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Serial code solaris 10 recommended patch set

Free network Management: Fujitsu: Run Solaris 10 & 11 Natively

How to Install the CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor/Agent. RMDS 6 Sizing Guide on Solaris 10 x64 Withor. DOWNLOAD AND APPLY PATCHSET. How to change Locale settings on Solaris? . Solaris 10 - Kernel Panic after patch Forum: snare-users Creator: Paulo Nogueira Paulo Nogueira.

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Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 Study

Campfire Audio Ara, Andromeda 2020 and Solaris 2020 review https://amsister.ru/crack/?key=1066. From the README: The Recommended OS Patchset Solaris 10 SPARC provides the minimum set of patches needed to address security and Sun Alert issues, and selected issues identified by Oracle Proactive Services and the Oracle Technical Support Center, for the Solaris 10 Operating System for sparc. Order your free Solaris DVD + Sun Studio 11 for free, including free shipping. Maintain your own local package. As I wrote in the review of the RME, the Solaris did detail, imaging, and depth better than the RME.

The Best Free Software of 2020

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GitHub - Fazecast/jSerialComm: Platform-independent serial

Solaris 10: x11-server does not show up as a service. You could choose to label it manually using format, or you could use the base. SOLARIS supports logical block size in between 4096b to 8192b - It is recommended to create UFS file system with more logical block size because more block size will store more data - Customizing the block size: #newfs -b 8192 2. Fragmentation Size. Coverage of the recommended threading models: Cilk Plus threading, Threading Building Blocks and OpenMP. EVILSUN - a remote exploitation tool that gains access to Solaris 10 and 11 systems of SPARC or i386 architecture using a vulnerability (CVE-2020-14871) exposed by SSH keyboard-interactive authentication.

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X86: Partitioning Recommendations - Oracle Solaris 10 8/11

TCPIP/IP, which comes standard with Oracle Solaris; Shared Memory Protocol; Version 5.5 Transfer a client from the distribution medium to the target workstation Additional temporary disk space is required during the transfer. Recommended OS Patchset Solaris 10 SPARC () The patch set will complete installation in this session. Crysis 2 Serial Code Solaris 8 Iso Well, here we are going to get the Cubase 9 download with the help of download link provided below. This provided the opportunity for a number of people to test Solaris 10 on a large amount of hardware and software. Given the relatively coarse grid spacing that we were forced to use (10 km in the central portion of the grid for.

For Oracle Solaris 10 - Fujitsu Global

Indicate the state of the file system such as active, clean, or. Step-by-step Install Guide for Solaris 10 with Oracle 10. Solaris 10 Recommended Patch Clusters - Sun: Solaris. Solaris specific installation tips - API Manual. Veritas Netbackup Client Installed on Solaris 10 Zone.

Serial Port Programming on Linux

Now he has climbed to majestic heights with the Solaris 2020, we are keen to see where the masters path will lead for his next earphone after producing this expansive pinnacle of audio. Solaris 10 recommended patch set. Oracle Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library. Unfortunately, one of the things lost was the incredible ease to locate and download patch clusters. Solaris 10 continues to expand its territory in AMD64 servers' installed base.

General Questions Thread, August 27, 2020

A thread for new collectors to ask basic questions of the community.
Frequently Asked Questions below!
A longer version of the subreddit rules is here.
For questions specifically concerning bootlegs or vendor legitimacy, please ask in the Bootleg Megathread.
NSFW & Spoiler Guidelines
  • For Self Posts: include a bolded NSFW note next to links in that post.
  • For Links to sites/images: If the figure is NSFW, or the website has any NSFW content (including ads) be sure to tag your post NSFW and use the appropriate link flair.
Any collection posts containing bootlegs, comments advocating buying bootlegs, or links to sites selling bootlegs, recasts, or unlicensed merchandise will be removed.
People often ask about the legitimacy and/or safety of a number of websites which sell large resin statues. The more commonly-asked of those deal primarily in resins from studios which do not have a license from the Japanese IP holders to produce merchandise. Therefore links to those sites are not permitted here. Another sign is if MyFigureCollection doesn't list the either the statue, its manufacturer, or the shop it's being sold on.
My Figure Collection is like MyAnimeList... but for figures! Their database includes thousands of items which been produced during the last couple of decades, along with reviews of shops and other helpful articles. One can also list their own collection and post gallery photos.
AmiAmi HobbySearch Mandarake (sells rare figures) Good Smile Company Online Shop (often has exclusives) Good Smile Company US shop Crunchyroll Shop Hobby Link Japan (aka HLJ) Solaris Japan (MFC partner) Big in Japan (also has proxy service) Tokyo Otaku Mode FigureHaven Archonia (EU retailer) Jungle
List of retailers on MFC
/AnimeFigures' List of Retailers
Community Guide to Shopping in Japan
Nekomagic (News/Previews) NyaaFigurines (Reviews/Releases) Kahotan's Blog (News/Reviews) Figma Blog (JP)

Buying & Shipping

1. What’s the best place to buy my anime figures from?
That’s going to depend a lot on what works for you, but most people around here buy them from Amiami, Big in Japan, Hobby Search, HobbyLink Japan, or Tokyo Otaku Mode. If none of those work for you for whatever reason, there’s a list of reputable retailers in the sidebar that you can check out at any time. Be extra careful when ordering figures from websites like Amazon or ebay, as there are a lot of bootlegs on those sites. Don’t be afraid to ask in our Bootleg Megathread if you’re unsure.
2. What differences are there between the shipping options I get from most Japanese shops?
Below is a rundown of the main shipping choices you’ll get at most retailers. Keep in mind that if an order is large enough you will be forced to use one of the more expensive options, as SAL shipments have lower size and weight restrictions.
  • Unregistered SAL: Sometimes referred to as uSAL, is usually the cheapest method. It does not come with any tracking or insurance. Usually takes up 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • Registered SAL: Sometimes referred to as rSAL, is insured for the declared value up to 6,000 yen. It comes with a tracking number and usually takes 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  • EMS: This method of shipping is much faster than either SAL options, usually arriving within a week of shipment. EMS shipments are insured for the declared value up to 2,000,000 yen.
  • Airmail
  • E-packet
  • Surface: Shops don't offer this very often. It's an actual cargo ship and slow as a result.
  • DHL: Becoming more available as an alternative to EMS on AmiAmi and other sites. Can be less expensive than EMS and of comparable speed, but may be more reliant on the specific geographical area being shipped to. Offers their own tracking.
3. I placed two+ orders for figures at different times. Will my items be shipped together, or will I have to pay shipping twice?
Most shops will ask you to pay shipping on a per-order basis, but here are some that will allow combined shipping:
  • Amiami: You can combine orders here, as long as the orders ship in the same month. It doesn’t matter if the item is new or preowned. Any preorders that are set for that month can also be combined with other orders for that month. However, be aware that if the preorder gets delayed, Amiami will remove that item from that month’s shipment and place it on a new order. To combine orders on Amiami, use the “Combine Orders” feature under “My Account”.
  • Hobby Search: Hobby Search will let you combine orders that release in the same month, but you cannot combine in stock items with preorders. If you want to combine multiple preorders, or multiple in stock items, you can do so using the “Order Recombination” feature on your account page.
  • HobbyLink Japan: At HLJ, you have the option to send paid orders to their “Private Warehouse”, where you can store them for up to 2 months. When you’re ready to ship the items, you simply select which items to ship and HLJ will combine them into one shipment for you. To use this, just select the “Private Warehouse” option as shipping when you order.
  • GSC Web Shop: Here you’ll pay a flat 2,000 yen fee per order. It doesn’t matter how many items you put in your order, or how many different months the items release in. They will charge you 2,000 yen and ship all items as they release. The exception to this rule is their Wonder Festival exclusive items. Those can only be placed in the same order as other Wonder Festival items.
If you’re unsure about whether or not a shop we haven’t listed will combine your orders, please refer to their individual FAQ’s.
4. When will I get charged for my preorder?
Most Japanese shops charge you once the item is in stock and ready for shipment. When that happens, they will send you an email asking for payment. Some shops (mostly overseas ones), will allow you to pay for the item up front though, if you’d like. A few with that option are:
  • Big in Japan (Japanese store)
  • Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • Anime Island
  • Crunchyroll
Keep in mind that overseas stores will likely get the figure a few months after Japanese ones, so pay attention to the release date stated on the website you are buying from so as to avoid that confusion.
5. Should I expect to pay customs fees when importing figures?
That depends on where you live. Here’s a quick rundown:
  • Australia: 10% GST is now assessed up front.
  • Canada: Minimum declared value for charges is around CAD$20 for regular shipments, and CAD$60 for gifts (gifting something only seems to lower the declared value by about CAD$40, not deplete it completely). When using Amiami, try their Small Air Packet option. It comes with tracking, gets there in about the same time as EMS, and is better at avoiding customs.
  • Europe: Using EMS raises your chance of getting charged for customs. SAL can still avoid customs in some countries, but generally gets checked in the UK now if the items are above the threshold. Amiami offers a shipping service called “Small Air Packet” that is really good for avoiding customs when you are only shipping one or two figures. Small Air Packet usually takes about the same amount of time as EMS, and still comes with tracking.The minimum declared value for customs charges in the Europe is pretty low- around £15 (£36 for gifts) / €20.
  • Mexico: Minimum declared value for customs fees is USD$300 for shipments by post, and USD$50 for shipments by courier.
  • United States: A shipment has to have a declared value of USD$2,000 before customs starts hitting you with fees, so you most likely won’t have to worry about them at all.
6. The figure I want is an exclusive, how do I go about ordering one outside of Japan?
You have three options for this:
A. Big in Japan is known to stock exclusive figures and ship to other countries. Usually the price is higher because they build in their proxy fees, but it’s easier than worrying about using a forwarder or proxy service. If you live in the US, Crunchyroll, Right Stuf, and Tokyo Otaku Mode also get exclusives sometimes, but out of the states the shipping can get expensive.
B. Forwarding Services: A forwarder is someone who you ship an exclusive item to so that they can forward the package on to you, usually for a flat fee + shipping. When using a forwarder you still make the purchase yourself, and enter their address into the shipping field. When the box arrives at the forwarder they will then stick your address onto the package and send it on its way.
Some popular forwarders are:
Be sure to read each sites instructions on forwarding carefully!
C. Proxy Services: With a proxy, you tell them what the item you’re looking for is and they will purchase it in your stead. This is handy for when a company doesn’t accept foreign credit cards, or you’re having trouble navigating a Japanese website.
Some popular proxies are:
Again, be sure you thoroughly read through each sites proxy instructions.
7. I see a bunch of really cheap figures that ship from China on ebay. Are those okay to buy?
Generally, no. They’re most likely bootlegs. If you want a second opinion on that, feel free to ask in the Bootleg Megathread that’s always stickied at the top of the sub.
8. What’s a bootleg, and how can I avoid buying them?
A bootleg is a counterfeit figure often made using rejected molds of the official product. They are usually priced significantly lower than the genuine article, and in order to make their profit, bootleggers use lower quality materials and have less attention to detail- resulting in a substandard figure.
The Bootleg Megathread that I mentioned in question 7 is a great tool to avoid buying any bootlegs. It has a few tips and tricks to avoiding them to begin with, and a few more on how to spot them if you’re worried you might already own one.
9. Does anyone know when figure X is going to be released? How do I know if it was delayed?
My Figure Collection (sometimes referred to as MFC) does an excellent job of staying on top of information like release dates and delays. If you’re curious about an upcoming figures release date, check there first. This information can be found directly under the “Releases” section on a figure’s entry. If you only see a month and a year in that section, it means the release date has not yet been announced by the manufacturer, and there is still a chance the figure could be delayed.
If you make an account on MFC you can also subscribe to comments, changes, and pictures via a checkbox on the right hand side of a figure’s listing. Subscribing to any of these things will allow MFC to send you an email anytime the subscription in question updates. Subscribing to “changes” is a great way to keep up with release dates and delays, among other things.
10. The figure I want is long sold out at normal retailers! What’s the best place to pick it up in the aftermarket?
A list of reputable retailers can be found under the “Shops” section of the /AnimeFigures sidebar. They all sell legitimate products, and many of them also sell figures second hand. However, the most frequently suggested second hand sites are Mandarake and Amiami- who has a preowned section that they update every night save Sundays and Japanese holidays around 1PM JST and again around 6PM JST.
AmiAmi grades their pre-owned items on a letter scale. The general consensus from buyers is that their ratings are conservative, so unless the item and/or packaging is specifically indicated as having significant flaws, pre-owned items from them are usually in at least as good a condition as their rating suggests.
Note: When you search Mandarake, you’ll get the best results by using the Japanese characters for whatever you are searching. If you don’t know them, you can find them on MFC by clicking on any of the “details” in that figure’s listing.
11. Amiami has a figure I’m interested in labeled as “For sale in Japan only”. Does this mean I can’t order it without a proxy or forwarder?
No, you can still order it. Amiami’s English site has that warning on many items, and it’s mostly meant to inform you that this product was made for a Japanese market, and as such, will have Japanese speaking/writing in it- so don’t expect any instructions to be in English. If Amiami doesn’t want foreigners buying a certain product, they won’t even list it on their English site.

Displaying Your Figures

12. What display cases do you recommend?
If you live near an Ikea try out one of these:
*If you decided on a Detolf, you might find that there is a lot of wasted space. Here are a few tutorials on raising the shelves or and adding extra ones in.
If you don’t live near an Ikea, Amazon has a few display options, though they are more expensive. Also keep an eye on your local Craigslist (or your country’s equivalent) and stores near you that are closing up.
13. What lighting do you guys recommend?
Ikea’s Dioder LED strips are often suggested. They come in white or muti-colored.
Most hardware stores carry something similar though, if you don’t live by an Ikea. Just make sure that the lights don’t get too hot!
14. What are those clear plastic boxes that I see under everyone’s figures in their collection posts, and where can I get them?
Those are called risers. Most of us use standard acrylic risers like these. Some other, easy to find things that have been suggested are:
Check your local hobby store for the first 2 options, or your local hardware store if you want to make your own.
Another common suggestion is to visit The Container Store if you have one near you. They have a lot of things to choose from that can suit a variety of needs. Be sure to check out their standard acrylic risers, their Amac boxes, and the various display cases they sell (baseball cases, mini car cases. hockey puck cases, etc).
15. Should I keep my figures sealed?
That is, of course, up to you really, but here are a few things to keep in mind when debating this question:
  • Keeping it sealed can actually damage your figure. PVC figures usually have something called plasticizer in them, and that plasticizer needs to be able to breath. If a PVC figure isn’t exposed to oxygen, after a period of time the plasticizer starts to break down and form a sticky substance on the surface of the figure. Simply opening your figures and taking them out of the box prevents this from happening. If you happen to find plasticizer goo on one of your figures, Kahotan has a handy guide for dealing with it.
  • Unlike some other figure markets, keeping an anime figure sealed won’t raise its value by a whole lot. In fact, because of the plasticizer problem mentioned above, your figure could actually be in better condition if you open it versus keeping it sealed.

Finding the Right Figure(s) for You

16. There are so many figure companies! Who makes good figures?!
Obviously this is a very subjective question, but as a general starting point, here are a few well renowned figure companies:
  • Alter
  • Max Factory
  • Good Smile Company
  • Kotobukiya (usually hit or miss for people. Use your best judgement based off of the prototype)
  • Aquamarine
  • Flare
  • Stronger
17. I really love “series X / character X”- how can I check if any figures were ever made for it?
My Figure Collection can be your best friend here. Simply do a search on the name of the series or character using the search bar located at the top right of the screen, and all associated figures pop up!
Alternatively, if you’re looking at a figure’s MFC entry, most of the text under the “Details” section can be clicked on and used to run a search.
18. How can I commission a custom figure?
None of the major figure companies (Alter, Kotobukiya, Good Smile Company, etc.) will take a commission for a single figure. This thread has a few websites in it that you can check out, or you can look into garage kits. Some kit painters would be willing to resculpt, frankenstein together, or otherwise modify kits for the right price. /ResinKits has a lot of skilled builders that might be willing to help.

Keeping Up with New Announcements

19. How can I keep up with figure news (announcements, updates, etc.)?
Most people use a MFC combined with any or all of the following news sites:
To use MFC for this I’ll quote question #9.
If you make an account on MFC you can also subscribe to comments, changes, and pictures via a checkbox on the right hand side of a figure’s listing. Subscribing to any of these things will allow MFC to send you an email anytime the subscription in question updates. Subscribing to “changes” is a great way to keep up with release dates and delays, among other things.
Most companies have one or more Twitter accounts. Some examples: Good Smile Company sales, Good Smile's USA branch, Max Factory, AmiAmi Hobby News.
20. Everyone’s excited about something called Wonfes….. what the heck is that?!
WonFes (short for Wonder Festival) is a biannual figure expo where many figure producers (both large and small) show off new sculpts and updates to figures already under way. Most companies save their most exciting announcements for WonFes, so we all look forward to the expo whenever it rolls around! Winter Wonder Festival is usually held in February, while Summer Wonder Festival is usually in July. The event has also spread to Shanghai, in the late spring.
21. One or two (or 15) figures were announced at WonFes that I’m really excited about! How can I keep track of their progress once the event is over?
MFC is always really quick about getting new WonFes announcements (or any others throughout the year, for that matter) listed in their database, so we suggest using that. To find a figure from the event you can search any number of things, including the name of the character or the name of the show. You can also use the tag search to search “WonderFestival 20xx_[season]” to see all items announced at that event.
submitted by AutoModerator to AnimeFigures

Postulation of KotOR I Soldier/Guardian

This is a postulation of how to build a SoldieGuardian for KotOR I. Spoiler marking because attempting to build this combination involves discussing game mechanics bordering on spoiler territory.
While I typically recommend Scout/Guardian for the Repair skill and better feats granted, the board has seen an influx of threads as below:
  1. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/j0da83/are_attributes_that_important_and_should_i_save/
  2. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/j0wjow/what_starting_class_in_kotor_is_easy_to/
  3. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/is7wdj/canon_playthrough_question/
  4. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/ezsk0v/jedi_guardian_buildminmax_best_warrior_soldier_vs/
  5. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/hwv7q2/build_soldier_light_guardian_hk47_jolee/
  6. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/icr47c/can_a_812_soldier_guardian_do_good_in_combat/
  7. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/iazmli/ds_melee_scoundrel_guardian_or_soldier_guardian/
  8. https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/hr4lo0/defensive_soldierguardian_build/
These threads typically encounter the following issues:
  1. First time playing
  2. No prior knowledge of game mechanics
  3. Did not read the Spoiler free guide within the subreddit.
  4. On top of no prior knowledge of the game, the game recommends them to use Soldier for first time players without explaining anything further - which further locks the players mentally on what to build with.
This postulation aims to handle the following:
  1. Reaching the appropriate Repair skill to fully repair HK-47. The skill level in question is 17, but as per multiple posts long ago, point investment can be lower and handled around.
    1. While HK-47 is not exactly the best team member, he is one of two viable members left in the endgame for a dark side player. Even without a dark side player, completing his quests adds to the storyline and is another portion completed for first time players who want to see everything in one go.
  2. Reaching a plausible Persuade skill level. The minimum is 19, which clears hard checks 75% of the time, while clearing everything else easier 100% of the time. I will be recommending the path to max Persuade, which is at a value of level + 6 (so 26 Persuade by level 20).
    1. Affect Mind/Dominate Mind, you say? I still maintain that both alignments can achieve what they want without these Force Powers, and it is not that costly to setup the Persuade skill.
  3. Force Powers to take up.
I will attempt to make the postulation as simple possible, but will concede that it is paradoxical from the recommendations banking on game mechanics knowledge. Will place links from the StrategyWiki explaining these components.
Skill Points and deriving the starting Intelligence (INT) attribute
For repairing HK-47: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/HK-47#Repairs
To achieve minimum Repair rank 17 to complete all four repairs, it's advisable to buy Calrissian's Utility Belt (Skills: Repair +3) and boost Intelligence using Master Valor (Intelligence: +5 from character level 15) and the Memory Package implant (Intelligence: +1, if possible).
Assuming you do not take the Memory Package as it is only obtainable with a dark side choice, you thereotically need 12 Repair. 12 Repair is also a multiple of 4, which would reach a reduction point of repair parts: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Skills#Repair
However, Repair is not a class skill for either the Soldier or the Guardian. Therefore, the maximum Repair skill a SoldieGuardian can achieve is (20 + 3)/2 = 11 (rounded down). (https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/icr47c/can_a_812_soldier_guardian_do_good_in_combat/g251u2h?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)
You also will need double the skill points just to reach 11 Repair - 11 x 2 = 22 skill points.
For Persuade: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Skills#Persuade
You will need 19 Persuade at minimum to clear most checks. As Persuade is not a class skill for the Soldier, I do not recommend investing into Persuade when the player is a Soldier. Only invest into Persuade when turning into a Jedi Guardian.
For 100% clear rate however, you will need 26 Persuade at level 20 when the maximum points you can invest is 23. The actual formula for max Persuade is level + 6 at that level, where maximum investment is level + 3. Your source of getting the remaining 3 points are from the Charisma (CHA) attribute (https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Attributes#Charisma), or taking the Empathy feat.
As a Guardian only gets CHA boost from the Force Valour line, the most reliable way to obtain that missing 3 points would be to start with 14 CHA (+2 modifier to Persuade) and taking up the Empathy feat (+1 to Persuade).
In either case, the minimum total number of skill points required would be 22 + 19 = 41.
Now we look at the skill points available to a SoldieGuradian depending on the INT attribute: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Experience#Skills_2
As you can see, a Soldier starting with 8 to 12 INT would never be able to reach the Repair and Persuade skills required for the game. Therefore, the SoldieGuardian who wants to reach the Repair and Persuade skills required will need to start with 14 INT.
If a player still insists on starting with 8 or 10 INT - then he only can reach the Persuade skill required - and even then he may not reach it if he just dumps all the skill points into Treat Injury as a Soldier.
Level ratio
For first time players, just play the game normally. The game allows the player to reach level 8 by the time he is allowed to become a Jedi. The Soldier and Guardian are also mechanically similar that you do not need to "save levels". All Jedi classes also reach the key feats they want by class level 12 - making any more jedi levels just trying to grab more force powers. As the Jedi Guardian is focused on melee, there is little need for extra Force Powers once you obtain the minimum required.
As for why several players recommend saving levels: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Experience#Saving_levels
For all but the main character, whenever enough experience is received to level up, doing so as soon as possible is recommended. However, the main character starts as one class and later chooses a Jedi class, so the more levels gained with the starting class, the less can be gained with the Jedi class (and vice versa).
You must level up once to progress beyond the Bridge of the Endar Spire, but after you've gained level 2 you don't have to level up any further before becoming a Jedi, even once you've received enough experience to gain multiple levels. Before you choose a Jedi class you'll typically have received enough experience to gain level 8 at most; even if you're able to gain higher level with your starting class, this isn't recommended as level < 12 Jedi are not granted Master Sense (+2 Defense) or the highest level of their class feat.
Since maximum level is 20, the choice is normally between level 2-8 starting class and level 12-18 Jedi class. Since saving levels can make Taris (much) more challenging, remaining at level 2 isn't recommended except for experienced players who choose to become a Jedi Consular (since this gives them more Force powers earlier and in total, and more Force points to use them for longer and regenerate more out of combat).
With the reasons explained above, this guide assumes that the players is running a Soldier 8/Jedi Guardian 12 (i.e. 8 levels of Soldier, 12 levels of Jedi Guardian).
Starting Attributes
Attribute Character Creation Modifier
Strength (STR) 14 +2
Dexterity (DEX) 10 +0
Constitution (CON) 14 +2
Intelligence (INT) 14 +2
Wisdom (WIS) 12 +1
Charisma (CHA) 14 +2
You can refer to this for attribute explanations: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Attributes
The highest attribute assigned here is 14, where the points invested is at a one to one ratio. Beyond 14, you will need more points just to increase the attribute: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Character_generation#Attributes
I also avoid assigning 8 to an attribute, as this incurs negative penalties onto that attribute and its associated checks. For first time players, it also removes the ambiguity about adding up attributes and stats.
My reasoning for this stat spread is as such:
  1. STR is the classic assignment for a melee SoldieGuardian, improcing melee attack and damage.
  2. DEX is left at 10 as it only governs defence. The player is most likely to wear whatever armour available as a Soldier. As a Jedi Guardian, the player switch to Jedi Robes... or just doesn;t care about defence and attacking enemies as soon as possible.
  3. CON is assigned 14, since it visibly increases HP nd therefore survivability.
  4. INT is assigned 14, as per the previous section about reaching skill benchmarks.
  5. WIS is left at 12. The auto-assignment to attributes as a Soldier leaves WIS at 12 - it makes it easier for the player to not touch and adjust the other attributes as appropriate. It also gives a slight boost to Force Powers should the player want to use Force Push -> Force Wave later...
  6. CHA is given 14 to give a +2 modifier boost to Persuade. As the SoldieGuardian has not much skill points to reach 19 Persuade, every boost from the start is eking a little advantage. With the Empathy feat, that would make up the missing 3 points to reach max persuade after investing maximum points into the Persuade skill.
Subsequently after character creation, you can safely put into STR upon level up, boosting the damage of the SoldieGuardian.
The key feats to the SoldieGuardian are as follows:
  1. Master Two Weapon Fighting (3 feats): This allows the player to use two weapons, or a double bladed weapon to inflict greater damage. Without this feat line, the player will incur an attack penalty and thus be unable to hit enemies.
  2. Implant Level 3 (3 feats): Implants give stat boosts to the player character, with the majority of stat boosting implants locked behind level 3. The Scout actually gets all 3 feats for free by level 8, which is why most players recommend starting with Scout instead of Soldier. In this case, pick it up as you level.
  3. Master Power Attack (3 feats): Power Attack is the attack feat granted to a Soldier. As the number of feats available to players are limited compared to KotOR II, it is advisable for the SoldieGuardian to stick with the assigned Power Attack. Master Power Attack also increases damage dealt to enemies.
  4. Master Toughness (3 feats): Increases your HP, reduces damage inflicted on you from Improved Toughness onwards. Keeps you alive to continue hitting.
The feats above would add up to 12 feats in total, which is achievable with a Soldier 8/Guardian 12 with 14 available feats.
Edit: after calculating the boosts required for Repair, you will need to take Gear Head if you are light sided. Gear Head is taken earlier in this case.
If you want a detailed order on when to grab the feats:
Character Level Soldier Guardian
1 Two Weapon Fighting
2 Implant 1
3 Empathy
4 Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
5 Implant 2
6 Toughness
7 Improved Power Attack
8 Master Two-Weapon Fighting
9 Gear Head (light)/ Master Power Attack (dark)
11 Improved Toughness
14 Master Toughness
15 Implant 3
17 Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
20 Master Power Attack (light)/ Weapon Specialisation: Lightsaber ( dark)
Force Powers
This is where it gets dicey as it depends on alginment. I will also note that the majority of powers required to make a Jedi Guardian effective is restricted by armour, therefore you need to be wearing Jedi Robes to use these powers. the Jedi Guardian also has the Jedi Sense feat, which increases your defence as you level up, making up for any loss in defence from wearing robes.
A level 12 Jedi Guardian would get 13 powers to select, with every extra level granting one more Force Power to select from.
The list of Force powers available is here: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Force_powers
The key powers a Jedi Guardian would need is:
  1. Master Speed (3 powers): This increases the number of attacks you can hit an enemy with. It also increases your defence, which makes up for wearing robes instead of armour.
  2. Improved Energy Resistance (2 powers): this power at Improved level reduces the amount of energy damage hitting you. Which would be the majority of blasters firing at you and all the lightsabers coming after you.
  3. Force Wave (3 powers): This is a neutral alignment power, which means it will deal damage regardless of alignment and not cost any more or less. Why this and not just melee, you ask? Because melee ultimately hit one person at a time. Force Wave on the other hand allows you to hit multiple enemies at once, and even knock down some of them. This then thins out the crowd and allows you to focus on the remaining enemies standing.
After this though, I will list out the other powers required by the respective alignments. I will also assume you will only choose powers matching your alignment or are neutral alignment, because:
  1. The cost in casting opposite alignment powers are too high. For a Jedi Guardian who does not have the stats to cast Force Powers, they will also be even more ineffective if using opposite alignment powers.
  2. The Jedi Guardian already has little Force Points to work with on top of that, necessitating the use of these Force Points for self-buffing or healing.
For light side Guardians, these are the recommended powers:
  1. Master Force Valour (3 powers): This increases all of your attributes, which allows you to hit harder, last longer, and maybe resist attacks from opponents. For a light side Jedi, this is one of the best powers to take up.
  2. Cure (1 power): this is the basic healing power that keeps you going. You will have some solo segments, and cannot count on MedPacks all the time...
  3. Throw Lightsaber (1 power): This allows you to hit distant enemies that you cannot reach with Force Jump or Force Push/Wave. It is also included as the final boss fight involves a mechanic that can be addressed by Throw Lightsaber.
For dark side Guardians, dark side powers are mostly offensive powers - which the Jedi Guardian foes not have enough WIS or CHA to cast successfully. The only power immediately recommended would be:
  1. Death Field (2 powers): Drains health of organics and heals your own. Seems powerful AOE, until you realise that it only works on organics - and the final dungeon do not always have organics. Conveniently though, the final boss fight quirk mentioned earlier can be addressed by this.
With these powers (Master Speed, Improved Energy Resistance, Force Wave, Death Field), the dark side Jedi Guardian has 3 powers left to take. Force Storm is probably the easiest power to take as the extra effect (draining Force Points) happens whether it is saved or not.
If listing out the order of Force Powers to take, it would be like this:
Jedi Guardian level Character level Force Powers (light) Force Powers (dark)
1 9 Force Speed, Knight Speed Force Speed, Knight Speed
2 10 Cure Drain Life
3 11 Force Valour Energy Resistance
4 12 Knight Valour Improved Energy Resistance
5 13 Force Push Force Push
6 14 Throw Lightsaber Force Whirlwind
7 15 Master Speed Master Speed
8 16 Master Valour Force Wave
9 17 Force Whirlwind Shock
10 18 Energy Resistance Death Field
11 19 Improved Energy Resistance Force Lightning
12 20 Force Wave Force Storm
Edit - refer to this comment deriving how to reach 17 Repair as a SoldieGuardian: https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/j4epba/postulation_of_kotor_i_soldierguardian/g7irxsg?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
The two key skills for any player in KotOR I are Persuade and Repair.
As both skills are not class skills for the Soldier, and Persuade is only a class skill as the Jedi Guardian - the counter intuitive tip for SoldieGuardian players is to save skill points as a Soldier so that you can put them into Persuade later.
For max Persuade upon becoming a Jedi Guardian at level 9, you will need 11 points (8 levels + 3) saved up by the time you are a level 8 Soldier.
The point allocation is as below for a 14 INT SoldieGuardian:
Skills Skill level Points needed
Repair 9 18
Persuade 23 23
Treat Injury (#1) 9 9
Total 50
(#1): As the SoldieGuardian does not have many skill points, any skill points remaining was assigned to the Treat Injury skill, which most first time players would want some investment in. Invest into this only after finishing repairing HK-47.
For a Jedi Guardian, the key attribute to boost is Strength (STR). While there is a cap in boosting attributes by equipment, this attribute cap is only exceeded when using stimulants. Hence, I will still recommend equipment that maximise this boost to remove any 2nd guessing from first time players.
The other part is that alignment restricted equipment exist i.e. you can only wear them as either light side or dark side.
Apart from boosting STR, you also need to equip Immunity: Mind Affecting:
  1. https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Saves#Mind-Affecting
  2. https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Combat#Debilitated_penalty
For a Guardian relying on melee hits on single targets, this is to prevent being disabled and set upon by multiple enemies. For Jedi Guardians, they can either equip the Stabilizer Mask or the Nerve Enhancement Package.
The equipment recommended boosts STR or other attributes the best possible. The light side Guardian also gets a +3 STR boost from light side mastery, and can boost his STR even further with Master Force Valour.
Equipment Light Dark
Head Stabilizer Mask or Circlet of Saresh Stabilizer Mask
Hands Dominator Gauntlets Dominator Gauntlets
Belts CNS Strength Enhancer CNS Strength Enhancer
Body Star Forge Robes Darth Revan's Robes
For the light side Guardian, the Circlet of Saresh gives +5 to WIS, increasing the effectiveness of your Force Powers. If Force Powers is not a concern, then go ahead with the Stabilizer Mask.
Please also purchase the Calrissian's Utility Belt as mentioned earlier to reach 17 Repair.
I did not mention Implants much because there is none that boosts Strength outright, and it is flexible to player needs.
Repeat: you need the Implant Level 3 feat to equip stat boosting implants.
The list of implants is here. Some assume you have the Yavin IV DLC installed: https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Implants
The simplest implants to equip are either CON boosting implants, or the Nerve Enhancement Package. If you want a bit more defence, there are Dexterirty (DEX) implants available.
With Master Two Weapon Fighting, you have the following options:
  1. Double-bladed lightsaber
  2. Two lightsabers (off-hand can be short or normal)
  3. One lightsaber, one melee weapon.
It also depends on whether you have the Yavin IV DLC, which opens up other options.
If using lightsabers, as Power Attack merely increases damage and does not affect damage on critical hits, it is more efficient to use a double bladed lightsaber than two lightsabers for the following reasons:
  1. The double bladed lightsaber has a lower chance of critical hits compared to two lightsabers, but Power Attack does not affect Critical Hits.
  2. The double bladed lightsaber counts your off hand as balanced, which reduces the attack penalties overall.
  3. The double bladed lightsaber counts its own lightsaber crystal upgrades within both attacks.
The combination of the most damaging lightsaber crystals is listed here: Best Crystals on lightsaber for Light-Sider? : kotor
If you have Yavin IV and can purchase the Heart of the Guardian (HotG) Lightsaber crystal, then use Upari and Solari along with it. Fortunately, the combination still applies even without the crystal.
If you wish to use a lightsaber alongside a melee weapon, then use the best melee weapon you can upgrade. If you have Yavin IV, there is the Baragwin Assault Blade. As to which weapon to use in the main hand is up to you; just remember that you need a lightsaber equipped to use Force Jump and deflect blaster bolts. For the vanilla game without Yavin IV, you can use the lightsaber in the main hand. For the game with Yavin IV, the damage most likely goes to the Baragwin Assault Blade in the main hand.
Configuring Party Members
Two posts I wrote last time about configuring KotOR I party members are here with the comments adding corrections to the posts**.**
https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/cn5ucb/a_sanity_check_and_postulation_on_building_koto (Carth, Mission, Zaalbar, Canderous, HK-47, T3-M4)
https://www.reddit.com/kotocomments/co0hzj/postulation_on_building_kotor_party_members/ (Bastila, Jolee, Juhani)
While some of the recommendations above do assume game mechanics, they are usually situated at the start and do not need further tweaking when going through the game. The only thing the player needs to take care of would be to save skill points for Persuade as a Soldier.
If there are any errors please point out. I foresee edits to the original post as the feedback comes in. Some points of contention requiring 2nd checks include the main hand weapon usage: Baragwin Assault Blade vs a lightsaber with Heart of the Guardian (HotG) + Upari + Solari crystals.
Hopefully this postulation could simplify things for players who want to pick up the SoldieGuardian.
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