x Fleming, 1x Harrison, 1x Henry, 1x Hickman, 1x Johnson, 1x Larue, 1x Lincoln, 1x Magoffin, 1x Meade, 1x Morgan, 1x Ohio, 1x Owen, 1x Owsley, 1x Robertson, 1x Spencer, 1x Woodford
  • New deaths by county: 72 F Jefferson, 79 F Jefferson, 72 F Jefferson, 85 F Jefferson, 88 F Lewis, 76 M Lewis, 70 M Jefferson, 73 M Jefferson, 52 M Barron, 60 F Jefferson
  • (Dr. Stack) I've said this repeatedly. I'll say it again. There will not be a vaccine for virtually everybody this calendar year. I know that there's a press to make these timelines suggest we're going to have vaccines going out the door to people in October and November. Let me be very clear about this. Because of the nature of this disease and that vaccine, we will do our very best to review the evidence available so that we can recommend affirmatively to the people in Kentucky when it's safe to get a vaccine. There are some really good and incredible things that have been done to accelerate the progression for how quickly we can get a vaccine. But there are some corners that cannot be cut. When you give a vaccine to a healthy person, you have to ensure that you are not going to take a healthy person and hurt them. Vaccines are incredibly safe and are one of the modern miracles of medical science, and it's imperative that they continue to be safe. And so we have to finish those trials; there are no shortcuts. And so we have to see where we are each step along the way before we're going to recommend and then deploy those on Kentuckians. We're not here to experiment on you here. We're here to keep you safe and prevent illness and disease, but yes we are working very actively. We are well aware of the timelines, and we are an active collaboration along all three levels of government.
  • Dr. Stack: It's Labor Day weekend this weekend. It's the Oaks, and it's also the Kentucky Derby, all sorts of wonderful things we celebrate in our state. I hope you have time to spend time with friends and family and enjoy some nice weather, but please do it safely. This is exactly when people take their eye off the ball. This is when we get together for parties in our backyards and family from out of town comes together. People have a glass of wine or a glass of bourbon or Mint Julep, and they forget about the key things that we have to do in the middle of a global pandemic. So please watch your distance, wear your mask, and wash your hands. Please do those things so that we can enjoy each other, but stay safe. Though we may be at a plateau, we're going to, probably, we're on the track of a record total this week, which is not good. And that's a challenge. We’re at a higher level now, and if we take our eye off the ball, and it gets out of control, we could find ourselves much more easily and quickly in trouble. So please watch your distance, wash your hands, and wear your mask, and we can enjoy each other and do it safely.
  • Would you clarify the masking/distancing requirement. Do you have to have a mask if you’re at least 6ft apart or not? -- So if you are inside generally you ought to be wearing a mask. If you are at a Derby party, unless you can spread out really, really significantly, unless you have really good ventilation, we would highly recommend wearing a mask. If you're going to sit down to eat inside, again we'd suggest that you do it outside, but just spread out as far as you possibly can. We say six feet, more is better. And if you're unmasked inside- it's much better. If you are outside, and you can stay six feet apart, you don't have to have the mask on but if, if you're with more than 10 people, kind of in a confined space, let's be realistic- people are walking around and moving around and that means you're going to be putting it on and taking it off so if you keep the numbers at the right place. You can follow the rules to say stay safe a lot better. And I hope everybody's out there getting tested every so often to- that helps too.
  • Let’s be honest- what will it take for restaurants to reset capacity and get to 100%? -- The questions on restaurants and when we might see 100%. I've tried to be transparent with the people of Kentucky even when it's bad news. I don't see us hitting 100% of restaurant capacity until we have a vaccine. It's right now, the federal government and most of our counties, wants it to be at 25%.
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  • Good afternoon, it is Thursday at 4pm. We've all been together now four times this week, every day we have shown another school or school system that is stepping up to do their part, protect their kids, work to get back to in person classes. Today, it is Livingston County. We appreciate all of their efforts to educate all of our children to improve this Commonwealth as some of our most important job creators and to keep people safe during this difficult time. Our educators, everybody who works in those buildings have been incredible heroes during this taking care of the needs of kids when they're not coming into that building every day. Today's update it's really going to be in two parts. The first part we got some really good news about things going on in Kentucky, a whole lot going on, including a pretty special jobs announcement. And the second half where we talk about COVID it's going to be a lot different. Today, I think we have the third highest number of cases that we've had since the beginning, though, our positivity rate stays below five, and continues to drop, but it's important. It's important during these times that we also see the hope, the positivity, the new businesses investing in Kentucky, every single day and then there are some real special both projects and, and this jobs announcement today that I am pretty excited about.
  • So we're going to go through our first four pieces of news pretty quickly. They are all pretty exciting.
  • First, infrastructure recap. This morning we were able to announce grants to four Eastern Kentucky counties that are going to help ensure that people have clean drinking water or the infrastructure that they need to attract jobs. I believe that clean water is a basic human right. I've talked about working to make sure everyone in Kentucky has access to it and nowhere more than Eastern Kentucky, do some people, and even some businesses, lack that access. So in Floyd County, we announced the $248,955 grant for the ESCO bottom emergency waterline project. This is going to repair an outdated waterline. It'll extend 1,700 linear feet of water line to provide better drinking water for 15 area businesses and 300 households. This is the point that everybody counts. These 300 households will now be able to get clean, safe, reliable drinking water- that's progress and we're excited about it. Harlan County fiscal court getting $153,846 for their business park natural gas infrastructure project. They have an exciting business park down there- ready to attract more jobs to the area. The number one thing those businesses have asked for is to see that natural gas hookup ready and available before they agree to come. This is going to move Harlan much closer to attracting that next series of businesses. Paintsville in Johnson County, they're going to use a $1.5 million grant for the Paintsville-Johnson County Economic Development sewer expansion project. It’s going to extend a sewer line from the Paintsville wastewater treatment plant to the Honey Branch wastewater treatment plant. It's going to provide utility service for 10 area businesses and 75 households. Again, everybody counts, let's make sure that we have clean water and then the necessary sewer lines to everybody throughout this Commonwealth. And finally, Salyersville in Magoffin County. They're going to use a $453,580 grant for the Route 30 Pressure-Sewer Project. It's going to be one that provides reliable service to 3 area businesses 27 households and let me tell you with the Mountain Parkway and our effort and the dollars we are putting in to open up Eastern Kentucky, Salyersville and Magoffin County, and all these other counties, but with the expansion coming to Salyersville, to Magoffin County first. There are some really exciting things in the future, right there.
  • So those are four projects, even in the middle of COVID where we are providing the infrastructure to where we don't just rebuild we build better here in Kentucky. We make sure every area has the ability to compete for the jobs, we're going to talk about those today, to make sure they have bright futures for all of our children and no one is ever told they need to move to pursue a great opportunity.
  • Alright, second one, which is roads. Today, an exciting announcement for Monroe County of 3.8 miles of new road creating an alternative north-south route. The goal of the bypass is to relieve traffic congestion, reduce large commercial truck traffic in downtown Tompkinsville, and improve access to the industrial park. As you notice everything we are doing when we're investing during this is about the future, is about jobs, is about a better life. In addition to relieving congestion and large commercial vehicles in the downtown area, the new road provides more direct access to the east side medical and emergency health services. Construction began in November 2017. It's finished now- $28.5 million project and including numerous safety improvements. Congratulations to Monroe County, an area where sometimes they feel like they might not get these dollars coming from Frankfort. This is exciting. And again, it ensures every part of Kentucky has real opportunity.
  • I'm gonna flip the next two, that we were going to talk about. This came through this afternoon, really exciting. Nine Kentucky airports are going to receive more than $94 million dollars in grants. This is a huge amount of money coming into some of our largest, but also some of our growing, airports. They include airports in ETown, Gilbertsville, the Kentucky Dam State Park, the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, and of course huge things going on there with Amazon building one of its largest transportation air facilities in the world right there, Lewisport in Hancock County, of course, Lexington’s airport, Louisville's airport, Middlesboro, Paducah, the Barkley Regional Airport is getting a significant amount of dollars. You may remember before COVID, we announced an investment that was going to allow them to rebuild their terminal. It's really exciting with the investment that's going on there and this is going to help bring it to fruition- Open up Western Kentucky when you look at I-69, which we're committed to doing, you look at some other improvements they've made and then you give them a world class airport. Western Kentucky is poised to take off again so think about it. We talked about opportunity, wanting it everywhere, and today we've talked about western, eastern, and southern Kentucky. So pretty exciting.
  • Last part of our very first quick four things. You gotta vote. I think that right now we've had several hundred thousand Kentuckians request their absentee ballots. If you are concerned about COVID, about going into a polling location, worried that you could get it and be harmed, or spread it to someone who will be harmed, make sure to http://govoteky.com/ and get your absentee ballot. I think we have an opportunity to break every record for turnout here in Kentucky, because we have more options than ever before on how to vote, vote by absentee ballot vote, in the early voting which is three weeks out from the election, vote on election day. This is the bedrock principle of democracy. We've got I think 190,000 people that have had their voting rights restored for this election and every election after. This is an exciting time please. Please get out and vote.
  • Alright. Our next piece of great news today is about Wilde Brands, a new great Kentucky company. Today we're joined by Jason Wright founder and CEO of Wilde Brands and his team to announce the company's new 50 job manufacturing facility in Winchester. Their nearly $10 million investment and job creation are helping us to build, back, better. In addition to their role and making Kentucky's economy stronger in the future, Jason and his team are true innovators. Wilde Brands makes snack chips using all natural chicken breast. That's right, they've replaced the potato in potato chips. Their Wilde Chips are high protein and keto diet friendly. As an innovator, because he is, we talked about some of the machinery that they had to build and he's talking about trying these in his own kitchen. Jason conceptualized and oversaw the development of an industrial frying system specifically for animal protein chips- it's the only one in the world, and he holds the patent, so everybody out there will eventually be jealous, and they can come talk to you about that. The system is going to be installed in the company's new factory in Clark County meaning we're going to have it here in Kentucky, some of the newest technology renovations are underway and the Wilde Brands operation is on target to open late this year. One of the reasons Wilde Brands selected Kentucky for this project is Team Kentucky was able to move fast- it's one of the things we're talking to every business on when you're making a decision, and you're ready to start a new part of your company, you want to do it fast. I'm proud that team Kentucky is able to bring together multiple cabinets and agencies and to truly be responsive. Time’s money and speed was and remains paramount for this project. That's why today I'd like to also thank developers Ron and Patrick Tierney who quickly met the company's needs. Patrick's here with us today, got to talk a little bit about how this all came to fruition. But remember our developers aren't just in business on their own, they are selling Kentucky, they are selling their communities, they're selling opportunity every day, and we owe them a big round of thanks for the development that we see here today. With that, I'd like to turn it over to Jason Wright and his team to say a few words about their company, their new facility, and why they chose Kentucky, though the reason is pretty clear- I mean it's the greatest state in the United States.
  • Jason Wright takes over: Andy, that was well said I really appreciate it. Thanks for having us. You know we are super excited to be here in Kentucky. The Tierney’s you mentioned earlier, they were a big supporter and bringing us to Winchester and I'd like to thank them and you nailed it- speed was really a big part of this, as well as being centrally located, because you know talking about our equipment, you know, we were a small company we only have one, you know, or two big custom built fryers and it was important for us to be in a facility that we could get to the East coast and the West Coast, you know, within a day's drive. So Kentucky was really appealing to us but you know, Wilde- You said it best this never done before product is a product made of chicken breast and eats like potato chips. There's- we deliver 10 grams of protein, we have crazy flavor profiles, Nashville Hot, buffalo chicken, and waffle. And at the end of this year 100% of our products will be made here in the state of Kentucky. We'll also distribute and sell to Amazon and our direct to consumer business will go out of our Winchester facility. So excuse me, we're super excited. And the one note I like to say, is for the first time ever, pork chips will be introduced. And we will introduce them and they'll be made here for the first time in the state of Kentucky. And this product can be found from Whole Foods to Kroger and, and then other, you know, stores as we expand our distribution with this new 15,000 square foot facility.
  • One thing I'd like to note that we're going to create about 30 jobs this year, and we're looking to add about 50 to 75 plus in 2021. This will be my second home, you know I'm originally from South Carolina, I started the company in Boulder, Colorado, but we're moving 50% of the company now here to Kentucky.
  • Andy: Thank you, Jason. -- Jason: Thank you, Andy.
  • Andy takes over: And we're gonna work tirelessly to make sure we can get it that other 50% here, and we'll keep making sure that we're providing the very best offers, and, I can't wait until Jason, and then the other families involved get to see what it's like to live and work here.
  • Alright so, listen, lots of good things going on in Kentucky. And no one's pausing everything we need to do, just because of COVID, but COVID is a one in every hundred year epidemic, and we got to take it seriously. And we're seeing a rough week this week. While our positivity rate is going down where we got a lot of testing going on, which is a real positive. We're just seeing some, some high numbers.
  • Positive cases today: 906 - that's our third highest total since the very beginning.
  • Probable cases: 4,719
  • Total confirmed cases: 50,885
  • Children Under 18: 124
  • New cases by county: We have 95 counties with at least one COVID case today. That shows how widespread it is, I'm just going to read the double digit ones, and that's even going to take some time. 192x Jefferson, 89x Warren, 68x Fayette, 66x Madison, 25x Daviess, 21x Green, 20x Henderson, 20x Kenton, 19x Pulaski, 18x Union, 17x Franklin, 16x Hardin, 15x Jackson, 15x Logan, 12x McCracken, 12x Oldham, 11x Bell, 11x Calloway, 11x Campbell, 11x Scott, 10x Barren, 9x Bullitt, 9x Christian, 9x Crittenden, 8x Boyd, 8x Nelson, 7x Monroe, 6x Grayson, 6x Greenup, 6x Laurel, 6x Shelby, 6x Simpson, 5x Graves, 5x McLean, 4x Bourbon, 4x Casey, 4x Clay, 4x Estill, 4x Hancock, 4x Harlan, 4x Hart, 4x Knox, 4x Lewis, 4x Powell, 4x Rowan, 4x Todd, 4x Webster, 4x Whitley, 3x Adair, 3x Boone, 3x Carter, 3x Hopkins, 3x Letcher, 3x Marion, 3x McCreary, 3x Mercer, 3x Russell, 3x Trigg, 3x Washington, 2x Butler, 2x Carroll, 2x Jessamine, 2x Livingston, 2x Metcalfe, 2x Montgomery, 2x Muhlenberg, 2x Perry, 2x Pike, 2x Rockcastle, 2x Taylor, 2x Wayne, 1x Allen, 1x Anderson, 1x Ballard, 1x Bracken, 1x Breathitt, 1x Caldwell, 1x Cumberland, 1x Elliott, 1x Fleming, 1x Harrison, 1x Henry, 1x Hickman, 1x Johnson, 1x Larue, 1x Lincoln, 1x Magoffin, 1x Meade, 1x Morgan, 1x Ohio, 1x Owen, 1x Owsley, 1x Robertson, 1x Spencer, 1x Woodford
  • And then, you know, the list today is three pages long. It'll be on the website. Don't be fooled. It's in your community. Make sure you do what it takes to protect yourself, protect your family, and ultimately protect people that you don't even know so that you're not spreading this. And I know we're asking a lot, you know I look back and as governor, one of the things that you do is you travel, you have all the different means to travel. Before this, we were traveling at least twice a week, being all across Kentucky celebrating some real exciting news that was out there. And I'm really not doing that at the moment because I'm trying to live by the suggestions that I'm making to everybody else. But I'm also a dad. I'm a husband and I want to do what it takes to make sure I'm protecting my family too. We need everybody else out there to be thinking about it that way as well. So please do what it takes.
  • Total tests conducted: 902,446 (PCR: 839,705, Serology: 47,516)
  • Positivity Rate: 4.53% - Our positivity rate though has actually gone down since yesterday because we had a significant amount of tests come in, and that's good. We want that right under five we really want it under four and if we can push it down even further. But we definitely want less overall cases too. There are two metrics that we're looking at, at the same time, we are thankful for the number of tests because it lets us react better and make sure that we can do the quarantines that are necessary and prevent it from spreading even more. But I do think it shows that we're probably being a little more lax in our daily lives than we should be right now. 906 cases used to be unfathomable here in Kentucky and now we're seeing it more often than we ever wanted to, let's make sure that we do something about it. So, you know, wear your masks, Livingston County is doing it, stay six feet apart, and as Dr Stack will talk about, make sure you're really careful this weekend. It's a time when we could have major spread in the virus, let's make sure that it's not.
  • Total hospitalized: 4,684
  • Currently hospitalized: 568
  • Total in ICU: 1,403
  • Currently in ICU: 132
  • On a ventilator:
  • Total recovered: 10,547
  • New deaths today: 10 - This week is gonna be probably the single largest week we've had for losing Kentuckians.
  • Total Deaths: 976
  • New deaths by county: 72 F Jefferson, 79 F Jefferson, 72 F Jefferson, 85 F Jefferson, 88 F Lewis, 76 M Lewis, 70 M Jefferson, 73 M Jefferson, 52 M Barron, 60 F Jefferson
  • Again we see all different types of counties. We have people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s on today's report so in your 50s, your parents in your 60s, 70s, and 80s you may be grandparents. So, again, let's have those green lights. Let's honor those we've lost. There are a lot of people this week, a lot of families that are going to need us. Let's make sure we're there for them. ring those bells at 10am. You know, these families don't have the option of being tired. They don't. So we can't be tired either we got to be there for him.
  • Racial breakdown of all cases: 79.92% Caucasian, 12.13% Black or African-American, 1.80% Asian, 5.62% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all cases: 87.89% non-Hispanic and 12.11% Hispanic
  • Racial breakdown of all deaths: 83.31% Caucasian, 13.10% Black or African-American, 1.23% Asian, 2.35% Multiracial
  • Ethnicity breakdown of all deaths: 96.39% non-Hispanic and 3.61% Hispanic
  • A couple of the areas where we break down information. And folks, please, please go to the website: http://kyCOVID19.ky.gov/ I got a letter from some folks, I knew some of the folks on it, really intelligent people, but didn't know of half the cases in their field that are all published online. You can go, if you want to look at long term care, if that's where you are, click on it and get detailed information facilities. If about your schools, you can go and you can click and you can see information about specifically where cases have been. And that's really important to know if they're in your county or in your backyard so please http://kyCOVID19.ky.gov/ We're asking more of people as we go forward. More decisions to be made by our leaders, our local, and our school leaders- and we just need to make sure that you are actually looking at the information and the data that's up there. Because we all know if we have more and better data we make better decisions and we are always trying to work to provide it in a better form. One of the reasons we're still trying to work on a faster dashboard for schools is our data because of what has to go through trails several days, if not sometimes more. And if you're operating a facility in a certain city you probably want to know pretty quickly what else is going on out there. So we're working really hard on making that happen so that we can meet our goal, which I anticipate we will have kids back in class on September the 28th.
  • Long Term Care Facilities: 28 new residents and 26 new staff positive from yesterday, and 5 more deaths.
    • Total facilities: 311
    • Total deaths: 563
    • Active cases: 582 residents, 379 staff
    • Total cases: 3537 residents, 2143 staff
  • K-12 Update (PDF): 67 new students and 22 new faculty/staff positive from yesterday, 44 new schools.
    • Total facilities: 250
    • Active cases: 273 students, 102 faculty/staff
    • Total cases: 433 students, 121 faculty/staff
  • That means they again it doesn't mean that their school is necessarily in person or not, you can go to the website, you can click on it you can see it by school district, you can see it by actual school you can see active cases, versus previous cases, you have all of that information at your fingertips. And again, 44- 44 new schools have at least one positive case that has been associated with them. Again, it might not be active. When you look at the active cases versus the total cases, you'll see that not all of them are active. Now, we are working on trying to address this issue of numbers of recovered individuals. We just don't know enough about this virus. We have people that are still, they don't appear to be infectious, but they're still suffering months later so what does it mean to be recovered. I think one thing we're working on is perhaps whether it is active or inactive meaning the virus can be spread. But I don't want to present a false sense of security saying that people are just recovered when it appears that you can have complications, even when you're no longer infectious and maybe when you haven't had complications for several months. That's us trying to make sure we are presenting the data in a scientific and honest way, and it's this piece on what word is used there. It's difficult, it's a challenge as we're learning more.
  • University Update (PDF): 69 new students and 2 new faculty/staff positive from yesterday, 1 new school.
    • Total facilities: 30
    • Active cases: 675 students, 23 faculty/staff
    • Total cases: 1366 students, 56 faculty/staff
  • With that, I will turn it over to Dr Stack, he has a little and then we will get to questions.
  • (Dr. Stack takes over.) Thank you, Governor. Good afternoon, everyone. I actually have a longer list of things to go over today for the reporters here and the ones at home. Hopefully there's some stuff you can convey from here because these questions keep coming up. I'm going to do something I don't normally do. We have some reporter questions here that I'm going to tack on to the press conference to do it. The first one has to do with COVID-19 vaccination. The question that came in, in this instance, was from Selena from NPR, and the questions had to do with the coordination with the federal rollout of the vaccine, creating distribution centers, the timelines which are short, as they are presented. I wanted to put this in context. So, the Kentucky Department for Public Health and partnership with the Kentucky Emergency Management Agency and others, and local health departments, are working to create our plans in partnership with the federal government, the state government, and the local government so that when a safe and reliable vaccine is available, we can deploy that in a timely manner to everybody who's eligible for it. There are some things I want to mention about this though:
  • I've said this repeatedly. I'll say it again. There will not be a vaccine for virtually everybody this calendar year. I know that there's a press to make these timelines suggest we're going to have vaccines going out the door to people in October and November. Let me be very clear about this. Because of the nature of this disease and that vaccine, we will do our very best to review the evidence available so that we can recommend affirmatively to the people in Kentucky when it's safe to get a vaccine. There are some really good and incredible things that have been done to accelerate the progression for how quickly we can get a vaccine. But there are some corners that cannot be cut. When you give a vaccine to a healthy person, you have to ensure that you are not going to take a healthy person and hurt them. Vaccines are incredibly safe and are one of the modern miracles of medical science, and it's imperative that they continue to be safe. And so we have to finish those trials; there are no shortcuts. And so we have to see where we are each step along the way before we're going to recommend and then deploy those on Kentuckians. We're not here to experiment on you here. We're here to keep you safe and prevent illness and disease, but yes we are working very actively. We are well aware of the timelines, and we are an active collaboration along all three levels of government.
  • Next question l crossed had a question about testing. There's been a lot of discussion about the various types of tests, pivoting in strategies, trying to get more rapid tests, maybe a little less reliable but rapid and more easily available to people across different settings, not just elaborate in a hospital but perhaps at home or in schools and other locations. There's some exciting science and exciting possibilities in this. There really are, and we're actively working on those things. I do want to put that in context, though. So, we have typically relied on the health care system to provide medical testing and for people to get tests. That is almost always how we get our medical evaluations. There are some instances where you can go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test, or perhaps buy a HIV test. There are some conditions for which the Food and Drug Administration has approved, that the test is safe enough, reliable enough, and someone can properly interpret the result that it's safe to release it to the public. We're in the middle of a global pandemic. And we are having tests approved in ways and at a rate that has not been done before. The standard for approval has been lowered, the types of approval, are not necessarily always even approval. They’re tolerance or acceptance of the existence of a test, which is not the same thing as scientifically rigorous approval, and I don't say that to undermine confidence in these things. I've said consistently all along this, that there are some tests that are ready for primetime and you should have great confidence in that. The laboratory provided PCR tests; polymerase chain reaction tests are incredibly reliable; and we've got some wonderful laboratory service providers here in the state and hospitals doing great work. The challenge with those is they take a little more time and sometimes they take too long in other states. Kentucky, for the most part, we do pretty well there.
  • There are other tests, like the Abbott ID Now, which is a point of care test for Molecular diagnostic tests like a PCR version. And then there's antigen tests and now there's multiple platforms for them that are approved so far. Those are all useful in the right setting, but you have to know when. Those are better used on people with active symptoms and disease. They're more reliable then, but you may miss people without symptoms, in the asymptomatic populations. It doesn't mean they're not useful, just means you have to use them properly. And so we're going to continue to advise the right place, the right time, and how you can use those safely. And then there's those little chips that you may have seen. There's a new Abbott chip, and the federal government says they're going to distribute millions of those to states in the very near future. And we're very grateful for that resource. I think that's a good example of the federal government providing resources, but how we use them matters. So all you hear, a lot of times, and this is not a criticism of the media; it's just the leveling of the reporting that is appropriate, is it's a $5 test and anyone can do it. But the approval document for the test says it has to be done in a CLIA-waived laboratory, or by a CLIA-waived laboratory. Well, there's no K through 12 school in the state that's a CLIA-waived laboratory and so there's a lot of other complexities that go with this and then even if we get an initial shipment of these, the company can only produce so many. So you can do a one off test but you can't sustain it if you can't buy the materials and continue it past the initial trial. So, none of this is intended to discourage us from finding innovative ways to try to manage the disease and get us back to work faster and keep people safe. But I do think it's very important, and I hope you've come to have confidence and rely on what I and we say here that we will continue to try to advise you based on the good science and the availability of these resources, so we can keep people safe.
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