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Digimon Movie COMING to Southern Maryland {Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna}

On Wednesday, March 25th{2020} at 7pm{EST}:
The RC Theatres "Lexington Exchange Movies 12"{in California, MD} will be hosting the Fathom Event Showing for the Latest Movie in the Digimon series~ Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna
Unlike the Previous Showing of "Weathing With You" at this Theater{Which had around 100 People Show Up, wow!}; This Movie WILL Be in Japanese with English Subtitles provided
Fathom Events Movie Listing can be Found Here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/digimon-adventure-kizuna?date=2020-03-25
& the RC Theatres Website{Listed for March 25th} Here: https://www.rctheatres.com/location/39149/Lexington-Exchange-Movies-12-Showtimes/2020-03-25
~This Movie, Canonically, Takes Place after the First 2 Seasons of the Original Digimon Series; as the Same group of Kids ask to save the Digital World{The Home of the Digimon}, are now Grown Up and dealing with new Problems arising from it. Even If you're unfamiliar with the Series; Movies like these can typically serve as a "standalone" story to anyone wishing to see them; meaning you don't need to know Everything about Digimon to Enjoy the Movie.
~That Said, Once Again: The Audio Language for this Movie Will be Japanese. To Some People, that is the "Preferred" method to watching these type of Movies because of the Amount of Talent, Emotion and Effort put in by the Original Voice Actors; While Some People Don't want to "Read a Movie". In Other-words: This Movie May not be for Everyone; However, If you Know someone who may be Interested or Grew Up Watching Digimon as a "Saturday Morning Cartoon", Please Let them Know!
submitted by gDeckon to SOMD

All the Major Released JRPG Translation Projects Guide! [2018 to July 2020]

Another day another guide, here is one I have always wanted to do, but didn't have time for, a translation oatch guide for the big releases that happened in the past 2 years or so for JRPGs, also know that This isn't ALL of them, just the ones I found note worthy, and there is still more but I ran out of space, but please do post anyone you think should have been here. I hope you find this helpful.

Important Notes:

  • Each title will include links to the translation group site if avilable, and/or to the romhacking project page.
  • Each title will also include links to a youtube trailer or gameplay footage.
  • The descriptions are either taken from the project pages (romhacking), the translation group website, or are written by me in case they had no description in either websites.
  • The dates are for the patch release, and Not the game's release.
  • Credits to individuals from each translation team are either in the project pages, or the translation group website.
  • I would like to thank all the people involved in these translation projects, for their hard work and love for the community.

Translation Projects Released in 2018:

Asuncia: Matsue no Jubaku - PS1 - 09 January 2018.

Asuncia: Matsue no Jubaku is a role playing game for the PlayStation.
An odd sort of RPG, with a simple storyline. Its strategic elements involve fighting your way through a series of randomly generated maps. You earn a score by protecting towns, defeating dungeons, defeating monsters in specific combinations and such. Through the Story Mode, you unlock characters and levels for the quick battle mode.

Shin Seikoku: La Wares - SNES - 14 February 2018:

In this 1995 J-Force-developed, Yukata-published RPG you get a fairly unique mix of medieval fantasy combined with mecha armour. The game is an official adaptation of popular Japanese pen and paper RPG brand Wares Blade, featuring Golems (mechs) from an ancient civilization that can only be piloted by certain people and shape the entire concept of civilization and warfare. The combat takes place in a Dragon Quest/Phantasy Star first-person viewpoint, but it's divided into classic party combat in the dungeons and Golem combat in boss fights and over-world encounters.
The game starts with a plot by a shady bunch to revive one of the eight sacred Golems and the unlikely pair of main protagonists: The young bandit Chiffon and tomboy princess Michelda. You can sample the new English translation in the prologue below. If the characters and box artwork style look familiar, you are probably a Sailor Moon fan. No, those designs are not just inspired by Kazuko Tadano, those are her actual creations! She was part of the team working in the game and these certainly translate her style very well.

MegaMan Battle Network Operate Star Force - NDS - 22 February 2018:

Rockman EXE Operate Star Force was originally released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in 2009. It never saw a statewide release. It’s generally regarded as a low-effort port of the first Battle Network, but with a Star Force crossover scenario tacked on. Despite this reputation, the game still improves the first Battle Network in many ways such as various minor text, graphic, and balance changes throughout the game. The game also includes the new multi-player Star Colo mode.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails To Azure - PSP - 28 February 2018:

Eiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki is a turn-based role playing game for the PlayStation Portable and is the fifth entry in Falcom’s Kiseki franchise and the direct sequel to Zero no Kiseki.

Importnat Note:

The translation group The Geofront, who did "Trails from Zero", are working on translating this game too, Here is a link to their website page, and I am told their releases are of higher quality than this one, in case you want to wait.

Atelier Marie+Elie: The Alchemists of Salburg-Episodes 1 & 2 - PS2 - 18 March 2018:

A remaster of the two first titles in the Gust’s Atelier series, Atelier Marie: The Alchemist of Salburg, and Atelier Elie: The Alchemist of Salburg 2, which features redrawn and improved graphics, a reworked graphical interface, and redone mini-games.
In Atelier Marie, the worst student in the Academy, Marlone, is given a final chance by her teacher Ingrid to graduate by making a special item in a span of five years. Therefore, Marie will have to adventure throughout the lands surrounding Salburg to find ingredients to synthesize items, take requests from the local bar to make money, and make friends with the adventurers that will escort her through the monster-filled lands.
In Atelier Elie, a newly-enrolled student called Elfir must overcome the fact that she entered the Academy under special conditions by proving herself as a capable alchemist in the Contest the Academy holds once a year, while also looking for clues about the person who saved her life when she was about to die from the plague. In addition to traveling around Salburg, Elfir’s journeys in search of ingredients will take her to even more distant places, with even more items to find and more people to meet.

Digimon Adventure - PSP - 23 March 2018:

Digimon Adventure is a JRPG that follows the first season of the Digimon anime. A group of kids get caught up in a freak snowstorm, and are transported to the Digital World. There they meet some strange monsters named Digimon and try to find their way back to the real world.

G.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe - SNES - 01 April 2018:

The year is 1999. A boy named Gen lives together with his mother in a small Japanese city. One day he goes to the nearby mountains and discovers an underground cave. In this cave, he encounters a strange bat-like creature guarding what appears to be a huge diamond. When Gen approaches the diamond, the floor crumbles, and all he can see is a group of aliens descending on the Earth… Gen is awakened by a man in a military uniform. He quickly gets up, and notices a calendar. The year is 2009! Ten years have passed, of which there is no recollection in Gen’s memory. The world has changed a lot during those years. Aliens have invaded the Earth, many cities are destroyed, and he finds himself amidst the members of an underground resistance movement. Now he has to travel all over the world, help the humans in their struggle, and discover the secret of the invasion.
The game is a console-style RPG with randomly encountered enemies whom you fight in turn-based combat viewed from “over-the-shoulder” perspective, similar to Phantasy Star IV. Gen and other party members develop special powers called “chakra”, which can be leveled up just like the characters themselves.

Last Bible III - SNES - 12 April 2018:

The Last Bible series of games began on the Game Boy as a spinoff of the Megami Tensei franchise. Instead of the usual near-future apocalypse setting, Last Bible’s setting is closer to light medieval fantasy. Combat is turn-based, and retains the Megaten standard of being able to persuade enemies to join your team, as well as fusing them together to create stronger beasts.

Super Robot Taisen A Portable - PSP - 19 June 2018:

The story is independent from other entries, so the game can be played regardless of whether you have played Original Generation for instance. You will however play as either Axel or Lamia, whose stories are more fleshed out here than in the GBA entries. As is the tradition in Super Robot Wars, the story branches on some occasions to invite you to multiple playthroughs.
The game features a special “evasion erosion” mechanism, and enemies with a lot of evasion. This has made fans consider this game as one of the harder entries in the Super Robot Wars series.
Other game features include (skippable) battle animations with voices, in-battle and in-dialog save options, multiple spirits casting in a single action, multiple pilots for some of the bigger mechs.
This is actually a PlayStation Portable remake of the Game Boy Advance game with the same title (without “Portable”). Some of the features mentioned above were not present on its GBA counterpart, and the graphics are obviously higher res’ and re-done.

Super Famicom Wars - SNES - 21 July 2018:

The immediate ancestor to the beloved turn-based tactics game Advance Wars, Super Famicom Wars is a turn-based military strategy game developed by Intelligent Systems, published by Nintendo and first released on May 1 1998. It can be regarded as the direct successor to the original Famicom Wars, vastly improving on the original game while retaining its core ideas. The game was made available exclusively via the Nintendo Power re-writable cartridge system, making it one of the hardest Super Famicom titles to obtain today.
During the months prior to its Nintendo Power release several teasedemo versions of Super Famicom Wars were released on the Satellaview broadcast service, each featuring one map from the full game. Super Famicom Wars have later been re-released on Wii and Wii U as part of the Virtual Console library, again exclusively in Japan.
While most fans will agree that the series made huge improvements with each consecutive game at least up until the first Advance Wars title, Super Famicom Wars does offer a few unique features and enough original flavor to make it stand out as a great game in its own right.

Aretha - SNES - 03 September 2018:

In a far away land, war was raging, as an evil ruler sent his troops to invade the castle of a mighty king. His minions stormed the castle and burnt it down. The king could not escape his fate, and the villain thought no one was spared by his wrath...
Present time. You are Ariel, a little girl who lives with her old wise grandmother in a small house near a mountain range, north to the forest. She just turned ten, and the grandmother sends her on a seemingly simple quest: to go through the forest to Nineveh, the nearby town, and to meet there a certain person. But what starts as a simple assignment soon develops into the quest for magic powers of Aretha, the ultimate battle against the evil, and the discovery of Ariel's own true identity.
The game is a console-style RPG, where Ariel and her party travel on the world map, through forests, mountain paths, and caves, occasionally visiting towns and fighting monsters in turn-based combat viewed from first-person perspective, using a variety of physical and special attacks.
Important Note: The 2nd game, Aretha 2 was also translated and released by the same group, you can find the patch in the same gourp's website.

Super Robot Wars Gaiden: The Elemental Lords - Masoukishin - SNES - 04 September 2018:

Super Robot Wars Gaiden follows the original story of Masaki Andoh, herald of the Elemental Lord Cybuster, both before and after events of the original Super Robot Wars canon (SRW 2, 3, EX, 4.) It is the first Super Robot War to only contain original characters and plots, the first (and one of the few) to have its robots represented in a realistic, non-SD style, the first to be isometric. It and its followups are the only SRWs to feature directional and height modifiers to damage and accuracy calculations. Due to its nature as an original story, and due to it taking place at the very beginning of Masaki’s timeline, it serves as an excellent entry point into the Super Robot Wars series.

Laplace no Ma - SNES - 06 September 2018:

Laplace’s Demon is a horror RPG with a Lovecraftian bent. Set in the fictional town of Newcam, Massachusetts in 1924, the player and several paranormal investigators look into some disturbing rumors surrounding a mansion on the outskirts of town.

Tenshi no Uta: Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori - SNES - 14 October 2018:

Song of the Angel was a game released in 1994 by Telnet Japan and had many of the developers who would eventually form the famous ‘Wolf Team’ that brought us Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean! Many musical tracks were also done by the same composer too. Play the game, and the music and atmosphere will be very familiar to fans of the aforementioned games. Even though the game is rather obscure, its developers certainly are not!
The gameplay is the typical 1994 RPG battle engine, with a few additions. The most notable addition is the Parley system. This system allows you to parley with monsters using several languages in order to befriend or negotiate outcomes. Options include gaining gold, purchasing special items, gaining experience, raising friendship points, and more! There are day/night cycles that effect dialog as well as changing wares in certain shops. You will walk, teleport, sail on a boat, and fly on an ancient ark by the time your adventure concludes.
Tenshi No Uta is a love story at its core. A young man named Rayard meets a traveling circus performer and songstress named Callana. They fall in love early, but part ways due to Callana’s traveling lifestyle. After many days of misery, Rayard pulls himself together and sets out to tell Callana how he really feels. Thus, the real journey begins! This game has angels, demons, and even Satan himself! The story and writing are the stand-outs of this game. If you appreciate substance over style, you’ll enjoy this game for its charming core!

7th Dragon 2020-II - PSP - 22 October 2018:

7th Dragon 2020-II is a direct sequel to 7th Dragon 2020. Producer Rieko Kodama (Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia), composer Yuzo Kushiro (Streets of Rage, Etrian Odyssey) and character designer Shirow Miwa (Dogs, Kiznaiver) return, as does Hatsune Miku herself.
It is essentially a dungeon crawler in a world control by dragons, but of course it adds it's own twist to the formula. You get to create your own party members (gendeclass/ect...).

Shin Megami Tensei if... - SNES - 25 October 2018:

The third primary SNES Shin Megami Tensei title, if... is a bit of an odd duck. Gone are the sweeping stories of biblical conflict, gone are the branching stories based on your choices and alignment, though your alignment is still present. Instead, if tells the story of a disturbed teenager who makes a deal with a demon, and in doing so drags his school, his classmates, and his teachers into the Abyss, where they are subjected to various tortures modeled after the seven deadly sins. Instead of having path splits based on alignment, individual changes to your story are determined by which of four partners you recruit at the very beginning of the game, one of whom is only available on subsequent playthroughs. The more character-oriented plot and the high school setting almost makes this feel more like a Persona game (or a Devil Summoner game, if you discount the high school bits) than a mainstream SMT.
In fact, there are distinct parallels that can be drawn between if and the Persona games, especially the first one. The plots are somewhat similar, for one - the final dungeons in both games are essentially the creations of one of the main characters´ psyches. The female version of if...´s main character is canonically Tamaki Uchida, who shows up in Persona 1 as a student and in Persona 2 as a Devil Summoner employed by the Kuzunoha Detective Agency. And whenever the protagonist or partner characters die, they acquire a new "Guardian," a demon whose darkened image sits behind their portrait and that grants them spells and stat bonuses... sound familiar? Unlike personas however, Guardians cannot be freely swapped or fused; a character unfortunately needs to be killed in battle in order to receive a new Guardian.

Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis - SNES - 09 December 2018:

The 2nd game in the series, and it's like the first one, but just with more everything, and more focus on the story this time around, as for the story, will demons invade and you know the drill.
Of course just as the first game, this is a Fire Emblem like turn-based game, think Devil Survivor, but years before it, so its not far fetched to see this is the original Devil survivor game.

Ni no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi - NDS - 09 December 2018:

The Original Ni Nu Kuni that came before the PS3 version, and while it ends earlier then where the PS3 version ends, it still has exclusive content to compensate, it has a unique turn-based battle system, a magic system that uses the styles and needs you to read through the magic book that was given with the game. The book was also translated of course.

.hack//LINK - PSP - 15 December 2018:

.hack//Link's story starts in a new version of “The World,” a popular series of MMORPGs known as The World: RX, and essntially it's a kind of a crossovefan-service action game rpg for all the different .hack games, you'll meet and join all the famouse and well known characters from the games in the series.

Translation Projects Released in 2019:

Linkle Liver Story - Sega Saturn - 02 January 2019:

This is an action RPG, though it's light on the RPG part, the gampelay is similar to Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but with some really good looking and smooth animations.

Medarot R - PS1 - 23 May 2019:

Medarot R is an RPG starring the characters of the Medabots franchise.
The battles take place on a separate field and they are turn-based. Each Medabot has separate health bars for the legs, arms and the head. Defeating a medabot is done by destroying the head part and each body part can have its own attack that players can use until the part has been destroyed. Up to 3 Medabots can take part in combat and some attacks have a limited ammo.
While sharing the characters from the Anime series, the story is loosely based on it and the story of the second Game Boy game. The game starts with Ikki waking up on his birthday to find a Medabot in his room - a present from his parents. Without a medal though, the Medabot is useless. After witnessing a customer at the store trying to sell his Medabot to the storekeeper, Ikki is engaged in a battle with the customer and receives a medal from the Phantom Renegade so he could confront the pesky salesman.
Players will gain experience to level up their medals, as well as win new parts for their Medabots after winning battles. Players can also spend money on parts if they want to.
A unique feature of the game is the Weather Forecast which is given by a Medabot and which offers hints on what would happen during the day. (Description taken from the Moby Games page)

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776- SNES - 31 May 2019:

It's The last Fire Emblem game to be made by the series original creator Shouzou Kaga, if you haven't played a Shouzou Kaga Fire Emblem game then you are missing out on what made the series so good to begin with, number wise it's the 5th FE game. It takes place between chapter 5 and 8 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, and it attempts to improve on it while changing and adding new feature that since have become a stable of the series, also fun fact, Genealogy of the Holy War is considered by most fans to be one of the best FE games ever made.
While it doesn't have the gigantic maps that FE: Genealogy of the Holy War had with it's multi-castle capturing objectives, they are still big by today's standards and they traded in the extra size for more intricate map designs. It's the First FE game to have the Rescue system, which one unit basically takes another unit and drags it with it, it's used to take out units that are in danger of dying out of combat, and to protect weaker units.
The First FE game to have the Capture system. First FE game to have Fog of War, increasing the difficulty even further because you never know what's ahead of you while moving, and can run into enemies at any time.
First FE game to have the Fatigue system. The First FE game to have Gaiden Chapters, which are Extra chapters that are unlocked by meeting specific requirements in the previous chapter, where the player can get a new item or characters, and learn more about the story. The First FE game to have Escape chapters, which are chapters where you have to run away while while fighting unlimited amounts of enemy reinforcements, also your units can be captured in these chapters, and if they were, they can still be rescued in the Gaiden Chapters. First FE game to have Weapon Ranks along with Genealogy of the Holy War , but it is the first game where you are be able to increase the ranks by gaining weapon experience.
Finally, this is a challenging game, if you are used to the current FE style, then don't go into this expecting the same hand holding you get in the current FE games, seriously this game is considered to be one of, if not, the hardest game in all of the FE series.

Majin Tensei - SNES - 09 August 2019:

The first ever spin-off for the SMT series, and the 2nd SMT game ever (after Shin Megami Tensei) to be developed by Atuls.
With a story that follows closely the Manga by the same name, it's actually a Strategy turn-based game, similar to the Devil Survivor series, but with gameplay closer to Fire Emblem.
The story has multiple Endings, and while it might not as heavy on story as others in the series, it makes it for it with gameplay. But either way, if you're a fan of the series, this isn't one you want to miss.

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED - NDS - 13 October 2019:

The SRWOG Saga: Endless Frontier series, is a JRPG spinoff of the famous SRW series made for the DS, by Banpresto and co-developed Monolith Soft (Xenoblade/Xenosaga), but with a completely different combat system and universe.
To put it simply, if you ever played Namco X Capcom or Project x Zone, then you'll immediately be familiar with the concept of this game, to put it simply, it's a crossover game with characters from different games are teleported into the world of the Endless Frontier, a world that is already made out of a combination of multiple worlds connected via Gates. Of course this is a very bare idea of the games world, but it's enough for you to get the idea. Though the amount of game series that are in this crossover world are only 3 (excluding the Endless Frontier), SRW OG, Xenosaga, and Namco X Capcom.
The game's combat system is a mix of traditional turned based combat and a very well done Combo juggling System, probably the best version of this combat system right now, it's tweaked and balanced to maximize the fun value of the system, and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, BAM! comes SRWOG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed to blow you away, sadly only the first one was offically released in English, but here comes Artema Translations to save the day, enjoy.

Hero Senki: Project Olympus - SNES - 24 December 2019:

Hero Senki is a crossover RPG. It is similar in style to Super Robot Wars but features tokusatsu characters such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman alongside Gundam characters. It is also the first appearance of Gilliam Jaeger, a dimension-hopping traveler who goes on to appear in several Super Robot War titles.

Mega Man Battle Network 4.5: Real Operation - GBA - 28 November 2019:

An outlier in the series, lacking the traditional story and battle system that players had come to expect. The game places you in the role of the operator; instead of controlling just MegaMan, you can choose from over 20 different NetNavis to play. In battle, you don’t control your Navi directly, but they move on their own, and you are restricted to sending them commands and BattleChips. The game featured a Real-Time Clock, and its slimmed-down single player campaign revolved around an Internet that changes in real-time, even while the game is shut off.

Sakura Wars - Sega Saturn - 18 December 2019:

Sakura Wars is a Tactical Mecha JRPG, but this one is more of a dating-sim/JRPG hybrid, while it does have mecha combat, the focus of the game is split between playing through a VN/dating-sim like gameplay where you make choices and decisions that will affect your relationships with the rest of the female cast of your party, while the other half of the game is a really satisfying ass kicking mecha action, and this game doesn't hold back because you can use killing moves galore, the whole combat is really flashy and a treat to watch.
The game also doesn't keep those two halves separate from each other, because both will affect the other, especially how the main character (you) behave during the VN/dating-sim part of the game, every choices you make, of which there will be a lot of, because this game is all about having you make choices and give a reactions to whatever happens to you or infront of you, and this is done by the series famous and classic system called LIPS, or Live & Interactive Picture System, and the choices you make will not only change the relations between you and the rest of the female cast, but will also change the relations they have between each other, and that will reflected on the battlefield.

Translation Projects Released in 2020:

Earth Seeker - Wii - 06 January 2020:

Stranded on a foreign planet is the least of your concerns in Earth Seeker, that place is full of monsters. Stop time in the real time battles to combo them. There are no complicated sequence of inputs, this easy to master system will appeal to players who are unaccustomed to action games or turn based battles.
Besides stopping time, players can recruit allies into their team. The inhabitants of the planet Guardians each master their element. With a bit of alcohol in your possession, you can have them fight for you. Come explore this dangerous and colorful world.(Description taken from the dolphine wiki)

Brave Prove - PS1 - 01 February 2020:

Brave Prove is an action-RPG in a similar vein as the ThoOasis series where you gather Elementals in your quest and save the world. It also features a combo system that is somewhat unique and more reminiscent of a fighting game or beat ‘em up. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how good it is.

Tear Ring Saga Series: Berwick Saga - PS2 - 19 February 2020:

Berwick Saga is a game made under the auspices of Shōzō Kaga, the man who created Fire Emblem. He left Intelligent Systems quite unceremoniously at the turn of the century and went on to found his own development studio, Tirnanog. Tirnanog only developed two games before it was acquired by Enterbrain, and they are collectively called the TearRing Saga Series. Because the games were made by Kaga and are extremely similar to FE, they are usually included among FE fansites as honorary titles. (taken from this post)

Trails from Zero - PC - 15 March 2020:

Time wise, this story happens right after Trails in the Sky, and at the same time as the Erebonian arc from Trails of Cold Steel. For the most part the game uses the same combat system, with some new additions.

Metal Max 3 - NDS - 23 June 2020:

Metal Max 3 is a nonlinear post-apocalyptic role playing game for the Nintendo DS, where you can fight inside vehicles as well as on foot. The game was released in Japan only. Think Fallout but crazier.
Finally as always please drop a thank you to people who worked on these patch, here or on their websites, it takes years of hard work, doing hacking, programming, translating, editing, and testing to bring these patches to the JRPG community, and all of it is done for free, so if you're going to use it, or hell, even if you won't, a thank you wouldn't cost you anything.
submitted by VashxShanks to JRPG

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