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Synergetic/Parasitic Design: Analyzing New Pokémon Mechanics [LONG]

Synergetic and Parasitic Design
Preamble: The past few times I’ve done this it seems to have been well received so I’m going to take another shot at this. I’m a game designer with ~10 years of experience and since I was younger I always wanted a game like Pokémon GO to exist. Seeing aspects of the game suck makes me sad and I really want this game to be good. Today I’ll be talking about Synergetic and Parasitic Game Design and how that relates to the recent mechanics introduced to Pokémon GO.
Games are made up of many mechanics that all combine to make a whole experience. The mechanics, like ingredients, can be very simple but combining them in different ways can make for a completely different result. I’m going to be using Pokémon GO, Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and Super Mario Bros (Mario) to explain these design concepts. It helps if you have played all these games but it’s not necessary to have played them. Afterwards, I will explain how/why Pokémon GO is doing this wrong in a way that hopefully makes sense to everyone having read this.
I’ll use the original Super Mario Bros for the first example and a few very simple mechanics. In Mario you can move left and right and you can jump. That’s it for player control. It’s also a side-scroller where the more you move right, your ability to move left is blocked off. Your objective is to navigate the world and get from the far left side of the map to the far right side of the map. Starting with just these base mechanics you can build on it in ways that synergize with the initial base mechanics. You can create enemies that you encounter that you can jump on or enemies that you want to not jump on (for example pits you can fall into). These are examples of synergetic mechanics – mechanics that work well together.
Following the same original Mario example, let’s say we added a new mechanic to Mario where you stopped to solve a puzzle in the middle of the level. You jump on top of a special puzzle block and a puzzle pops up on your screen and you have to solve it to continue the level. The puzzle involves you doing a word search to find the words “jump” and “Mario” in a 10x10 grid that pops up in the middle of your screen. Does this puzzle mechanic synergize with being a side-scrolling platformer where you move left/right and jump? No, it does not. This is an example of a parasitic mechanic. A game mechanic that doesn’t synergize with the others and is a parasite taking away from normal gameplay
In general (and there are exceptions) you want the majority of your game’s mechanics to be synergetic mechanics and very few (or none) of your mechanics to be parasitic mechanics. In order for a parasitic design to have value, the mechanic needs to synergize well enough with itself to warrant its inclusion. TFT has its share of parasitic mechanics but they are included in the game in such a way that it works. In TFT you collect sets of 3 champions in order to power them up and each of these champions has a role that gives you a bonus as you collect more of them. Most of these are synergetic designs which work together however some of them are “sets of one” where you look to collect 9 of a champion that doesn’t synergize with anything else in particular but does synergize well with itself. This is a parasitic mechanic executed properly.
The reason this parasitic design works in TFT is because one of the core mechanics involves collecting sets of champions that nobody else is collecting. If multiple players are trying to collect the same champion it’s going to be difficult to complete that set. Because so many champions synergize with each other that creates a lot of competition to collect those specific sets. In contrast, a parasitic design in this game allows a player to choose a champion that they hope nobody else will be collecting because it doesn’t really synergize with anything else. Other champions that are created with synergetic design allow these parasitic designs to thrive in tandem.
I’ve now detailed both synergetic and parasitic designs. Overall, synergetic design is always desirable while parasitic designs are edge cases that need a really good reason to exist. Parasitic designs force players to care about things they would not normally care about. In the TFT example, you can see the parasitic design having value in making the player care about a champion that doesn’t synergize with much else but delivers a path to victory if invested in. In the Mario example I put forth a ludicrous mechanic that interrupted the core gameplay and added little to no value to the Mario experience. Yes, you could add a puzzle in the middle of the game to complete your objective but why? And finally this brings us back to the mechanics that have been added to Pokémon GO lately.
Lately Pokémon GO has been laden with parasitic designs that take away from the core gameplay. They cannibalize other aspects of the design or break the gameplay loop entirely. There needs to be a really good reason to include parasitic designs in your game because it breaks the flow of the gameplay. Fairly recently Niantic introduced Mega Evolution and the execution of the mechanic was so grossly parasitic that it was very poorly received. Efforts to make Mega Evolution more synergetic and less parasitic are hopefully underway. However a new mechanic was introduced to this game that functions very similarly to the Mario Word Search example in that it’s a parasitic mechanic that completely breaks the core gameplay of the game.
I am next talking about the new Red/Strange egg mechanic to which I proposed a solution here in that it forces players to effectively stop playing the game in order to focus on the new parasitic mechanic. This new mechanic forces the player to focus on a thing that previously they didn’t need to in egg space. By locking seven new Pokémon behind a new special egg the player now has to remember NOT to spin stops in order to obtain the new egg and engage with the new mechanic. This is parasitic design that is mentally taxing for the player and breaks the core gameplay loop.
And continuing on this trend of parasitic design which prompted me to write this for everyone is the introduction of AR Tasks. Remember the Word Search Mario example? These AR tasks are basically exactly that. They add nothing to the gameplay and are parasitic designs that take away from gameplay to make you do an unrelated task before you get to continue your adventure. There are definitely ways to make the AR tasks part of the Pokémon experience in an enjoyable way but their initial implementation definitely isn’t it. And while yes you can give rewards that encourage players to do these AR tasks, they’re not going to enjoy it and will find ways to cheat/break the system to optimize gameplay.
Like many players, I’m frustrated when parasitic mechanics are released one after another like this. Too many parasitic mechanics make for a bad game. The game designers really need to identify the core gameplay loops and make sure when they introduce new mechanics that there is some level of synergy with the way the game plays beyond rewards/incentives.
I’ve identified three recent mechanics in Pokémon GO that are parasitic that do not warrant being parasitic mechanics. I’ve already covered in depth how/why Mega Evolution is flawed and how it could be fixed here. So I’ll look at the other two mechanics and suggest two different ways to fix the problem:
1) Most often the solution is to kill and replace the parasitic mechanics with synergetic mechanics so the gameplay flows freely. Here’s a proposed solution to the Red Egg problem that takes the parasitism out of the parasitic mechanic (quoted directly from a previous post I made):
With the addition of Red/Strange eggs, the egg system is in dire need of an overhaul. The easiest/best solution is having "Egg Settings" which allow you to choose the following with checkboxes:
[x] Obtain eggs from Pokestops.
[x] Obtain eggs from Gifts.
[x] Obtain eggs from Adventure Sync.
[x] Obtain eggs from Rocket Leaders.
Simple checkboxes that allow the player control over when/how they get eggs. Each with a clickable toggle to decide where you want to get your eggs from. This would be incredibly easy to code by calling a function with a binary check before running whatever egg code already exists. And this is now necessary. Full explanation below. Initially there was only one source for eggs and that was pokéstops. Obtaining eggs passively was fine as you could only get eggs from one place and the type of egg you would get was random. No need to control when you get eggs because it happens in the background and it doesn't matter.
The addition of 7k eggs from gifts changed this but it was still manageable. You now have the added frustration of accidentally getting a 7k egg (or a non-7k egg) upon opening gifts or spinning stops but because you could fill your egg inventory upon hatch, this was mitigated somewhat. Annoying but manageable.
And then we have Adventure Sync eggs. Because this only happens once a week, it's still manageable but annoying. Countless times players have missed out on Adventure Sync eggs due to having a full egg inventory and having to be careful about when they get eggs only happening once a week is not too bad. The problem with the new red eggs is it isn't on a weekly timer but it happens every time you fight a Rocket Leader which could be more or less depending on how often you engage with the new mechanic. Note that the new mechanic is the only way to receive Red/Strange eggs which contain new Pokémon otherwise unobtainable.
Currently we now have 4 (FOUR) sources for eggs which makes an update necessary. No longer is receiving eggs a passive thing. It is now a thing you must actively pay attention to and that is very taxing on the player. The player must now manage their egg inventory to make sure they don't spin any stops to pick up non-red eggs AND make sure they don't open any gifts for that same reason. The easiest current solution is to constantly run at 3500/3500 Pokémon box space in order to spin stops/open gifts without receiving eggs. This makes catching Pokémon very slow. Alternatively, don't spin any stops or open any gifts in order to catch Pokémon en masse. Bluntly: This sucks.
Playing the game has now become incredibly cumbersome as core mechanics are being stunted by new mechanics on an antiquated egg system. The new Pokémon are gated behind eggs that are received only through meticulous inventory management. This takes away from the enjoyment of the game because of the limited ways the player can control their reception of eggs. This makes my proposed solution necessary.
As far as UX design goes, egg settings can go both in your settings toolbar as well as the eggs tab with a button that pulls up the proposed menu allowing the player to control where they get their eggs from. All of this is easy to code and implement and could easily be pushed in an upcoming (emergency) update.
Recap: With now 4 ways we can receive eggs and players needing the choice of which egg they want to receive, the egg system needs to be updated in order to give the player control. Implementing red eggs without updating the egg system is a massive oversight that should be corrected ASAP. Proposed solution above.
Note that by giving the player these options the mechanic is no longer parasitic because the red eggs no longer take away from the core gameplay of catching and spinning stops. Now that the player doesn’t have to be concerned about managing their egg inventory they can play with the new egg mechanic in its new synergetic state. The player is given the ability to control and customize their gameplay giving them a feeling of control and not a feeling of dread when interacting with the new mechanic. You really want to reduce those moments of accidental gameplay errors.
2) With the AR Tasks, here’s how to make parasitic design actually work in your game:
The AR tasks as a standalone by their nature are always going to be a parasitic design. Much like the TFT example, there needs to be a good reason to include parasitic designs. In TFT there is enough depth in the design to allow for such a design to exist because although it doesn’t synergize with anything else, it does synergize with itself. How can Pokémon GO do this? They would need to create an entire questline with a storyline and more around the AR tasks as something that the player can opt into. Any rewards you can get from this also need to be obtained through normal gameplay (even if at a slower rate) so the player doesn’t feel forced into a part of the game they don’t want to interact with.
Instead of breaking away from the game to do an unrelated AR task, the design needs to make that the focus and really delve into what makes this ‘fun’. On that note, is the AR task fun? Because if it isn’t fun, that’s a whole other issue and maybe the mechanic shouldn’t really exist at all. But assuming they could make it fun somehow, how they’re framed is the biggest way to make this work.
As part of an event that focuses on AR Tasks, the experience could be positive because the player would be engaging in the AR tasks willfully and focusing in on the parasitic design. Each task would further the questline towards the goal of the event. Because of the nature of pokestops as points of interest, it’s likely the events would need to be designed specifically for each region but it’s not entirely impossible. It would require a great deal of investment to make this successful and fun. Is this worth the investment? Not sure. But this is just giving an example of how this parasitic mechanic could be done as there’s no way to turn this mechanic into a synergetic mechanic.
TLDR: Pokémon GO has been introducing too many parasitic mechanics to the game lately. I explain what parasitic mechanics are, point out the parasitic mechanics in other games, then point out the parasitic mechanics in Pokémon GO. Finally I propose solutions including turning a parasitic mechanic into a synergetic mechanic as well as making a parasitic mechanic work by changing the focus and framework. Honestly if you’re interested in game design stuff just read the whole thing.
Edit: Minor text fixes.
submitted by BraMinder to TheSilphRoad

2021 in Preview - a look at the upcoming year on the NA Server

Around this time last year around I wrote a preview for 2020 and while it did have some issues I only realized lateron, many people found it to be helpful. So here we go again. We're nearing the end of 2020 and while that year has been... interesting to say the least, it's time for another preview nontheless. This is all based on our Clairvoyance EX, that is, based on how NA pretty much follows JP just two years behind.
There's a few caveats to go here and before I go to a month-by-month rundown of next year. I feel like I should point out what to expect, in general, from our Clairvoyance - and what not to. As a baseline, you can expect all major events, servant releases, welfares and so on that JP had in 2019 in 2021 on NA in roughly the same order and timeframe. As in, if a major event happened on JP in April 2019, it will, with a high amount of certainty, happen in April 2021 on NA.
However, we do not follow JP to the letter on NA. For one, there's Commemoration Campaigns. Commemoration Campaigns, as the name implies, commemorate things. That means, they're tied to real-life happenings. Things like Expos, Anime releases or similar things. That, of course, means, that they cannot happen in the same way, just two years later. Things like Anime releases are usually held on NA when the anime releases there. KYOMAFS or FGO THE STAGE Campaigns don't apply to NA in the first place. Things like this.
So, as a baseline, whenever a Campaign or Event commemorates something, do necessarily not expect it on NA two years later. Sometimes we get these campaigns repackaged as another thing. Sometimes we get them way earlier, like with the Babylonia release campaigns that happened late 2019 and early 2020, near-simultaneously with JP on NA. Sometimes we don't see them at all. Our Clairvoyance doesn't apply here.
Finally, as a warning, sometimes events happen in slightly different timeslots. The most prominent example of this would be NAs anniversary, which is a month earlier than JPs. So the anniversary events are also a month earlier. This has ramifications during that time for other events as well, which I will try to predict, but take this with a hefty amount of salt. It's uncertain how DW will handle things. Moreover, sometimes DW also just likes to switch things around. Prominent examples of this during 2020 were the Murder at the KOGETSUKAN event, which happened later to sync up with real-life moonphases (yes, really) and the Interlude Campaign VII, which happened later than expected for no reason I know of. It just did.
So, with this out of the way, one last thing remains: What am I doing here? The following: I will not list every single rateup here, duh. Things like the event compendium, grandorder.wiki or this upcoming banner spreadsheet take care of that. What I will focus on os major events, welfares, new releases and "last rateups". With last rateups I refer to limited SSR servants that, as of right now, have not received another rateup on JP after their mentioned ones. This will, of course, change, over time. JP still progresses and many servants will see new banners throughout 2021 as well, including some that might have had their "last rateup". But I will point point out last rateups of limited servants as known of at the time of writing.
So. Let's go.


NA will start the year with the New Years Campaign and GSSR and the Enma-Tei Event, together with the release of the delightful Tongue-Cut Sparrow Benienma and with the SSR Assassin Version of Li-Shuwen. Be aware, thie event will require you to have cleared S I N, the third Lostbelt, to participate. So if you haven't done so until then, you really should get going.
Traditionally, the New Years Banner has lots of widely liked servants and this year is no exception. Besides Mainstays like Gilgamesh, Tamamo and Scathach, this is also the last known rateup so far (see above) for all of Hokusai and Caster Nero. While the latter is part of a 2022 Campaign, that one has an unreasonable amount of rateups so your chances to get CasNero there are marginal at best. If you want the Foreigner or Umu in a swimsuit, you better get them now, otherwise your chances look grim until JP puts them on rateup again.
January will also see the Rerun of the Prisma Codes Event and your last chance of getting Chloe (or delicious free 5 RP). The event also releases another Magical Girl (as if we didn't have a ton already) in Miyu Edelfelt, a support Caster that, to this date, hasn't seen another rateup banner, despite being limited. Much like Asagami Fujino had her one and only rateup in 2020, you need to be sure to get Miyu now if you want her, otherwise you run out of options immediatly.
Besides that, January had a lot of Campaigns that we likely won't see on NA - see my caveat about commemoration campaigns above. We might see some of them, if only to fill the time, but the past has shown that often we will not. This includes an FGO THE STAGE banner, the WinFes Campaign and the Heavens Feel Banner that already happened on NA in the past.


February will start traditionally with the Valentines Event, this time featuring Murasaki Shikibou and her storyline of cursed books. The banner features a hefty amount of female servants, all on rateup together with Shikibou herself, with Semiramis being the only exception, being granted a rateup banner just for herself. This year, the Valentines scenes will be voiced, so rejoice, masters, for you can hear your servants presenting you with their gifts for the first time! Interestingly enough, the only other rateup Murasaki had outside of her release campaign during the upcoming Valentines was a KYOMAF campaign in September 2019 on JP. As elaborated above, there's a good chance we don't see that on NA. It might happen, in fact, it recently has happened, but that was the first time and we cannot be sure about this one way or another. That said: If you want Murasaki, better get her now, if only for peace of mind.
Later down the month NA will see a new set of Strengthenings in the Part X Campaign, including Strengthenings for Semiramis, Passionlip, Edison, Beowulf, Lancer Li, Kiara and Hans Christian Andersen. Shorty following that will be CCC SE.RA.PH Rerun and our second meeting with the delightful devilish Kouhai BB! SE.RA.PH is, canonically, a main story chapter - it's part of Epic of Remnant and as such, a major part of the games storyline.
It's a bit weird how they implemented it as an event, but they've since rectified that and established it as a Main Interlude on JP. Still, until that happens on NA, more than another year will pass, so better get BB now and, honestly, read through the quite entertaining story. Besides a rateup of Meltlilith, the event also features another Sakuraface in the release of Kingprotea, the most gigantic part of the Sakura Five. Honestly, her battle sprite is ridiculously big and puts even Ivan to shame. And she's sitting down.


Early in March Moriarty will get his very own event!. Contrary to Murder at the KOGETSUKAN, this one is a full-fledged event, so Moriarty will be delighted to one-up his eternal nemesis, no doubt. Together with the event, the annual Chaldea Boys Collection Banner should happen. So in case you tend to collect Husbandos moreso than Waifus, this is for you to look forward to! It's also Moriartys last known rateup so far.
Worth mentioning, while this isn't a banner, the Main Quest Clear Aid Campaign should also happen in March. If you ever wondered why the fandom wiki has guaranteed rewards for story missions that you never got on NA, this is the reason: It's a system not implemented yet. It will be. Every story mission will from the on provide you with a guaranteed material drop. Since this is applied retroactively, Masters who have cleared all the story chapters so far will receive a huge amount of materials for free at once, so that's nice.
Edit: Turns out, that came early for NA a few days after writing this post. This goes to show our imprecise clairvoyance to a degree. For QoL updates, this is even more true than otherwise.
March will also see another set of interludes, with the 8th Interlude Campaign, including new stories for Semiramis, Ngihtingale, Hijikata Toshizo, Yagyu Munenori, Consort Yu and Hessian Lobo.
And, as a final treat in a pretty filled up month, the Kokugawa Kaiten Meikyu - Ooku Event should come at the end of March and with it, the long awaited Kama. Besides being possibly the best singletarget Assassin in the game besides maybe Jack, she's also the games prime Alter Ego killer. An all around strong servant and gameplaywise, one of the strongest choices of the year. The event is also a relevant story chapter, much like CCC SE.RA.PH, and it's dubbed "Lostbelt 3.5". So since the next main story chapter is quite far out, this one's there to bridge the gap.


The Ooku event will most likely last well into April, yet the month itself also has a lot to offer. Early in April, the 16M Downloads Campaign together with MHXA as a featured servant should take place. Besides the usual amount of goodies and a 1/4 AP Main Quest Campaign up until LB2, Masters will receive 10 SQ per 10 completed Interludes as permanent extra Master Missions in the same vein that we already have the 10 SQ per 10 Strengthenings.
After the freebies (or alongside them, possibly), we will see the GUDAGUDA Rerun. If you haven't gotten the lovely pair of Ryouma and Oryou already, here's your chance! A solid singletarget Rider that, while not rivaling Kintoki, isn't a bad choice at all. The banner features Okita Alter, Hijikata Toshiza and the limited 3* Okada Izou.
And if that wasn't enough for you already or you're desperate for more welfares, rejoice, since there's more to come! Lady Reines Case Files will happen shortly after and with it, we'll be getting one of the most anticipated welfares of the year: Gray. Not only is she an interesting variant of the Saberface, she's also extremely competent at what she does. Decent AoE Assassins are few and far between and between her being NP5 for free and having a 20% battery to boot, she'll be the go-to Assassin Waveclearer for many masters. Look forward to her, she's really strong.
Oh and if Grey isn't enough for you, there's a Waver rateup right before the event and tehe event Summoning Campaign comes with the releases of Reines herself and Astraea. Now that's a great month if I've ever seen one. Keep in mind: Reines will only really begin to shine once she receives her Strengthening in 2022, which also features a rateup shortly after, so it's up to you if you want her now already.


With all the action packed into the previous months, May will offer some respite for masters on the brink of burning out and a well-deserved rest before summer will be upon us. If you still need to clear things, there's a 1/4 AP Campaign for the Epic of Remnant Chapters and a 1/2 AP event for all Free Quests during May, but if you've done everything already, you're looking forward for some slow burn for the month.
Besides the (usually) annual Class Based Summoning early in the month and Hunting Quests late in it, the only actual event in the fifth month of the year will be "A Study in the Dubious Meiho-sou" and that mirros Murder at the KOGETSUKAN, so it's a story-focused event without much farming going on. The summoning Campaign features JAlter, Tristant and Salieri.
If you've never played on JP but have listened about JP players talking about "things slowing down", this is part of what they refer to. May will be very calm and you should mentally prepare for that to not be surprised when it happens.


June is when things get interesting from a scheduling point of view. As I've mentioned before, NAs anniversary is a month earlier than JPs, so we should see it at the end of June or early July instead of at the end of July into early August. So we might need to accomodate for it in this month and that might see anothe
As such, it might very well be that the 9th Interlude Campaign, featuring Arthur, Osakabehime, Assassin Li, MHXA, Raikou, Emiya Alter and Wu, might or might not happen in early June. Lots of Skill upgrades in it, so it would be kind of sad.
Because, also in June, the 4th Lostbelt will drop. And that definitely will happen before anniversary. It's been a while since LB3 at that point, hasn't it. About time the main story continues, eh? Thinking, as of me writing this, shortly before the arrival of S I N on NA, this is like 8 months out? That's quite a long time, even if Kamas event is kinda like LB 3.5. In any case, together with LB4, Arjuna Alter will appear and boy will he be fun. He's like Spartacus on steroids and if you want to roll for just one servant based on gameplay alone, Godjuna is probably the one you want. He's amazingly strong in both his farming performance, as in his singletarget Buster Crits and while he comes with the usual caveats of being a Berserker, he's just extremely potent. Oh and this is, so far, his first and final rateup. If you want him, plan ahead and get him then.
But Junao isn't the only new servant. LB4 comes with a plethora of new servants and while he might be the most popular one, the others most definitely deserve mentioning: Ganesha, the only Non-BB Mooncancer so far E: I forgot about Summer Kiara!, Lakshmibai, the unluckiest Jeanneface in existence and William Tell a new 3*, are all unlimited, but Ashwatthama and the quite powerful Arts Support Asclepius are both storylocked, so your best chance of getting them is probably now. And since the latter two are on the same banner as Arjuna Alter... I mean you're not going to be disappointed in your rolls here, right?
JP also had the 17M DL Campaign in June though that's another clear candidate to be moved around to later for anniversary. In any case it features Nero Bride for the first - and the last - time in ages. She'll get a Strengthening, possibly together with the Anniversary, which makes her a prime Arts Looping support until Castoria shows up in 2022 and, as mentioned, it's her last known rateup, so if you want her, you have to get her now.
And, as mentioned, either in late June or in early July, the 4th anniversary event will take place and, as usual, bring a huge lot of goodies with it. Besids tons of free quartz for various reasons it comes with the Release of Rider Da Vinci Lily and a plethora of new 1-2*s. Jason, Paris, Gareth, Bartholomew Roberts, Charlotte Corday, Salome and, most notably, Chen Gong, who will feature in lots of future farming setups, I'm sure. These new bronze servants will be availabe in the Friend Gacha and you will have no issue getting them soon. They're not even 3*s, so geting them to NP5 is trivial, no need to worry about it.
For many people, the most important feautre of the 4th anniversary campaigns will be the changes to the summoning system. From then on, Masters will get a free 11th roll for every 10 rolls on one banner. Regardless if you're doing the rolls one by one or in a batch of 10, the 10th roll will come with a free additional roll on top of it. Furthermore, the SSR single rateup chance will be changed from 0.7% to 0.8%. The overall SSR rate per roll remains at 1%, but the chance to get spooked during single rateup rolls is reduced from 0.3 to 0.2%, essentially making it more likely to get the servant you want instead of one from the general pool.
In JP, Strenghtening Quests Part IX happened in conjunction together with the anniversary, so expect that here as well. Besides the aforementioned Strengthening to Bride, it also includes Altera, adds a Battery to Romulus, further Strengthenings to Medusa Lily, Gorgon, Iskander and Alexander, Medea Lily and Kotarou and Boudica, Martha, Maid Alter and Gawain. I'm sure there's something for everyone here.


Depending on how our June went, we might see a few events and campaigns from then in July instead. As mentioned, the 9th Interlude Campaign and the 17M Downloads Campaign might happen early this month instead. But, depending on schedule, July will see 2 events: 2019s GUDAGUDA and the summer rerun.
GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji will be this years GUDA event and with it, an amazingly strong and fun welfare will be given to masters: Nagao Kagetora. Seriously, her animations and voice lines are some of the best in game and the way her seeming enthusiasm accompanies everything she does is very enjoyable, at least to me. She's an Arts Singletarget Lancer and a master in her role, I've enjoyed playing with her tremendously.
Besides Kagetora, the event also features the releases of Demon King Nobunaga and the limited 3* Berserker Mori Nagayoshi, together in a summoning campaign with Summer Nobu as the featured 4*. All these will feature again a year later in the events rerun, so if you're not in a hurry, you can roll for them then.
Also in July (or maybe in early August, depending on how the schedule might change around annversary), Summer Jeannes Summer Event Rerun will happen, with the usual rateups that we know from her original run. If you haven't gotten her with the original event, this is your last chance to get a very useful Berserker welfare and if you've gotten her and all the costumes already, this rerun has a whooping 11 RP for you, so that's definitely something to look forward to!
This is your last chance (bar the already mentioned Swimsuit Campaign, the biggest bait banner ever) to roll for Summer Jeanne, Summer Ushiwakamaru, Summer Medb and MHXX and has also, so far, been the last rateup for Edmont Dantes, so have an eye out for them then.


Since anniversary will have happened at late June / early July, August will, most likely, be a calmer month for NA again. While we might see the Summer rerun in early August instead of in July, there's not much else happening here, but the actual summer event, Las Vegas Official Bout, featuring the lovely and very capabale Saber Hokusai as welfare. Another strong addition to every Masters roster, this Arts Singletarget Servant comes with a plethora of string skills and is, for the most part, a straight upgrade to the other ST Saber welfare so far, Brave Liz. Sorry Eli. Newer Master should definitely get her, just as Kagetora is a strong ST Lancer, Hokusai is a just as strong ST Saber.
Besides that, Masters will see the first Merlin rateup in ages during the Summer Event and the newly released Ruler Artoria, Lancer Melt, the long awaited Swimsuit Okita, Berserker Musashi, Archer Okasabehime and Rider Carmilla. Gameplaywise, especially Lambda and Berserker Musashi are the standouts here, but we all know that nobody rolls on swimsuit servants for gameplay value, right?
Rolling aside, Las Vegas is an excellent opportunity to stack up on large amount of QP and just by playing the event, Masters will easily gain 300M QP or more, without special grind. Swimsuits, QP, Gambling, a strong welfare... what's not to love about this event?


Remember when I mentioned that 2020s schedule will be slower than you're used to? September will be another relatively slow month but, as is customary, the one event that does take place will be guaranteed to take up a lot of your attention, but first things first. JP started September with the 10th Interlude Campaign that includes Interludes for Ishtar, Tesla and Enkidu (who all get NP or Skill upgrades with them) and Jack, Amakusa Shirou and Parvati (for whom you'll just see SQ).
Also in September, another Class-based Summoning Campaign should hit Masters, so if you're moreso looking for a whole plethora of different options from one class than for a specific servant, consider giving that a try?
And, as promised, September will feature the recurring Autumn Lottery: Battle in New York Part II, also called IshtarFest because, well, you'll see. :) Obviously at this point you should have your setups ready for heavy grinding, as with every lottery. This years features Snake Jewels, Horeshoes, Proofs and Chains as Materials. Not quite Dust and Bones but eh, can't always have those, right? Obviously, Gilgamesh is on rateup there, because of course he is.
Finally, September did see a KYOMAF Campaign. Now, in the past, Kyomafs weren't a thing on NA because they're neither relevant, nor in the correct time, after all, the according exhibit had happened 2 years earlier. However, in 2020, we did see the Kyomaf campaign on NA rebranded as Shuten Douji Summoning Campaign. So... there's precedence. But who knows if it happens or not, we can't really give any proper prediciton here.


For October I need to start with a Disclaimer about the Babylonia Commemoration Campaigns. From October 2019 on, JP had a line of Commemoration Campaigns featuring the Babylonia Anime because that was when it first released. As I've already mentioned in the beginning, Commemoration Campaigns are difficult for NA to predict and these especially so, since they already happened. NA had them in 2019 and 2020 as well, just a very short time after JP had them and very out of schedule.
As such, I believe it's extremely unlikely that we see a repeat of them. However, we might see certain aspects of them transferred to a different event, to Thanksgiving or anything else. This is not really a thing to predict as we have no idea how DW might handle them. As such, I will list the Campaigns here, just for completeness sake, but just once and not refer to them again in the months after. Babylonia I, Babylonia II. The third and fourth Campaign were in early 2020 for JP.
In any case, the thing we'll definitely see is the Halloween Rerun, which, sadly, is the last Halloween Event so far. With no new Halloween themed event either in 2019 or in 2020 on JP, Halloween simply has ended in Chaldea with this rerun, so savor it while it lasts. It's the second and last chance to get Caster Shuten of course and also features the last rateup for Lancer Ibaraki so far.
As a second event during October (or possibly during very early November), Saber Wars II will happen. While not a Halloween Event, it stands very well on it's own two legs and comes with two new limited servants, Space Ishtar and Calamity Jane. Space Ishtar is another servant with three completely different forms for each of her ascensions, much lika Demon Nobu, and will be the Queen of Castoria Looping once she releases in 2022. On her own right, she's a bit like Jeanne just as an AoE Servant, in that, she's always useful with her 50% battery and her NP color-changing shenanigans, she will fit into any Masters roster well, but she'll rarely be the single best choice for anything. With Castoria however, she's a go-to servant for essentially anything the game throws at you and if you plan on going down the Castoria hole in 2022, gettins SIshtar here is most definitely your best bet.
As of the time of this writing, neither SIshtar nor Calamity Jane had another banner, but it's fully expected to see the Saber Wars II Rerun on JP in the near future, as it's still outstanding. Hard to predict, of course, as are all things JP, but it might very well happen. MHXA also has a Banner during SW2 and that has been her last rateup so far just the same. So if you're into Sith Lords with a thing for earthly sweets, better prepare your Quartz! And if you'd like her original Version, the Prerelease Campaign is so far the last time MHX herself is on rateup.


We're nearing the end of the year already and besides SW2 that will go well into November, Christmas will soon be upon us. But first, it's time for the 18M Downloads Campaign and Skadis second ever showing. If you missed her during 3rd anniversary, here's your next chance in getting the Queen of Snow and Ice and yes, you need to wait that long for her to come up again. It'll be interesting to see how many people will try to get their Skadi here on NA with our Clairvoyance telling us about Castoria the year after, guess we'll have to wait and see. Besides Skadi, November will also bring another iteration of Hunting Quests.
Now, famously, JP did skip the Christmas rerun in 2019. As such, it's likely that NA doesn't see a second iteration of Quetzmas either. Instead, Christmas itself comes early this year and the End of November will see Nightingales Christmas Carol featuring, of course, Santa Nightingale as a welfare. A pretty decent mixture of support, sustain and AoE Archer, she comes with an Arsenal of Carpet Bombs as NP and an Ishtar-like Crit-Charisma. Together with the Event, Saber Astolfo sees the light of day and if you've ever dreamed of Astolfo in a Bunny Costume wielding a chain-sword, well, here's your chance!
As usual, of course, the Christmas Event is the second lottery of the year and even if it's early for real Christmas, the presents in the FGO version are definitely worth grinding for. Lanterns, Octuplets, Pages and Fangs, together with a Ticket in each box that can be exchanged for either a Claw, a Phoenic Feather or a Ring of Giant means happy grinding indeed. As usual, prepare your setups well in advance and save up on your apples if you want to go hard.
Not to forget, around this time we should also see the NA-exclusive Thanksgiving Event and Banner. I'm not going to go into speculation about this right here as it's not really possible to predict this a year in advance, just keep it in mind: it should happen around here as well.


We're in December and Christmas is already out of the way. Weird, huh? Talk about a change in scheduling. 2019 was a strange year on JP and if we continue to follow that schedule in NA as we did in the past, it will be a weird year on NA as well. But things are as they are and DW moves in mysterious ways, as we all know.
In any case: While the early December will still feature the end of the Christmas Event and Masters grinding for presents, it will also feature andother Interlude Campaign with Interludes for Napoleon, Ivan, Anastasia, Lanling, Tomoe, Qin Liangyu and the Valks, with Napo, Ivan and Tomoe all receiving NP upgrages in the process.
And finally, didn't we forget something? Through all of the year, there was only one story Chapter with LB4, so... time for at least a second one, right? Right. Lostbelt 5.1 - Atlantis! We do, after all, get a second story chapter in 2021. The first act to the fifth Lostbelt finally arrives late in the year and concludes it all the same. Together with the chapter, Super Orion amd the unlimited Europa and Mandricardo release and that means, it's time for another powerhouse.
While you might know Orion only as a perverted bear from the hijacked Saint Graph where Artemis is really the Servant in question, this one is on a completely different level. A bear he might be, but he's an insanely strong singletarget Archer which, thanks to his selfbuff on NP, has a super easy time reaching absurd damage numbers with his facecards. I mean it, it's ridiculous how easy Super Orion is able to get to hundreds of thousands of damage per card. If you're into that and need a capable Archer, he's your man... well, maybe not exactly, Artemis wouldn't be happy if he was, but err... he's there for you? Maybe better that way.

Final words

So that's it for 2021 - or that's how 2019 was in JP. Overall it's a bit of a less exciting year than 2018/2020 was. Between just two story chapters, spaced out widely (assuming you don't count the Kama event), the lack of a Halloween Event and the missing Christmas Rerun, people started to feel like things didn't go quite as planned on JP anymore. Still, with several new powerhouses released, capable welfares and upgrades to servant we know and like, the game doesn't really get any worse than it was and there's lots to look forward to in 2021 as well. Even if the beat kind of slowed down a bit.
As with last year, I hope this helps you plan around the next year and maybe you are able to find one or two or five servants worth saving up for. There's potential there, most definitely. If you want to know how much SQ you will have at any given time, you can either use this spreadsheet with event rewards together with this calculator or you can make a copy of this spreadsheet that does the calculation for you. Both methods will give you a pretty decent idea about how things will be looking.
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